Top 10 Media Buying and Planning Software For Small Agencies

Media Buying and Planning Software is a type of technology platform that empowers media buyers to streamline the ad buying process by automating certain aspects of buying and optimizing digital media.

With the ability to collect huge amounts of data in real-time, media buying software empowers media buyers to make real-time decisions that are based on large amounts of data. These decisions can include targeting the right audience, selecting the right ad format, identifying the right placement and seeking to maximize the ad budget.

In other words, media buying software revolutionizes advertising by reducing the time and effort spent on traditional ad buying, which can be manual and tedious processes, thus saving time and money. In recent times, this kind of software has gained significant popularity among businesses and marketers.

Types of Media Buying Softwares

There are different types of Media Buying and Planning Software to suit different needs and requirements. Below are some of the most common types.

  • Programmatic Advertising Software: Programmatic advertising software gives advertisers the ability to purchase advertising using real-time bidding (RTB), a process that involves computers and algorithms to buy ad space automatically as soon as they become available. This type of software enables marketers to set specific criteria such as audience demographics, geographic location, ad format, language, and more.
  • Supply-Side Platforms (SSPs): Supply-side platforms are software systems that enable publishers to offer their ad inventory to advertisers. Publishers can utilize these platforms to manage and sell their ad space, while advertisers use them to quickly manage and automate their media purchases.
  • Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs): Demand-side platforms are software systems that allow advertisers to manage their ad buys across various ad inventory sources, including web, mobile, and social media channels. These platforms are used by marketers to select the right ad placements and ad formats for their campaigns.
  • Ad server Software: Ad server software is a type of technology that helps to manage and distribute ads across all platforms and devices. It also helps advertisers allocate their budgets and to monitor the performance of their campaigns across all channels.
  • Data Management Platforms (DMPs): Data management platforms are software solutions that enable advertisers to manage and analyze vast amounts of data. By collecting data from various sources, DMPs can help businesses to better understand their audiences, make more informed buying decisions and optimize campaigns for better engagement and ROI.

Benefits of Media Buying Software

  • Time-Saving: One of the significant benefits of media buying software is that it saves marketers a lot of time. By automating the process of media buying, this software allows marketers to focus on other aspects of their campaigns.
  • Precision Advertising: Media buying software helps businesses to target specific audiences with precision, increasing the chances of engaging with a relevant group of people. With the ability to use real-time data to target audiences, this type of software ensures that businesses get the right message to the right people at the right time.
  • Cost Reduction: Media buying software is also cost-effective. By automating the process of ad buying, businesses can save money on staff, manual processes, and ad wastage. Automated buying processes ensure that businesses get more value out of their advertising budget.
  • Effective Optimization: Effective optimization of ad campaigns is an important aspect of advertising. Media buying software empowers advertisers to optimize their ad campaigns with precision, allowing for better ROI optimization.
  • Deep Performance Insights: Media buying software gives advertisers deep performance insights into the performance of their campaigns. These insights can be used to adjust and optimize ad campaigns in real-time for optimal performance.

Media Buying and Planning Software is an essential tool for businesses and marketers who want to streamline their ad-buying process, target relevant audiences with greater precision, and achieve better optimization and performance. By automating various aspects of the ad buying process, these software systems save time and money while delivering increased accuracy and engagement. With the demand for automation growing, media buying software is here to stay and will undoubtedly become more critical for marketers and businesses in the future.


Bionic is the #1 rated media planning system. It automates media plans, flowcharts, RFPs, IOs, trafficking, reconciliations, reporting, dashboards, and more!

  • Create Perfect Media Plans, Every Time
  • Analyze Media Buying Patterns
  • Collaborate Remotely Without Problems
  • Predict Client KPIs with Confidence
  • Automate Your RFP Process
  • Create Beautiful Flowcharts
  • Send Electronic Insertion Orders
  • Deliver Flawless Naming Conventions
  • Streamline Ad Server Trafficking
  • Monitor Ad Delivery Pacing
  • Track Advertising KPI Performance
  • Automate Client Reporting
  • Present Stunning Client Dashboards
  • Streamline Vendor Reconciliations


BriefBid empowers media buyers from agencies and brands with media planning software to get the most out of digital advertising.

  • RFP your media partners or discover new media offerings
  • Never waste time looking for the right contacts
  • Track proposals every step of the way
  • Receive and analyze structured proposals
  • Centralize campaign communication
  • Stay ahead of the curve


Manage, deliver, and optimize your marketing using multiple digital marketing solutions in one seamless platform with GaleForce Digital.

  • Integrate Seamlessly
  • Automate & Optimize
  • Get Lightspeed Support
  • Cut Down Costs​
  • Recurring Revenue Streams


MediaPlanHQ – all the tools in one place for advertisers and agencies to efficiently organize & track the media plans, operations, and requests without chaos.

  • All media plans in one place!
  • Create detailed media placements
  • Track media expenses and remaining budgets
  • Visualize media plans in blocking charts
  • Analyze media plans with built-in reports
  • Easy consult media contact information and booking procedures
  • Generate professional media authorization and insertion orders
  • Track media placement statuses with productivity automations


LEADING Media is the leading booking and billing software for media agencies in Austria and Switzerland.

  • Precise campaign handling
  • Simplified customer communication
  • Easy handling of media purchasing
  • Automated cost control


Vidispine – state of the art media management and monetization solutions for media, broadcast, agencies and industries working with content, assets and video.

  • Search, collect & collaborate
  • Optimize media revenues
  • Media service platform
  • Content management
  • Cognitive services
  • Hybrid cloud solutions


Create plans for all media types and generate orders right from your approved flowcharts, then send electronically to vendors with Advantage Media Planning.

  • Plans & Broadcast Buys Connected
  • Create & Send Orders from the System
  • Create Beautiful Client-Facing Flowcharts
  • Work the Way You Want
  • Always Know Where You Stand
  • Streamlined Communications


Nielsen – power your media planning and invest in the channels that matter most with comprehensive data that shows where, when, and how to reach your target audiences.

  • Audience segmentation
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Scenario planning


SRDS – access advertising rates, media kits, audience demographics, maps, website traffic, circulation and contacts.

  • Digital Media
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Business Publications
  • Newspapers
  • Radio Media
  • TV & Cable Media
  • Advanced TV
  • Out-of-Home Media
  • International Media
  • Consumer Demographics
  • Multicultural & Inclusive Media
  • Minority-Owned Media
  • Direct Marketing


CoreMedia Systems enable media buyers and planners to access the partners and data they need, leaving them more time to focus on results.

  • Our solutions effortlessly connect with every major data source that DR agencies use, including ratings, broadcast verification, call center and web server results and competitive intelligence
  • Manages media expenditures and consumer responses for your short form and long form campaigns
  • Reach and frequency analytics that optimize your planning and buying process
  • and More.

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