Why AD Agencies Cannot do Without Advertising CRM

In a dynamic economic system, when a number of business rivals is constantly increasing, sales are decreasing, new projects and investments are scraped and the staff is reduced, more and more leaders of advertising agencies understand a particular importance of a client-oriented approach.

Modern customers are very capricious: they watch their money more attentively, plan budgets more thoroughly and analyze the structure of earnings and expenses more carefully than a decade ago. They are very selective when it comes to buying products and services. In order to stay afloat, an advertising business has to be extremely innovative to find new schemes to communicate with clients.

What is CRM advertising?

Advertising CRM is a multifunctional software aimed to automate the process of cooperation with perspectives and loyal clients. By storing, analyzing and applying information about customers and the history of communication with them, ad agencies become able to boost marketing, improve customer service and pump up sales. With the CRM, ad shops are focused on clients but not profit. When clients are treated equally as business partners, they themselves bring money to your company. The answer to “What is CRM advertising” sounds as the way to make your business personalized and individualized.

Why do publicity agents need CRM advertising?

Let us consider the threats, which ad agencies:

  1. Reputational loss risk as without powerful advertising CRM leads are not registered and processed well;
  2. Human resource risk when an employee, being up to speed on clients, is dismissed;
  3. Risk of information loss because record-keeping systems are absent or disjointed.

Еhe great volume of information is concentrated in hands of managers who deal with customers. When a manager cannot remember what the recent talk with a potential client was about, there is a chance that your company will not understand needs and expectations of partners and partners in their turn will be disappointed with your agency.

If a company is solid, it is impossible to keep in mind demands and needs of hundreds of clients and the history of business relations with each of them. In this case, you urgently need CRM advertising, a helpful tool that can capture all data about consumers, projects, and deals and their terms.

Moreover, the top managemer of an ad company wants to get actual information on sales of every branch and department, executive summary on a company’s overall performance, reports on how advertising products and services are sold in different regions and in a different period of time and so on. And every owner of such a company wants to know clients’ opinions and manage customer complaints. This is what up-to-date advertising CRM serves for.

What can advertising CRM offer?

The modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers the following tools:

  • Systematization of customer data in a unified database;
  • Record of communication history with customers, partners and suppliers;
  • Organization of interaction between business divisions and collaborators without information gaps;
  • Automation of business processes and routine operations;
  • Calculation of a project costі depending on the project’s tasks and the number of attached services;
  • A service formation;
  • Development and administration of projects (marketing campaigns, promotional events, personal offerings) and media plans formation;
  • Booking and selling of advertising media;
  • Planning of production-installation-demounting of advertising places under each specific order;
  • Control over mutual payments and track of bills receivables;
  • Generation of analytical and financial reports;
  • Sales forecast;
  • Workload management;
  • Control over advertising space load;
  • Analysis and planning of marketing campaigns and improvement of their efficacy;
  • Quality control over rendering of services, complaints registration and their handling;
  • Loyalty formation and establishment of long-lasting relationships with every client.

Flexible CRM advertising makes it possible to set concrete tasks for employees with a control function. By segmenting a customer database in accordance with different criteria (profitability, gender, location, specific preferences), your managers are empowered to develop sales patterns for target audiences and individual clients.

On an automatic basis, the CRM advertising generates commercial proposals with the help of ready templates, chooses contract acceptors and controls all business processes of an ad agency.

CRM is this very IT-tool, which enables your ad company to sell more products and services to new and loyal customers, to increase expenditures of returning advertisers by offering them more advertising opportunities, for instance: above-the-line advertising, print advertising, outdoor or Internet advertising.

Thanks to the analytical module, you can form up a sales funnel in accordance with various aspects, determine weak points of your cooperation with partners and improve overall performance of the staff. Integrated tools for emailing and SMS-marketing are to automatically inform your clients on sales and promotions.

The key feature of CRM advertising is that the system can form reports on profitability too. This analysis allows to get the in-depth information on effectiveness of completed projects in accordance with the clients specification, tasks and its economic effect. Based on successfully finished projects, the system of staff motivation and bonus rewards can be customized in CRM.

Automatic notifications simplify the process of cooperation with partners at every step of a purchase funnel. A manager can assign responsibilities and follow the course of performance, simultaneously tracking productivity of each manager.

Marketing management of the intelligent CRM advertising is meant to control promotional actions and form reports on their earning power (the number or orders and their average budget after promotions).

CRM for ad agencies handles all price-lists. You insert your prices in appropriate fields and the platform automatically makes calculation and generates suitable financial documents for every service.

When do ad agencies need CRM?

  • If a structured and finely segmented client database is absent or difficult to access, and the history of cooperation with advertisers and partners is not stored or separated, your agency needs advertising CRM.
  • If information is misunderstood or lost while departments and affiliated branches interact between each other, if the volume of clients’ complaints grows as well as the expenses and good reputation of your advertising agency is at stake.
  • If business processes are not automated, poorly executed and controlled, then the CRM software is crucially helpful.
  • If your sales are not predictable, and you are set to failure.
  • If managers waste working hours on reports and insights instead of working with clients and increasing revenue, your advertising agency will not survive without CRM for ad agencies.

Apparently, advertising CRM is a ready-made industry solution that enables ad companies to solve all business challenges and reach strategic goals: automation of all business processes, increase of clients’ loyalty and profit growth. Advertising CRM software can:

  • Attract and retain customers;
  • Improve quality of work on projects;
  • Build a powerful human resources system;
  • Accomplish financial administration of projects;
  • Increase managers’ productivity;
  • Manage documents and reports.

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