Aabhas Vijay

Aabhas is a Digital Marketer with 4+ Yrs experience in content management. With holistic knowledge of all marketing channels. He is also a passionate Blogger, Freelance writer & Affiliate marketer.

Aamir Akhter

Aamir Akhter is a digital marketer who loves to write on trending topics related to IoT, artificial intelligence, mobile app development, software development, digital transformation, and much more. Aamir is currently working for Branex – a custom software development company, empowering brands to shine and thrive.

Abby Drexler

Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist. She regularly produces content for a variety of technology and business blogs.

Abdullah Al Roman

Hello! I’m Roman. I am a Diploma Student in Chemical Technology and a well-skilled Web Designer and Developer & SEO expert. I am working at Story IT as an Associate Manager. There is no end to my hobbies. I like singing a lot, I love cycling, I love to go for walks. And finally travel is my most favorite hobby. But what I love most is my work which is more important than anything else. I try my best to get the job done in a beautiful way without any mistakes. In the end, Pray for me that I may grow up in my life.

Abhinav Shrivastava

I represent Emorphis Technologies, which specializes in IoT App Development solutions. Apart from IoT; we have expert Salesforce consultants, Mobile app developers.

Abhishek Agarwal

Abhishek Agarwal, CMO of Design’N’Buy comes with a huge experience in Web to print solutions & IT. With a mission to deliver the best and innovate new ideas in w2p he and his team always deliver challenging and exciting results. Delivering the best and with utmost perfection has always been his life’s motto.

Adrian Lomezzo

Adrian Lomezzo is a freelance writer who has been exploring the main strategies of marketing and teaching students to get new skills for 5 years. He is an expert research paper writer and provides homework help online. He is passionate about helping college students to enjoy their years beyond writing essays in the library.


Agnieszka is a SaaS copywriter and the CMO at Just like her team, she’s all about helping companies successfully switch to cloud business management and discover the benefits of remote work.


Aimee is a marketing manager at EZ Plumbing & Restoration. She loves to write about plumbing services, Water Damage Repair, slab leak repair, Hydro Jetting and AC & Appliance Installation San Diego.

Akash Soni

Akash Soni holds the position of Digital Marketing Executive at Ecosmob, a Customized VoIP and Web-IT Solution provider company. A writer at day and a reader at night, he is having keen digital marketing skills along with an experience in writing SEO-friendly, creative & informative contents for distinct industries.

Akash Tripathi

Akash Tripathi is a Content Marketing strategist at Top Mobile Tech. It is a blog where I cover all the tips & tricks related to Mobile and more related to tech. Stay connected to the rest of the world with Top Mobile Tech. We bring latest and critical news to your mobile and computer devices.

Alan Shapiro

M. Alan Shapiro is the CEO of Executive Boutique Call Center, an outsource call center and BPO provider. Since 2008, he has been helping his clients’ companies grow by providing them with high quality and reliable outsourcing services from their two offices in Cebu, Philippines. He spends his free time snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking and gardening.

Albert watson

The author is an IT expert by profession and a writer by passion. While he works as the CTO with a reputed IT services company, he loves pursuing his writing skills as well.


Alex is a technical writer of a cloud consulting services company in the US. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

Alex Borzo

Alex Borzo, a content contributor at Amber Engine, a software company passionate about eCommerce. The company’s fast and simple PIM software gets sellers, distributors and brands to Amazon and other online marketplaces in weeks instead of months.

Alex Lysak

Alex Lysak is a CEO of ScanTeam. I am working in online marketing since 2011, my main areas of expertise are marketing research, social media marketing, and SEO. During 9 years of experience, I have helped many products and startups to develop marketing strategies and to implement them further.

Alex Thornhill

Alex Thornhill is a freelance B2B and tech copywriter who specializes in business security topics and their potential impact on employees.

Alice Bell

Alice Bell is a passionate content writer, having knowledge in areas including the latest technology, Cloud Computing, Quickbooks Hosting. She dreams of someday living somewhere warm and typesetting a novel. Most of the time she spent on laptop and learn new things.

Alice Herman

I’m Alice Herman, a digital marketer, and technical writer who is passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, and digital marketing trends.

Alice Yangon

Alice Yangon is a full-time English editor with over 2 years of experience in writing. She loves sharing the latest tech news, detailed solutions to solve Windows computer problems, and her thoughts about multimedia software, hard drive management, data recovery, system backup, etc.

Alicia Burmeister

Alicia Burmeister is an HR manager, writer, technology lover, and sustainability enthusiast.

Alicia Johnson

Alicia Johnson is an outreach consultant for multiple technologies industries. With expertise in corporate communications and practical knowledge about different technologies, she has spent the past 7 years working in the technologies industry and she loves to share her experience with readers.

Alisa Weaver

Teaching and coaching is my passion and career choice. I find great satisfaction to see others achieve their goals, whether it is recovery from injury or surgery, strengthening the body for competition, or just becoming fit.

Alison Williams

Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty, she is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites.


Allison is a freelancer writer, covering technology tips, all kinds of practical tools, how-to, tips & tricks. She is very passionate about innovation, great design, graphic app and tech for good.

Amanda Dudley

Amanda Dudley is a writer and a lecturer with a Ph.D. in History from Stanford University. When she is not lecturing and helping students with complex assignments, she works as a part-time essay writer at EssayUSA, providing top-quality essay writing service and academic projects. An efficient writer, she delivers projects in good time, ensuring that her clients are satisfied and content.

Amit Bhosle

Amit Bhosle is a blogger and social media expert. I enjoy jotting down ideas and facts, and in the endeavour of doing the same, I come up with various articles on topics related to Business and Social Media.

Amna Adnan

A computer science graduate having a diverse career in the field of IT and Education. I am associated with Dotnetreport and also a blogger for business and IT. I am passionate about the my field and like to blog about new technology and pen down information on different topics.

Amos Onwukwe

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce Freelance Copywriter and content marketer. When not writing, he’s thinking of writing or making music. He’s been featured in Huffington Post, Dumb Little Man, Ecommerce Nation, Fleximize, Understanding Ecommerce, Result First, Floship, GrowMap, Self Growth, among others.

Ana Lastovetska

Ana Lastovetska is a technology writer @ MLSDev, a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. She has been researching the field of technologies to create educative content of distinct topics including app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting, etc.

Ana Mayer

Ana Mayer is a freelance writer who is a qualified specialist in the field of digital marketing. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the programming and technology news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

Andrew Repin

Andrew Repin is a Salesforce expert at ScienceSoft. Andrew provides Salesforce consulting services to ScienceSoft’s enterprise customers.  The scope of his consulting activities includes analyzing business’ marketing, sales, and customer service problems and finding the most optimal ways to solve them with Salesforce. Andrew explores the latest Salesforce trends and turns valuable insights on the Salesforce technology into comprehensive articles.

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson is a technical developer and content writer. She studies AI development. In addition, she also tutors and writes articles on the topic of Marketing.

Anjana Pokhrel

Anjana Pokhrel is SEO Specialist at timeTracko, and she blogs about Productivity, Time Management, Project Management, etc. She shares knowledge and information with others through her writing in order to help others succeed. She spends time cooking new dishes, traveling to different places, and playing with her dog in her free time.

Ankit Patel

Ankit Patel is a Marketing/Project Manager at XongoLab Technologies LLP and PeppyOcean which offers top-notch mobile apps development services globally. As a hobby, he loves to write about new & upcoming technology, business, and marketing. His write-ups have been published on popular platforms like TechTarget, SmallBizDaily, JaxEnter, Social-Hire, TorqueMag, and more.


Ankush is an experienced digital marketer and influencer. His expertise lies in branding and formulating marketing strategies for the business of a number of industries.

Anna Northey

Anna Northey is the Head of Marketing and Communications at Safety Champion Software and Action OHS Consulting. Safety Champion Software is a smart SaaS-based work health and safety software solution aiding hundreds of organizations around the world to deliver a stronger, more sustainable safety programs.

