Top 11 Document Management Software/Systems Small To Medium-Size Business

Do you shudder at the sight of papers stuffed in filing cabinets, folders, envelopes, and boxes in your office? Do you find yourself wasting time on searching for a particular report? Do you dream of transferring a roomful of documents to a single portable server that’s no bigger than a small cabinet? Do you worry about how easy locks can be picked open by someone really interested in getting his hands on your data? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for you to consider getting document management software to organize your documents.

There are two types of document management software. The first type manages your files that are already in electronic format. You can make use of the software’s tracking tools, security options, and search features to work on the digital data you already have. The second type of document management software provides you with an imaging system so you can digitize your paper-based files and store them as electronic data. If you take advantage of the second type, you can either hire a scanning service or invest in an imaging system. Of course, if you already have both electronic and paper-based files, you can make use of these two types of maximum results.

A good document management software lets you track, access, view, print, edit, share, secure, and manage documents with ease at an affordable price. It is also compliant with government regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley and HIPAA, which are regulations that focus on company transparency and data integrity, respectively. Give special attention to this last requirement if you don’t want any run-in with the law. Violations of these regulations are categorized either civil or criminal, and penalties are fines and even jail time.

When purchasing document management software, it’s convenient for you to have a checklist of your needs such as the number of users who will access the documents, the sensitivity of your files, the level of security these documents need, the size of all the data you want to store, the tasks performed on the data, the frequency of searches and retrieval done on the data, and plans for expansion of the user base in the future. There are other questions that will come up along the way, but those aforementioned are enough to give you a rough idea of what you need.

Sometimes, document management software is not enough to solve all your problems with paperwork. You may also want specialized software such as data management software, inventory management software, and business management software to focus on more specific tasks that are needed to be done for your business. The right applications working on specific aspects if your business will give you the peace of mind, security, and convenience you’ve been aiming for.


SutiDMS is an online document management (DMS) system software for a secure document storage and collaboration that supports the needs of organizations of all sizes.

  • Document library
  • Manage documents and multi-level folders
  • Document version control
  • Document event log history
  • Merge multiple documents into single PDFs
  • Bulk file uploads
  • OCR document capture
  • File routing and approval
  • Customizable dashboard
  • and More.


SOHODOX is the simplest document management system for small businesses. Manage and view all types of documents from one single application.


  • Supports all documents
  • Central Repository
  • Document Type
  • Folders and Tags
  • Quick Search
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Thumbnails
  • Full Text Search


AODocs lets you securely manage your documents and workflows, ensure compliance, and build business applications in G Suite. With solutions for every department, discover how AODocs can help you and your organization.

Companies work more efficiently with AODocs:

  • Education
  • Government
  • High Tech
  • Media
  • Professional Services
  • Small Business
  • Quality Management System (QMS) for Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing Quality Management System (QMS)

Companies work more efficiently with AODocs:

  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Sales
  • Cloud Quality Management System (QMS)
  • R&D
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Procurement


Document Control Software, Document Management Software Systems: quality and document management software for electronic document control, workflow, collaboration, electronic SOP, corrective actions, preventive actions CAPA, nonconformance for ISO 9000, ISO 14000, QS-9000 and FDA 21 CFR Part 11, GxP-compliant companies.

  • A Powerful Document Management Software System for Only the Cost of a Small Business Cell Phone Contract
  • Software System that Grows as Your Business Grows
  • No IT Department Help Needed
  • Document Management Software Systems Validated in as Little as Two Weeks
  • Business-wide Connectivity


Document Management and Record Management Software that is enterprise grade. FileHold makes documents and records secure compliant and searchable.

  • Document Workflow and Approval
  • Records Management Archiving and Disposition
  • Document Scanning and Imaging
  • FileHold Express and Enterprise


  • Version Control
  • Document Tagging or Metadata Capture
  • User Roles and Security
  • Searching
  • Audit Logging and Tracking
  • Document Linking
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Calendar
  • E-forms
  • Web Access… and more!


With eFileCabinet you can experience business organized, automated, and accelerated. The leader in advanced document management software (DMS), eFileCabinet puts all your data right at your fingertips. Built-in workflow automation in document management software gives you effortless approvals, sharing, and organizing.


  • Accounting
  • HR
  • Insurance
  • Legal


Document Scanning & Archive Storage solutions by Cleardata UK. One of the largest scanning bureaus in the UK, Cleardata is committed to document security. Fully accredited & professional scanning services.Try our quick quote for scanning, archive & management prices.

  • Business document scanning
  • Digital mail room
  • Invoice processing service
  • Archive storage
  • Cloud document management


Get detailed guides and helpful information on Capture API, Full Administration API Resources, Language Localization and REST API Resources.


  • Available Anywhere
  • Easy Integration
  • Advanced Security
  • Online Forms

How Document Management Software Works:

  • Protect Data
  • Increase Profits
  • Improve Access
  • Automate Workflow
  • Expand Collaboration
  • Emphasize Policy
  • Distribute Data


Document management software systems by Filestream Ltd. EDMS for fast and secure electronic document storage, workflow, archiving and retrieval.


  • Access the benefits of document management software without committing to long term costs
  • Improve business process performance (saving time and money)
  • Improve company communication (improving service levels and relationships with suppliers, clients, stakeholders)
  • Improve security – ensuring GDPR compliance and best in practice security encryption
  • Save time and money as IT requirements are reviewed and streamlined


MaxxVault enterprise document management system (EDMS), enterprise content management (ECM) , enterprise document management, Best document management solutions, EDMS Software.

MaxxVault Enterprise:

  • Document Capture
  • Document Management
  • Content Management
  • Document Access
  • Document Security
  • Business Process Automation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Disaster Recovery
  • MaxxVault ERM
  • MaxxVault E-Forms
  • Forms Processing Made Simple
  • MaxxVault OCR
  • MaxxVault Barcode
  • Under The Hood
  • Screenshots
  • Content Services
  • Intelligent Information Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Electronic Content Management


OpenKM is a document management software & record management software easy-to-use which simplify your work and yield efficency… (FREE)

  • Document management
  • Records management
  • Workflows
  • Automate tasks
  • Modules
  • Integration
  • Build your own App


OpenDocMan is a free document management system written in PHP. (FREE)

  • Server – Runs inside any PHP5-enabled web server (Apache2, IIS, etc.)
  • Documents
  • Workflow
  • Search
  • Security
  • Multiple Language Support

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