Top 5 Best IT Help Desk Software Solutions For Small Business

IT help desk software is something that offers support for computers and alike. It is a tool that not only offers information but also support. When someone is using a computer or a laptop, it is very likely that some IT issues will crop up from time to time. The troubleshooting can be easily done with the help of IT help desk software without any hassle or headache. A typical IT help desk software will offer a step by step guide to IT issues.

There are some basic features of all IT help desk software programs:

  1. It helps communication among people in the office. Through IT help desk software, employees can communicate with the technical staff even when they are located remotely. As a result, this software enables faster resolution of IT related issues.
  2. Through IT help desk software, one can track various service requests. When someone puts in an IT service request and the issue is open, the person who made the request can track the progress of the request. Some IT help desk software programs also send automated emails on the progress of the request. If an escalation or reminder is needed to be sent, it can be done through the same IT help desk software.
  3. IT help desk software is also a great tool for generating reports and analyzing them. If there is some issue with the network or even a single computer system, the IT help desk software can go through the issue in detail and generate a report. The IT help desk software will also offer the best solution to resolve the issue.
  4. One of the most important features of IT help desk software is that it can generate alerts in real time. Whenever there is an IT issue, an alarm is sent out immediately so that there is no time gap between the issue occurring and its resolution. Trained IT support staff can quickly and adequately resolve the issue before it becomes bigger and more complex.
  5. IT help desk software also enables users to solve some of their IT related issues on their own. Manpower is always expensive and with the IT help desk software, there is no need to engage someone when it can be resolved on one’s own. Hence, the IT help desk software saves time as well as money for any business.

If you have a business, even medium sized, you must invest in IT help desk software. It will help you connect with your customers. You can capture details of the issues generated by the customers, their comments and their expectations. The customers of today are very demanding and they expect instant results. Through the IT help desk software, you can give them a turnaround time and manage their expectations. When your customers receive an immediate feedback on their issue they feel much happier because they don’t need to wait in anticipation as to when their issue will be resolved. It is a great tool for customer service and satisfaction.


Freshdesk is the helpdesk software to use for growing businesses aiming to win customer loyalty and bolster business.

  • Streamline your support
  • Reduce bottlenecks with automations
  • Scale your support with self-service
  • Increase agent productivity
  • Collaborate effortlessly
  • Track and measure progress


Cayzu help desk software is perfect for small business. Small & mid sized businesses can take advantage of our enterprise features at SMB prices.

  • Multiple Brands or Products? Cayzu has You Covered!
  • Provide Support from Multiple Channels
  • Create seamless team collaboration across your support organization
  • Blazing Fast and Easy Setup, customized for you


Deskpro – affordable helpdesk software to effortlessly manage your customer interactions across every channel.

A smarter kind of support:

  • Handle support like a pro
  • Nothing slips through the cracks
  • Organized inbox
  • Communication is key
  • Know your customer

A truly affordable helpdesk:

  • Simple pricing
  • No hidden fees
  • Friendly support
  • With you all the way

It’s not rocket science:

  • Simple and secure
  • Ready to go
  • Apps & integrations

Let your customers help themselves:

  • Frequently answered questions
  • Custom branding
  • Ticket deflection


Zoho Desk is the go-to help desk software for small and medium businesses to handle their customer service.

  • More than an email inbox, but just as simple
  • Pull in your agents only where they’re required
  • Multi-tasking isn’t required, thanks to effective automation
  • Help Desk you can fit in your pocket


OTRS Ticket System & Help Desk Software product information. Read about OTRS features, like process automation; CMDB, SLAs, etc.

  • Automation & Processes
  • Time Management
  • Knowledge & Self-Service
  • Permissions Control
  • Chat Integration
  • Resource Management

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