Anne Joseph

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoy the opportunity to work with social media influencers.

Antonio Moore

Antonio Moore is a full time blogger. He is a Geek and tech enthusiast. You can find his bylines on many famous websites. When he is not working you will find him going for a trio somewhere.

Anup Mehrotra

Anup Mehrotra is the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Partnerships for Envision eCommerce and Netsmartz. His expertise in building strategic partnerships, software product/service marketing, and demand/lead generation is focused on helping budding entrepreneurs build quality products fast. In his leisure time, he likes to read and write about software development and marketing.

Ariana Martin

Ariana Martin is a passionate marketing specialist and content writer with 3 years of experience in the digital world. She writes a wide range of topics about digital marketing and business progress and shares her knowledge and experience with others through digital storytelling.

Ariana Shannon

Ariana Shannon working with SalesIntel having 10+ years of experience in B2B marketing. She is passionate about content marketing and strongly believes in the power of storytelling for marketing.

Arjun Ruparelia

An accountant turned writer, Arjun writes financial blog posts and research reports for clients across the globe. Arjun has five years of financial writing experience across verticals. He is a CMA and CA (Intermediate) by qualification.

Arleen Atienza

Arleen Atienza has been writing for several organizations and individuals in the past five years. Her educational background in Psychology and professional experience in corporate enable her to approach a wide range of topics including finance, business, beauty, health and wellness, and law, to name a few.

Arnel Braga

Arnel Braga is a freelance Content Writer and marketing strategist. He has a master’s or Business Administration pursue a digital marketing career and business. Thanks to his passion for reading and hunger for knowledge, he now shares tips and tricks and everything you need to know about digital and content marketing through his articles.

Arslan Haider

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger at Mediahicon and loves to write blogs on valuable topics.

Arslan Hassan

Arslan Hassan is an electrical engineer with a passion for writing, designing, and anything tech-related. His educational background in the technical field has given him the edge to write on many topics.

Arthur Rowley

Arthur Rowley is a freelance writer. He mainly specializes in technology and the game industry. Arthur likes everything to do with technology and video games. He looks into the future of technology and is very excited about its daily metamorphosis and hopes in the great future for what lies behind the curtain of technological development.

Artur Meyster

Artur Meyster is the CTO of Career Karma (YC W19), an online marketplace that matches career switchers with coding bootcamps. He is also the host of the Breaking Into Startups podcast, which features people with non-traditional backgrounds who broke into tech.

Asad Shehzad

Asad Shehzad writes SEO articles for online business marketers and SEO tools users to make their Google rankings surge. His articles have appeared in a number of websites i.e., eLearning Industry, and Inside Tech Box. He contributes articles about digital marketing, SEO techniques, and tech regularly to Prepostseo.

Ashleigh Saunders

Ashleigh is a product specialist at Track Time 24. You’ll often find her planning, organising, and finding ways to improve efficiency. She loves to share ideas on ways to make people’s lives easier using tools that track and keep records of important aspects of a business. In her spare time, Ashleigh enjoys spending time with her loved ones and animals.

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson drives content strategy at TattooPro, a cutting-edge cloud-based software solution for tattoo studios. She’s inspired by the hustle of the artists to create more.

Ashley Simmons

Ashley Simmons is a professional journalist and editor and has been working for a newspaper in Salt Lake City for four years. Writing is her passion and to satiate her love for writing, she also works as a part-time academic writer working for a top-rated online assignment service.

Atreyee Chowdhury

Atreyee Chowdhury works full-time as an Instructional Designer and is passionate about writing. She has helped many small and medium-scale businesses achieve their content marketing goals with her carefully crafted and compelling content. She lives in Bangalore, India with her husband and parents. She loves to read, experiment with different cuisines, travel, and explore the latest content marketing and L&D trends in her free time.

Ani Ray

My name is Ani Ray, all throughout my professional career I have focused on working as a writer and develop my skills accordingly. I am currently working at Capital Numbers Infotech Pvt. Ltd. as a content writer.

Azat Eloyan

Azat Eloyan is a digital marketer and mobile marketing enthusiast. With over 5 years’ experience in content marketing and SEO, he believes that valuable and informative content is key.  He is currently working as a marketing specialist at Dexatel.

Bagudam Joshiram

Bagudam Joshiram, Technical graduate in Computer Science, Digital Marketing professional at ITCanvass. Aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. My articles focus on the servicenow all modules and E-Commerce trends.

Bella Williams

With years of experience in academic research, Bella helps university students and researchers, with thesis editing, formatting and address professor rework comments. She has also co-founded Top My Grades to help students with career counselling. Beyond work, you can find her baking a fresh batch of cookies in her kitchen.

Ben Walker

Ben is a technical writer at Nuvento. It’s an azure consulting company in the US. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.

Bernd Skorupinski

Bernd teaches the undiluted truth about trading and takes you through what it takes to be a consistently successful forex trader. His favorite moment as an expert who teaches trading is the way peoples’ eyes light up with excitement and confidence when they understand how Supply and Demand trading strategy works and how it can help win in the trading arena. He believes in building core values and discipline that ensures you do not succumb to the pressures and temptations of the market. He very much believes in following plans and strategy through.

Betty Lockwood

Betty Lockwood is a web developer, blogger, mobile app development expert and caring mother of two kids. She loves to write about business news, new technologies, traveling, and music events.

Bhagirath Sindhav

I am a Digital Marketing Executive at Ecosmob Technologies Pvt. Ltd. I hold spectacular skills in the field and have been diving into the field for 3 years. I am also curious about the technology updates and love to pen down his thoughts about the same. In the tenure, I prepared a Link Building strategy following SEO tactics.

Bharat Arora

Bharat Arora is the CEO of Protocloud technologies. He has immense knowledge in multiple technologies, website design, and mobile app development has inspired all our developers. When he gets bored with coding (which he never does), he enjoys writing about the trending technologies and their application to web solutions.

Bhavik Soni

Bhavik Soni is a Creative Writer at Auto Monkey. We provide an original analysis of the latest happenings in the social media industry. Connect with Latest Social Media Trends and News plus tips on Twitter, Facebook and other social tools on the web.

Brandon Harris

Brandon Harris is the owner of Smooth Photo Scanning Services, one of the leading photo scanning service providers in New Jersey, providing slide scanning services, negative scanning services, conversion of CDs and VHS tapes to DVDs, and more. Prior to that, Brandon owned and operated a small bakery. Other than working to grow and improve his business, he enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and family.

Brayn Wills

Brayn Wills currently holds the position of knowledge management manager at ProProfs. He is responsible for creating unique and relevant content on knowledge base tools and keeping track of the latest developments in the realm of knowledge management. In his free time, he is either reading a new book or exploring offbeat destinations.

Bruce Robinson

Mr. Bruce Robinson leads the firm of Robinson and Associates, which he opened over 25 years ago. Following his years of litigation in personal injury, murder, and automobile accidents, he also focuses on serving individuals who have been charged with alcohol-related offenses such as DWI and DUI’s. His firm additionally specializes in representation for personal injury, primarily for serious motor vehicle accident cases.

Callum Bryne

Callum Bryne is a professional blogger and academic writer tends to facilitate students with assignment writing in the UK, Callum enjoys reading and writing about creativity and has helped many industries to enhance their interaction with employees and other stakeholders.

Carole Anne

Carole Anne is the bubbly head honcho of Key Admin. She started the company in May 2012 and has successfully grown it into a thriving bookkeeping business. She is one busy, determined woman. On a daily basis you’ll find her buzzing between developing business systems, liaising with clients, imparting key business advice and managing software integrations. She’s also a BAS Agent Member of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, a Certified Xero Advisor, Advanced QuickBooks Online Advisor and has an Advanced Diploma in Business and Finance.

Carrie Duncan

Hello! My name is Carrie Duncan. I’m a PR manager, passionate writer and mother of 2. I have a bachelor’s degree in marketing. I enjoy instructing and assisting others in achieving their objectives.

Caterina Taylor

Caterina Taylor is an experienced social media marketer and writer who works at PlanYourGram. She loves to work on content creation for social media blogs and has the potential to deliver engaging content on various platforms and networks.

Chan Chiou Hao

Chan Chiou Hao is COO of JustLogin with over 20 years of Business Development experience in the internet industry. He manages the customer-facing functions of JustLogin, overseeing the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Experience organization. He also looks after the business’s partnership strategy and is continuously seeking new partners to join the fold of JustLogin’s evolving ecosystem.

Charles Richard

Charles Richard is working as a Technical Business Analyst at TatvaSoft which is a custom software  development company based in the USA. Apart from his daily job Charles also likes to write trending and technical aspects.He strongly believes that knowledge is meant to be shared, for there is a lot we can learn from each other.

Charlie Svensson

Charlie Svensson is a fast, engaging freelance writer with 2 years experience. Skilled in content writing and blogging. The favorite topics of his posts are education, marketing, SEO, social media, and self-growth. Great set of skills to reach diverse audiences.

Charlotte Jones

I’m Charlotte Jones, a passionate app Developer associated with the leading Software and Web App Development Company from 7+ years. By blending the technical knowledge and writing skills, it would be great counselling all startups, enterprises and leading brands about the latest software development technologies and trends to help them stay updated with the app development industry.

Chekoti Swathi

Chekoti Swathi, Technical graduate in computer science engineering, Digital Marketing professional at HKR Trainings. Aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. My articles focus on the latest programming courses and E-Commerce trends.

Chris Hinkle

Chris Hinkle is CTO of Houston-based TRG Datacenters. As a third-generation data center operator with strength in design he enjoys the cross-section of engineering and economics that data centers represent, and utilize experience owning data centers as feedback for design in many ways that your typical engineer misses from a desk.

Chris Hoefner

Chris Hoefner is a landscape and portrait/street photography enthusiast from Germany and working at Alex Drone Photography. He has a keen interest in photo editing and technology. When he’s not out in the wild with his camera, he can be found trying to master the art of making flavorful coffee.

Christie Simon

Christie Simon is a writer based in Canada. She writes articles with a focus on marketing and entrepreneurship for a variety of businesses.


Christoph is a code-loving father of two beautiful children. He is a full-stack developer and a committed team member at Zenscrape – a subsidiary of When he isn’t building software, Christoph can be found spending time with his family or training for his next marathon.

Christopher Hanna

Christopher J. Hanna is an entrepreneur known for founding Atomic Design an Internet marketing company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and web design, as well as TSM Agency. He sold his first six-figure business at the age of 25 and has helped over 1,000 businesses over the years. He now consults other agencies and businesses in digital marketing.

Ciaran Stone

Ciaran Stone is CEO of Square Root Solutions – Mobile App Development Company Headquarter In Ireland Offers Various App Development Services Include Android & iOS App Development. Apart From his Professional Life, He loves to share thoughts, ideas & Experience With Different App Development Technologies By Writing Articles.

Claudia Jeffrey

Claudia Jeffrey is a senior research analyst & digital evangelist at Dissertation Assistance. She has shared many of her articles online to help the entrepreneurs in promoting their business. During her free time, she likes to delve into pop culture from across the planet.

Craig Stobbie

Craig Stobbie is the Director at Endura Private Wealth. With over 12 years’ experience in the industry, both in Australia and in the UK, and holding the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner™ designation, the highest qualification within the Financial Planning Association of Australia, he specializes in helping people with transition to Retirement planning, Superannuation, Investments and meeting their Insurance needs.

Daisy Smith

I’m Daisy and I’m a digital marketer & technical writer. I’m passionate about exploring and writing about innovation, technology, social media, and digital marketing trends.

Dan Conery

Dan Conery serves as the Director of Product Marketing for Trimble Projectsight, which provides construction management software for Builders & Contractors. Throughout his 24+ year career, Dan has leveraged a unique blend of backgrounds from the architect, engineering & construction industry, project & program management, and software industry to position tech companies for growth.

Dan M

Dan has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.

Dan Radak

Dan Radak is a web hosting security professional with ten years of experience. He is currently working with a number of companies in the field of online security, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

Daniel Martin

Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.

Danielle Castrow

Danielle is a marketing specialist at Roby, a Techstars 2018 company that makes managing internal support refreshingly simple by integrating with the tools you use everyday.

Danielle Gregory

Danielle Gregory is a full-time Writer, Traveler, and Marketing Expert. Danielle’s writing relates to a range of subjects such as logistics and IoT. Besides writing, she enjoys traveling, Cooking, and Ridin.

Darrell Rios

Darrell Rios is a former IT professional and owner of a small development studio. Now in his spare time he writes about cybersecurity and development, as he has extensive experience in the implementation of IT projects.

Darren Wall

Darren Wall has been producing business and tech pieces for B2B and B2C publications for twenty years; he’s among the top-rated in his field. He’s also a content consultant and a creative entrepreneur who loves giving start-up, planning, and process advice.

Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky is an internationally renowned expert in the fields of business planning, capital raising, and new venture development. He is the co-founder of Growthink, a business plan consulting firm that has helped over 1 million companies grow.

David Finberg

David Finberg is the Founder and Managing Member of Peaks Digital Marketing, and has SEO & SEM successes on both local and nationwide scales. David has generated millions of dollars in revenue for clients, ranked thousands of first page search terms on Google and grew numerous corporations and businesses through effective SEO + SEM based digital marketing campaigns.

David Balaban

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 17 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. David runs MacSecurity and Privacy-PC projects that present expert opinions on contemporary information security matters, including social engineering, malware, penetration testing, threat intelligence, online privacy, and white hat hacking. David has a strong malware troubleshooting background, with the recent focus on ransomware countermeasures.

David Finkel

David Finkel is a WSJ Best Selling author and has written 12 business books, including his newest release The Freedom Formula. He is the co-author of Scale: Seven Proven Principles to Grow Your Business and Get Your Life Back (written with co-founder Jeff Hoffman), and a respected business thinker. Finkel’s weekly business owner e-letter is read by 100,000 business owners around the world each week. Finkel is the CEO of Maui Mastermind, a business coaching company. Over the past 20 years, Finkel and the other Maui coaches have personally scaled and sold more than $2 billion worth of businesses.

David Lukic

David Lukić is an information privacy, security and compliance consultant at IDstrong. The passion to make cyber security accessible and interesting has led David to share all the knowledge he has.

Dean Herr

At Ameritechnology, Dean Herr is a proficient office technology consultant whose specialty is helping Northern New Jersey and Southern New York businesses of all sizes manage their office equipment needs and improve office operation efficiency.

Dennis P. Reed

The author Dennis P. Reed possesses a vast experience in the IT industry, especially in the domains of website and mobile app development and digital marketing. He writes on topics encompassing the above mentioned domains and is considered a maven in his chosen field – Information Technology.

Diane H. Wong

Diane H. Wong is a search engine optimization specialist and business coach. Besides, she is a research paper writer DoMyWriting so she prefers to spend her spare time working out marketing strategies. In this case, she has an opportunity to share her experience with others and keep up with advancing technologies.

Denys Likhachov

My name is Denys Likhachov and I am the Product marketing manager at Hottelecom (Hottelecom). Our company provides telecommunication services for a different level of companies starting from startups and up to enterprise level.

Dianne Bunney

Dianne Bunney is the Head of Client Services and owner at P1 technology. Di knows what it’s like to be “on the other side” of IT, so she’s in charge of making sure P1 lives up to our People Driven mission. Di has a long history of being active and once even owned a swim school and a personal training business! She also loves hanging out with her family, good food and wine, learning new things and meeting new people.

Dione Fernandes

Dione Fernandes is a content creator at Hureka Technologies, a leading web and digital marketing service provider in New Jersey. She’s a writer by day, poet by night, and a full-time cat mom.

Divya Bandodkar

Divya Bandodkar is Content Strategist at Jobsoid. In spite of hailing from an IT background, she chose to take up writing as her profession. Her passion for writing got her out from the lines of code and placed her in between the sheets of paper.

Divya Srivastava

Divya is an outstanding writer at Nimble AppGenie. She is very innovative with her creative ideas. She is very passionate with technology implementation in several industry verticals and always keen to learn new opportunities that brings business efficiency and profitability.

Dmitry Reshetchenko

Dmitry Reshetchenko is an Outreach Specialist for Diceus, a technology partner for developing enterprise solutions. He is passionate in his belief that a partnership with IT blogs is of great importance. Dmitry works mostly with Tech blogs.

Donald Mena

Donald Mena is a soft development at QRM Soft. He is also innovation enthusiast passionate about technology and sustainability.

Dorian Martin

Dorian Martin is a professional academic writer, and a senior editor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English-Spanish Translation and works at a translation company in New York City.

Drew Dennis

Drew Dennis is the Marketing Manager at Industrial Networks and member of the Young Professionals Committee of the ASLRRA.

Ebbe Kernel

I am Ebbe Kernel, a Swedish data gathering analyst and consultant. I’ve been working in the field of data intelligence for over ten years and have advised hundreds of data providers and large companies on in-house data acquisition solutions. In 2017, I started focusing more on sharing my experience with the world via opinion pieces and technical articles. Since then, I have advised dozens of tech journalists and IT thought leaders on the methods, merits and risks involved in the data industry.


In this leadership role, I am entrusted with sufficient autonomy to generate, maximize, and sustain the performance of this fast-growing Industrial Robotic Business segment. Providing leadership to other managers and team members, guiding the development of business strategy, and collaborating on the execution of corporate goals. I am responsible for Ecorobotics sales growth, sales operations, profit margin, operation processes, and relationship building.

Ed Williams

Ed Williams is the Senior Team Lead at ProjectPro, an integrated construction accounting software. He holds a massive industry experience and is a Microsoft Dynamics expert who is focused on successful implementations. He is a visionary leader and always aim to deliver the best to the construction and project-oriented industries.

Edita Hovhan

Edita Hovhan is an expert in Iranian and English studies. She is a mom of two sons and holds two University degrees. She contributes articles about education, its methodologies, new approaches to more effective learning and progress.

Ehsan Memari

Ehsan Memari is a blogger for SkyPrep, a provider of leading online training software for organizations to train employees’ partners and customers. Ehsan is a regular contributor to blog posts related to knowledge sharing, L&D, and eLearning.

Eli Franklin

Based out of Bloomington, Indiana, Eli Franklin completed her MBA from Kelley School Of Business and has since then worked as a content specialist and marketing executive for Recruit CRM. She is regularly creating specialised content for recruiters and helping Recruit CRM develop a strong marketing game.

Ella Wilson

Ella Wilson is a tech enthusiast and a developer by profession. She writes about technologies across a vast and diverse spectrum to help individual developers, designers, fellow professionals, and enterprises better understand the trends and benefits. Her articles balance information with experience and are suitable for beginners and veterans alike.

Emilio Scott

Emilio Scott is a digital growth marketer & WordPress developer with 6 yrs of marketing experience. In her role, she creates strategies that help businesses to grow and explore social media feed ideas for website. Being a WP developer Emilio loves to create new and easy to use Twitter & Facebook widget for WP websites.

Emily Andrews

Emily Andrews is the marketing communications specialist at RecordsFinder, an online public records search company. Communications specialist by day and community volunteer at night, she believes in compassion and defending the defenseless.

Emily Johns

Emily Johns is an expert WordPress developer. Currently she is associated with WordSuccor – WordPress development company in the USA. She has dived through the open-source code for over a decade and shares everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies.

Emily Moore

Emily Moore is an English & programming teacher with a passion for space and blogging. She believes that current exploration should be focused on preserving our planet’s resources. With satellites circling the orbit, it is easier to get relevant data on any environmental changes. This, in turn, should help people quickly address any challenges.

Emma Coffinet

Emma Coffinet is a content creator for websites, blogs, articles, white papers, and social media platforms. She is keen on capturing the attention of a target audience. She keeps herself well-read with the changing trends of the web world. Emma loves to pen down her knowledge in an engaging and simplified way. She also enjoys leading, motivating and being part of a productive team; equally comfortable working on her own initiative.


ENBRAUN is a software product and service company. eResource Scheduler is its Flagship software product.

Eric Smith

The author is an SAP Technology Consultant with expertise in a wide range of SAP Solutions. With a knack for technology, he loves to write on the latest ERP developments and share his knowledge with the readers.

Erika Rykun

Erika is a freelance copywriter and content manager. In her free time, she enjoys reading books and playing with her cat Cola.

Erma Winter

The author is an Android app developer at MobileCoderz Technologies, the leading Android app development company. He has developed numerous Android apps using the Kotlin language. And thus, has helped many start-ups to build their business in the software world. In his free time, he loves gardening. 

Erna Clayton

Erna Clayton is a technology enthusiast who loves following and writing about the latest technology trends and innovation. She is fascinated by latest developments in e-Learning apps, Blockchain technology, and automation. In her free time, she loves reading and writing.

Evelyn Harper

The author Evelyn Harper possesses a vast experience in the IT industry, especially in the electrical engineering and mobile development and digital marketing. He writes on topics encompassing the above mentioned device and is considered a charger in his chosen field – Information Technology.

Fahad Ali Khan

Fahad Ali Khan is an experienced Digital marketer who is working in a well reputed web design agency called “DubaiMonsters”. He is a very passionate, hard worker, skilled guy who has a very deep knowledge about Digital marketing. He possesses vast experience in SEO, SMM and Email marketing and he also successfully enabled many businesses to achieve their targets.

Fahad Khan

Fahad Khan is a poet and author by soul. He always revolves around innovative notions to bring massive change. He is rubbing off his creativity as Digital Content Producer at Techxide. He is passionate about his poetry and art, also believes in filling out all the wrongdoings by all the right doings.

Jason‌ ‌M.‌ ‌Ferguson

Jason M. Ferguson, the founder of Ferguson Law Group, started his career working for an automobile insurance company as a trial attorney before owning his injury law firm for over 20 years. Attorney Ferguson has a unique experience, having tried cases on both sides of the court system in personal injury trials, unlike many other lawyers. Mr. Ferguson also served over 14 years as an Army Reserve officer and the Georgia Air National Guard. The Albany Herald recognized him as one of southwest Georgia’s “40 under 40” in 2010.


FileCloud is an enterprise file sharing, sync, storage and backup solution that offers private, public and hybrid cloud content services.

Floyd Colon

Floyd Colon was born March, 12, 1990 and grew up in Texas, USA. learning to courses of programming. Floyd now lives in Colorado with their wife and son. When not writing bestselling novels, Floyd likes to breed domestic rabbits.

Forklift Academy

We are safety professionals with over twenty years of experience in the industry. The management team consists of professionals with working experience in 500 Fortune companies across the consumer goods industry with real-life experience in a Safety, Health, and Environment atmosphere. Our core business is to provide Forklift Certification Training to companies and individuals.

Frank S. Cservenyak Jr.

As the founding partner of the prestigious RCK Law Firm, Frank S. Cservenyak Jr. has built a reputation of experience and power specializing in several fields of the law: Personal injury, Criminal law, Commercial litigation, and Employment law. Frank’s love for the law led him down a path to Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. Now he is an active member of many prestigious organizations, including the American Trial Lawyers Association and Illinois Trial Lawyers Association. Throughout his career, he has won millions of dollars for his clients in damages from wrongful death cases, personal injury cases, and product liability.

Franklin Wootkin

Franklin Wootkin is a developer at Andromo. He is happy to help and tries to tell everyone about new technologies, he is passionate about everything new in the world of web technologies and tries to learn everything at once.

Freya Una

Freya Una writes SEO articles for different blogs to make their Google rankings surge. Her articles have appeared in a number of websites i.e., eLearning Industry and Inside Tech Box.

Gabe nelson

Gabe Nelson is a content specialist of over 7 years of experience, currently working with Voipswami. Just out of high school he set off crab fishing on the Bering sea in Alaska. From there he went back home to finish his college degree at the University of Montana. He has a passion and keen understanding when it comes to IT tech and communications inside and out. He has written hundreds of content pieces in numerous niches. Currently, he lives in Missouri with his wife and kids enjoying the peaceful town of St. Joseph.

Gabriel Ted

Gabriel Ted is a freelance writer based in Central London. With a degree in Business and having worked previously at TripAdvisor, Gabriel has a particular interest in cloud computing for business.

Gabriela Damaceno

Gabriela Damaceno is a journalist and head of online content for Media Shark, app developers Gold Coast, Australia. She is representing HK Certifiers, a company that offers Construction Certificates services.

Gabriela Shockleyfrom

I am Gabriela Shockleyfrom Cheap Custom Papers and I am working under the team content writer. Our goal is to hire an expert who has a good command of English and will be able to meet the expect ations of our clients. We also check if the candidates are familiar with the variety of citation styles. Then, they write a sample paper to demonstrate their analytical skills and creativity. We evaluate every single point of the writers’ abilities to choose only talented and reliable candidates.

Gjermund Damgaard

Gjermund Damgaard works with the sales and marketing department at Booking Ninjas. Before joining the Booking Ninjas team, he spent several years as an electrician, working behind the scenes with a variety of systems and programs both online and more local on different machines. He developed a desire for technological advances and property management for business which led to him going fully into the marketing space.

Grace Morris

Grace Morris is a tech and digital marketing enthusiast who loves to travel and is passionate about learning new emerging trends in digital media and the internet.  Her interest in helping businesses leverage their digital authority has led her a career as a Digital Content Specialist in Traqq.  Her next goals include writing a book and becoming an event speaker.

Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the Head of Branding at Inc 500 company Squadhelp, the worlds #1 naming platform, with 30,000+ customers from early-stage startups across the globe to the largest corporations including Nestle, Philips, Hilton, Pepsi, and AutoNation.

Gurpreet Sehgal

Gurpreet Sehgal, is a Tax consultant, is committed to helping people get what they want. A “reformed” financial consultant, Gurpreet teaches people how to work out the Accounting, Tax, And Investment to their benefit. An engaging and influential writer, Gurpreet uses humor and stories culled from his own experience.


Haasim is a forward-thinking SEO Content Manager at FilesDNA. Haasim keeps up to date with Content Marketing, SEO trends, and Social Media trends that, in turn, help him to connect real people with relevant messages. In his spare time, he is keen on writing, reading and loves to drink coffee.

Hamzah Adil

Hamzah Adil is a digital marketing executive for SwiftChat – a live chat application designed to aid your customer support and sales teams. Topics of interest include business, entrepreneurship, tech, and understanding people.

Harikrishna Kundariya

Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 8+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

Harinder Keer

Harinder Keer is the CEO and founder of FlixStock Private Limited. He is an IIT Kanpur alumnus and started his career as a research analyst back in 2002. He loves chasing problems and creating long-term solutions for them. His interest in AI drug development led him to pursue his higher studies abroad.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computational Biophysics from the University of California. It was when he came back to India, he discovered his interest in E-commerce. His interest was soon clustered with the itineraries of planning product shoots. That’s when he recognized a major loophole in the e-commerce operations. He took on himself to bring a solution and ended up founding FlixStock in 2015. 

Dr. Keer has significant accomplishments in research and experience. The man keeps his traditions and culture at his heart. He is married to Doctor Rubina Singh and lives with her and their twin sons in Gurugram.

Harnil Oza

Harnil Oza is CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York and India, having a team of the best app developers who deliver the best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platforms. He regularly contributes his knowledge on leading blogging sites.

Harry Singh

My name is Harry, currently working as a content writer at, a time tracking software which tracks time, mileage and scheduling all in one place.

Harshal Shah

Harshal Shah is the CEO of EcomVA. He has an overall experience of more than three decades in the E-commerce industry. His area of interest lies in writing fascinating pieces of content on topics relevant to growing E-commerce businesses with virtual assistant services. He wants to ensure that readers get acquainted with virtual assistant services for growth hacking E-commerce businesses so that we can build a technology-driven world for the future.

Hassan Ahmad

Working as a content auditor, Hassan have 3 years of experience of writing articles on Tech, SEO, Sports, Software testing and Health Care. He loves travelling and reading. He successfully manage a team of digital marketing.

Hayley Hoskins

Hayley Hoskins is a San Francisco-based business and tech blogger, internet nerd, and data enthusiast.

Heather K. Clark

I am Heather K. Clark, I am a freelance writer with 8 years of marketing experience.

Heather Redding

Heather Redding is a content manager for rent, hailing from Aurora. She loves to geek out writing about wearables, IoT and other hot tech trends. When she finds the time to detach from her keyboard, she enjoys her Kindle library and a hot coffee.

Hemant Madaan

Hemant MadaanFounder of JumpGrowth & serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in IT & Mobile App Development; worked with people from diverse cultures and countries.Extensive experience in business management, P&L responsibility, team management, outsourcing, deal negotiations, pre sales support.

Hemanth Kumar Yamjala

Hemanth Kumar Yamjala has 10+ years of experience in IT Services, predominantly Marketing, Branding, specializing in Digital. Currently a part of the marketing for Cigniti Technologies with functions such as leveraging digital marketing channels for lead generation and promotion.

Herman Morgan

I’m HP Morgan is an IT Consultant at TatvaSoft Australia, which is a Mobile App development company in Australia. He has a good professional expertise and background in writing innovative and insightful blogs for various industries.. His passion is to help the organization in all its shapes.

Hermit Chawla

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by PHP Affiliate Script. I would love to share thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.

Hermit Chawla – AIS Technolabs

Hermit Chawla is a MD at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. He love to share his thoughts on it consultancy firms in india.

Irfan Ak

Irfan Ak is a digital marketing strategist, growth hacker & digital transformation expert of Branex, a web & app development company & a guest blogger on various websites. He has worked with various other brands and created value for them.

Isabelle Jordan

Isabelle Jordan is a business and marketing journalist at Ekta insurance company. She writes for different news portals and thematic blogs that helps her stay at the heart of the travel and insurance news. Such work gives her the opportunity to write articles on the most relevant topics of today.

Ivanna Attie

Ivanna Attié is a content manager, researcher, and author in many stock media-oriented publications. She is a passionate communicator with a love for visual imagery and an inexhaustible thirst for knowledge. Her background is in communication and journalism, and she also loves literature and performing arts

Jack Grealish

Jack is a senior marketing executive and a digital strategist working as a freelancer.  He has completed his MBA in 2016. He has worked for IT and digital marketing firms previously. With over 5+ experience in content writing he also focus on influence marketing practises.

Jack Warner

Jack is an accomplished cybersecurity expert with years of experience under his belt at TechWarn, a trusted digital agency to world-class cybersecurity companies. A passionate digital safety advocate himself, Jack frequently contributes to tech blogs and digital media sharing expert insights on cybersecurity and privacy tools.

Jade Wyatt

Jade Wyatt is a digital marketer who has spent several years in the field helping out businesses reach their full potential. She uses different lesser-known methods so that more and more people can know about them and improve their digital marketing campaign.

Jake Rheude

Jake Rheude is the Director of Marketing at Red Stag Fulfillment, an ecommerce order fulfillment service provider. He has years of experience in ecommerce and business development. In his free time, Jake enjoys reading about business and sharing his own experience with others.

James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology.

James Murphy

James Murphy is a full-time content creator. James writes about a wide range of other topics such as technologies and digital marketing. James is a father of two lovely toddlers and a dedicated supporter of the New York Yankees.

James Tinker

James Tinker is a professional blogger who also contributes assignment writing in the UK, James enjoys reading and writing about creativity and has helped many industries to enhance their interaction with employees and other stakeholders.

Jan Keil

Jan Keil is VP of Marketing at Infopulse and has an extensive expertise in cloud, security and IT compliance, ICOs and blockchain-related projects. With almost 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Jan is also passionate about cloud-based solutions, digital transformation technologies, data governance and protection. Among the topics Jan Keil has already covered are digital twins, blockchain technology application in different industries, bitcoin evolution and ICOs, IoT, cloud security, etc.

Jane Hart

Jane Hart is a technical writer and digital marketer at Selected firms. She has 6 Years of experience in designing, creating, and delivering marketing programs to support the expansion and growth of the company services & helps to select ideal ecommerce company in the USA. Has also developed content for the company websites, blog and case studies. Has knowledge of best SEO practices to create content as per SEO requirements for better search engine performance. She has extensive experience working in the technology industries and is responsible for introducing emerging eCommerce trends to the team.

Jannatul Ferdaus

Jannatul Ferdaus, Support Engineer at Bdtask. She assists the company to communicate with its customers by providing the best technical support. In addition, she is a technical content writer, loves blogging about technology.

Jared Cornell

Jared Cornell is a customer-support specialist, a marketing evangelist and a book lover, associated with ProProfs Help Desk. Jared is passionate about customer support and loves to solve customers’ queries. He is always keen to develop new strategies to help customers seeking Help Desk assistance for a delightful experience.

Jasmeet Sehgal

Jasmeet Sehgal is a content marketer and an MBA in Finance, currently working with Sifars. She writes for people to combat the content gremlins and succeed with technology doses.  She helps them build measurable technological strategies that are time efficient, essential for business, deliver results, and provide valuable insights.

Jason Snaddon

Jason works with people to create the life of abundance that is within us all – whether that be career, business, health & well-being, financial, relationships, joy, happiness and fulfillment. Since 2005 he has been consciously creating an abundant life and loves to share his learnings to help people create the life of their dreams.

Javeria Khan

Javeria, an experienced B2B/SaaS writer specializing in writing for the data management industry. She is also a programmer with 2 years of experience in developing, testing and maintaining enterprise software applications.

Jayanti Katariya

At the center, Moon Technolabs Pvt Ltd – android app development company is driven by the vision, sharpness and flourished under the leadership quality led by none other than the founder & CEO: Mr. Jayanti Katariya. Managing requirements and serving productive results to entrepreneurs.

Jean S.

Jean S. Hartley is a professional online essay writer in a paper writing service, that provides quality assistance for students. Jean also enjoys local folklore and customs. She is going to blog about it on YouTube.

Jeff Bryce

Jeff is the Followers Cart UK best-selling writer who received his IT degree from the University of Bristol where he won the Good Content Writer award and The author or coauthor of five Famous Sites and good SEO Expert, Jeff has sold 500 Plus articles since 2018. He worked for 3 years as a writer, editor and team leader at Digisol (The Digital Solution Provider) and Digital Aimz.

Jeremy Axel

Jeremy Axel is the founder of Fluent Conveyors, they design and manufacture conveyors for Waste and recycling industries, Manufacturing, and Distribution centers across the United States. He is also known for building trusted relationships with conveyor dealers and reseller networks and developing advanced technological processes and tools that help them do their jobs more efficiently.

Jeremy Miner

Before founding 7th Level Communications, Jeremy co-founded and served as Chief Sales Officer of an online education start-up that he took from zero to $37M in revenue the first year. Previously, he was Vice President of Sales at Wealth Masters International, a provider of personal finance training and educational products. With responsibility for recruiting and training the worldwide sales organization, he increased annual revenue from $12 Million to $75 Millions in three years. Prior to Wealth Masters, Jeremy was Vice President of Sales and the top individual salesperson at Life Path Unlimited. His sales expertise helped propel this personal development training and education company from start-up to a market leader with $55 Million in annual revenue in only two years. Formerly, he was the top salesperson at Liberty League International in the same industry niche, where he was instrumental in the company setting new industry records for sales revenue.

Jessica Bullet

Jessica Bullet is a professional content writer and editor for Software Tested, writing about all sorts of technology topics under the sun. As a computer programmer, she is able to tap into her expertise on computers and gadgets to help others resolve their tech problems.

Jim Sharpe

Jim Sharpe is CEO at Aventri, a leading global provider of virtual, hybrid and in-person event management solutions.

Jody Edgar

Jody Edgar – THE SHOPIFY EXPERT Entrepreneur, Educator & Creator Born on the Pacific West Coast of Canada, Shopify Systems Sunbowl is a network of individuals who believe that building an e-commerce business should be energizing, challenging, and fun. Shopify Systems Sunbowl takes on projects the same way they live their lives, with purposeful balance. Shopify Systems Sunbowl is composed of a team that gets it done and gets it done right.

Joe Dawson

Joe is director of the specialist growth agency, based in the UK.

John Lawson

John Lawson works as a senior content marketing analyst at Golpik Inc. It is one of the finest platforms based on services such as App development & Ecommerce Businesses related functions. It is one of the best technologies facilitating firm and takes customers with great consideration. John manages the entire latest marketing trend that can help any e-commerce site builds the best business. All his recent articles are very engaging & follow the current businesses demands.

John Smith

John is a civil engineer and project manager by profession. He spends his free time writing blogs and articles on construction issues and innovations.

Joe Peters

Joe Peters is a Baltimore-based freelance writer and an ultimate techie. When he is not working his magic as a marketing consultant, this incurable tech junkie devours the news on the latest gadgets and binge-watches his favorite TV shows.

John Ayden

I am a Writer, Publisher, Marketer, and also a Consultant. If you are an in-house Expert but would like second opinions on Specific Projects, then John Ayden could help you. He has the professional skills to consult. I am mostly Writes about new Apps, Digital marketing, etc. I am giving you a better idea to improve yourself with more impressive skills.

Johnny Chen

Johnny Chen is the lead SEO specialist at Johnny Chen SEO internet marketing. Over the years of research and development he has continued to expand towards making website conversion more applicable for his onboarding clients with additional services such as content creation, social media distribution, and web development.

Juned Ghanchi

Juned Ghanchi is co-founder of IndianAppDevelopers; a game development company develops 2d, 3d games for all major mobile platforms. Juned’s in-house developer’s team consists of 60 skilled iOS and Android programmers who have successfully deployed 100 apps for Startups to big brands.

Kaira Ralph

Kaira Ralph works at Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.


My name is Karolina, and I am a copywriter at Oxylabs – a leading global proxy provider. I have experience writing for over 3 years, mostly specializing in technology / cybersecurity / marketing topics. Nonetheless, website styles and layouts have evolved, user preferences have changed, I believe that great content has remained an essential staple of successful websites.

Kashif Raza

Kashif Raza, the Lead Content Writer at Globex Outreach, headquartered in New York City, New York (Globexoutreach), and primarily responsible for content writing services, reveals SEO and other proven content strategies that can help clients better connect with their target audiences, while also building much stronger relationships.

Kate Orekhova

Kate Orekhova is a tech writer at Cleveroad. A writer by day and a reader at night, she’s keen on technology and innovations. Her passion is to tell people about the latest tech trends in the world of IT.

Kate Parish

Kate Parish is the chief marketing officer at Onilab with over eight years of experience in Digital Marketing in the sphere of eCommerce web development. Kate always aspires to broaden her competency in line with cutting-edge global trends. Her primary areas of professional interest include SEO, branding, PPC, SMM, Magento PWA development, and online retail in general.

Kateryna Boiko

Kateryna Boiko is a Marketing Director at Mobilunity, Provider of Dedicated Development Teams with 9 years of hands-on experience in digital marketing. Kateryna managed to work with diverse industries and markets and now is keen on sharing unique cases with the world and coach on topics relevant to Web Analytics and Search Engine Optimization.


Katreena is a scientist and a life hack specialist. She’s authored scientific journals on biotechnology and molecular biology. To take a break from scientific journals, she puts her mind into writing about lifestyle, health, and sustainability. She strongly believes that kindness makes the world go round.

Keerthika V

I am Keerthika reddy a vibrant technical content writer works for Hkr Trainings and an enthusiast to learn new things and grow professionally. My articles focus on delivering content into cutting edge technologies like Sitecore,Netapp, Python etc.

Keith S. Brais

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine Engineering from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, acquired three U.S. Coast Guard licenses and worked on offshore oil drilling platforms for more than seven years, Keith S. Brais brings an uncommon degree of real-world experience to clients’ personal injury and wrongful death claims. His unique maritime education and experience, combined with his professional legal expertise and trial skills provide invaluable benefit to clients when describing the dangers associated with maritime employment to a judge or jury. Keith S. Brais is one of a very specialized group of lawyers in the State of Florida that is Board Certified in Maritime and Admiralty Law by the Florida Bar. Additionally, Keith S. Brais holds an “AV” rating from the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory, the highest rating attainable. 

Ken Lynch

Ken Lynch is an enterprise software startup veteran, who has always been fascinated about what drives workers to work and how to make work more engaging. Ken founded Reciprocity to pursue just that. He has propelled Reciprocity’s success with this mission-based goal of engaging employees with the governance, risk, and compliance goals of their company in order to create more socially minded corporate citizens. Ken earned his BS in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.

Kendall King

With a degree in Writing and a Masters of Research, Kendall brings a vital edge to technology marketing. With fresh ideas and 10+ years of experience across a broad spectrum of businesses personas, Kendall loves sharing his expertise.

Kenny Sandorffy

Kenny Sandorffy is the founder of top10codingbootcamps and passionately believes students should have access to honest information before paying even one cent towards any online courses. Kenny is also passionate about technology, education and empowering people by learning key skills.

Khalil Ahmad

I am Khalil Ahmad. I am a tech enthusiast and a cloud computing student. I along with my team members running different websites. We love doing content writing stuff and SEO related things.

Kiran Bajpai

Kiran Bajpai works as a Marketing Associate at SoftwareSuggest. Her expertise lies in Documents Management Software. Reading books is something that she can never get bored of, especially those related to politics and history.


Knowmax is knowledge management software for enterprises of all sizes and helps them deliver better customer experience. Features like decision tree software, visual guides, knowledge base, and bot knowledge empower support agents with interactive navigations to meaningful resolutions of customer queries.

Konstantin Demishev

Product Manager at Archer Software. Experienced technical manager and consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and service industry. Skilled in product development following LEAN and AGILE philosophy.

Kotton Grammer

Kotton Grammer is an internet entrepreneur known for founding Kotton Grammer Media in 2013 a Multi-Million Dollar Internet Advertising & Media Company that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO. He has also been featured or quoted in many publications including,, &

Kritesh Anand

Hi I am Kritesh a Professional Blogger and Writer. From Past 3 Years I have been sharing information related to technology, education, lifestyle, fashion, travel, health etc.

Krunal Panchal

Krunal Panchal is the CEO & Co-founder of Groovy Web. He has been a hardcore programmer since he was 11 and started his professional career very young. His technical and logical mind drove him to choose coding as his destiny. At an initial stage, he got essential experience and the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Learning something new is a never-ending process for him. Under his leadership, Groovy Web has become an established organization that serves industries from startups to enterprises, regardless of any limitations.

Kunal Gohil

Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand gas and fuel delivery solutions development company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.

Lamiia Elijah

Lamiia Elijah Massey started Las Vegas SEO Marketing Company in 2018, working with local businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada, and surrounding areas.  His Digital Media Agency excels at getting local companies seen in the search engines, primarily on the first page of Google.

Lauren Wiseman

Lauren Wiseman is a marketing specialist and contributor to bizzmarkblog. She helps clients grow their personal and professional brands in the fast-changing and demanding market, strongly believing in a holistic approach to a business.

Liam Catalan

Liam Catalan is a highly passionate search engine optimization professional who’s been working independently for more than ten years. He’s also a writer, editor, and one of the most reputable essay writers in the UK. Right now, he’s focused on completing his first-ever online course. In his free time, he loves to travel, sing, and cook.

Lianna Arakelyan

Lianna Arakelyan is a content writer and digital marketing expert in MuchNeeded, extreme with a knack for social media marketing strategy and implementation. She is extreme in her work with a deep goal of always being updated on online and offline marketing and technology news of the world.

Lisa Johnson

Lisa Johnson is a content writer at with a huge portfolio of writing for various industries. He started his career path as a content writer in his freshman year and is currently a high-quality content writer with a huge experience of writing at LinkSignal.

Lisa Resnick

I’m Lisa Resnick. I’m dedicated and research-based social media blog writer over six years of experience. Extensively published in social media marketing technologies, with related expertise in Digital Marketing.

Liz Slyman

Over the past decade, Liz has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing executive for a multitude of companies from startups to and mid-sized businesses to working as the VP of marketing for award-winning, platinum-selling artists. Leveraging an understanding of the nuance of language in marketing, Liz founded Amplihigher, a content marketing and copywriting agency, designed to connect consumers to companies in a way that results in next-level brand expansion.

Lori Wade

Lori Wade is a writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from business to entrepreneurship and new technologies. If you are interested in M&A or virtual data room industry.

Lou Honick

Lou Honick is the CEO of Host Merchant Services. Prior to founding Host Merchant Services in 2010, Lou was the founder of HostMySite. com and received numerous awards including SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Inc Magazine 30 under 30, and multiple listings on the Inc 500. As a serial entrepreneur, all of his companies have operated on a singular devotion to outstanding customer service and support. Lou is a respected expert on the topics of customer service, payments and fintech, Internet technology, and entrepreneurship.

Louisa Allen

Louisa is a content marketing professional and editor creating her successful career past 2 years at D3D Printing. She is a goal-oriented, creative individual with a unique voice in writing, editing, and optimizing content for various projects. She’s a devoted mom and an excellent piano player.

Lydia Iseh

Lydia Iseh is a writer with years of experience in writing SEO content that provides value to the reader. As someone who believes in the power of SEO to transform your business, she enjoys being part of the process that helps your website rank high on search engines.

Manan Ghadawala

Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is one of the best mobile app development company in India and the USA. He is an idealistic leader with a lively management style and thrives raising the company’s growth with his talents.

Manish Shewramani

Manish is principle consultant at Credencys Solutions Inc. an Android app development company. He is both an innovator and inventor and is an expert in transforming ambiguous ideas into concise, executable strategies that mitigate risk, maximize ROI and obtain timely measurable business results. He has led several technical and non-technical projects and has experience of the complete project life cycle.

Maria Diachenko

Maria Diachenko is a tech writer at Cleveroad. It’s a web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. Maria enjoys making how-to tech guides, describing programming trends and IoT innovations.

Mariya Adems

Mariya Adems is a Digital Strategist, having 5+ years of experience in the field of Internet Marketing. She is a social media geek, a complete foodie and enjoys trying varied cuisines. A perfect day for her consists of reading her favorite author with a hot cuppa coffee.

Mark Kirk

Mark Kirk, began building and optimising websites before google was even google. Of course, back then it was other online entities such as yahoo and Netscape explorer and many other search engines… which have made way for the dominant player in the market place.

Mark Watson

The author’s name is Mark Watson, who works with Xperteks, a leading managed IT and cybersecurity services provider in NYC. He is a passionate reader and a keen follower of technological advancements.

Marques Coleman

Marques Coleman is a professional content writing specialist and guest editor at writing services. His interests lie in technology and digital marketing. In addition, Marques aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in those fields that interest him the most.

Martin Moyers

Martin Moyers is a business analyst and an avid tech blogger who is associated with Zymr, Inc. He is obsessed with AI-ML, cloud technologies, and the universe of social media. In his leisure time, he enjoys rafting, sailing, and hiking.

Mary Kyle

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

Maulik Shah

Maulik Shah is the CEO of Biztech, ReactJS developer from India. Maulik likes to explore beyond his comfort zone. When it comes to writing for the blog, his contribution is priceless. No one else on the team can bring the deep industry knowledge to articles that he has. However, his door is always open and he is generous with sharing that knowledge.

Maxwell Donovan

Maxwell Donovan wrote is article. He works for a B2b Conference hosting company. His prime undertaking is to discover the correct group of spectators for the meetings and different business occasions. These meetings and occasions are basically held at top conference settings in India.

Meggie Nelson

Meggie is an HR Manager at AMGtime and a passionate Freelance Writer with ongoing curiosity to learn new things. She is deeply convinced that valuable experience sharing is key to business success. Meggie believes in a win-win formula and utilizes it on a daily basis in staff management.

Melissa Crooks

Melissa Crooks is Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem, an app development companies in USA and India that holds the best team of skilled and top app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring latest technology trends, entrepreneur and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies.

Meredith Davis

Meredith Davis has a decade-worth of experience in digital marketing. She has worked with various companies as a marketing consultant to help promote and sell their products and services effectively.

Michael Dehoyos

Michael Dehoyos assists numerous companies with this marketing strategies and contributes to countless sites and publications.  His skill set as a web developer and editor at PhD Kingdom and Assignment Writing Services in invaluable and much sought after.

Michael Fowler

Michael is a journalist with a technical background and likes to share his research on modern digital inventions. He is a passionate professional in the field of technology and a creative writer. As an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael likes to combine these subjects in his works.

Michael Habiger

Michael Habiger is an experienced content marketer, currently working at FollowUpFred.

Michael M.

Michael is a member of the editorial team at Leads At Scale. His main areas of expertise include business growth, inbound, and outbound marketing & sales. He is a walking wanderer and a travel enthusiast.

Mikayla St Clair

The author is a Public Relations Specialist. She loves to write informative articles and share her knowledge with the readers.

Mike Austin

Mike Austin is a Content Director at Adrack. He has worked in the Digital Marketing industry since 2009. As a conversion-driven marketer, he is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals.

Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is an accomplished writer. He is too conscious of writing about marketing/business stuff and is always ready to include the information that conveys his experience about the relevant stuff. He succinctly describes his publishing success and wants to provide stunning marketing strategies that help his clients increase brand awareness and much more!

Mike Whitmire

Mike Whitmire, CPA*, is CEO and Co-founder of FloQast, a provider of accounting workflow automation software created by accountants for accountants to help them work smarter, not harder. Prior to founding FloQast, Mike was part of the accounting and finance team at rapidly-growing Cornerstone OnDemand. It was during the Los Angeles-based tech company’s preparations for its IPO that Mike first composed the idea for what would become FloQast.

Misha Herschorn

Misha Herschorn is the founder and head pilot of First Class Drones. His passion for RC (Radio Control) took off at the age of 13 when he built a gas-powered RC racing car. Since then, he has invested in hundreds of flying RC devices, culminating in his first purchase of a professional drone. Misha has been mastering the art of flying from a young age and has been filming and shooting photos and videos almost his entire life. Misha has gained extensive experience in videography, video production, and aerial cinematography both by practicing hard, being extremely creative, and learning from experts in the industry.


Moazzam is a digital enthusiast writer having 10+ experiences in digital industry. His publications are live on Hackernoon,, Yourstory and more. Currently heading digital marketing at TechIngenious a IT company offering mobile app development, website development, software development and digital marketing services backed with skilled app developers and marketers.

Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali is an experienced digital marketer and a search engine marketing specialist who is currently associated with Branex & Hostnoc, as senior digital marketer and brand strategist.

Mohd Zaid

Hi, I am Mohd Zaid Mansoori, a teenage Content Marketer, Designer, Digital Marketer, and Tech Enthusiast from Uttar Pradesh, India. I am a student who is also a freelancer and is working on some Awesome Websites.

Monica Mendoza

Monica Mendoza is a content writer and marketing professional based in Manila, Philippines. She spends a lot of time studying how technology continues to transform lifestyles and communities. Outside the office, she keeps herself busy by staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and reading about the newest gadgets out on the market.

Morgan Rose Elliott

Morgan Rose Elliott graduated marketing from The University of Sydney. Hobbies include yoga, reading, home renovation. Rookie blogger who loves writing about business and lifestyle equally. She is happily married, stay at home mother of three.

Morris Edwards

Morris Edwards is a Manager at Awebstar, a eCommerce website design agency in Singapore which is dealing with web design & development, SEO, mobile app development services and more.

Mr. Anup Kumar

Mr. Anup Kumar is the Co-Founder of TechGropse Pvt Ltd. He has long-term experience in the Software Industry and holds his expertise in many different technologies.

Mr. Eric Smith

Mr. Eric Smith is the Head of Sale & Marketing in Accely. He has decades of experience under his belt. He worked as a SAP professional with expertise in a wide range of SAP Solutions. With a knack for technology, he loves to write on the latest SAP developments and share his knowledge with the readers.

Mr. Maulik Shah

Mr. Maulik Shah is the founder of CRMJetty, a hub of innovative customer relationship solutions, provides ready to CMS integrate portal solutions for various CRM, including partner portal solutions, business partner portal. Maulik is a tech enthusiast and writes about the various aspects of e-commerce technology.

Mr. Pratik Shah

Mr. Pratik Shah is Creative Head of Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering custom product design software and Web-to-Print Storefront Solutions. He has been giving his valuable tips and suggestion about product designer tool.

Mubarak Musthafa

Vice President of Technology & Services at ClaySys Technologies.

Muhammad Shoaib

Shoaib provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for Dynamologic Solutions.

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is an SEO team lead at a leading web design agency, Branex AE. He’s known for bringing outstanding marketing strategies to build the visibility of the brands online. With more than 7 years of experience as an SEO expert, he is prepared to boost brand visibility and grow their online presence amidst all the challenges they face.

Myrah Abrar

Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing.

Naman Modi

Naman Modi is a Professional Blogger, SEO Expert & Guest blogger at ebuilderz. He is an Award Winning Freelancer & Web Entrepreneur helping new entrepreneur’s launches their first successful online business.

Nancy P. Howard

Nancy P. Howard has been working as a journalist at the online magazine in London for a year. She is also a professional writer in such topics as blogging, IT and marketing.

Natalie Redman

Freelance writer for many clients including Skale, Natalie has two years of copywriting experience. Natalie has a wide range of experience copywriting for web pages for businesses across many industries. She’s also an owner of two blog websites and a Youtube content creator.

Natasha Fletcher

Natasha Fletcher is a member of the writer’s Team on Essays and Research Prospect. She has a bachelor’s in Law, Masters in Literature, and a PhD in Economics. Natasha role in the team is to solve students’ problems through content. She also works with content marketing team and follow the instructions of Digital marketers and write the content for different websites. Natasha is a gold medallist in essay writing. She is a fitness freak and love to play football, ice hockey and basketball.

Neha Singh

Neha Singh is the Founder & CEO of Securium Solutions with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. She is skilled in ECSA, Vulnerability Management, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Management, and Business Development. She loves traveling and trekking.

Nicholas H. Parker

Nicholas H. Parker is an essay writer at BuyEssayClub. He used to manage the content team at the company he worked for. Currently, Nicholas writes articles to share his knowledge with others and obtain new skills. Besides, he is highly interested in the web design sphere. Besides, he is a single parent for three wonderful kids.

Niharika Gupta

Niharika Gupta is a technical writer at CallCenterHosting, a leading provider of Cloud Call Center Solutions. She loves music and reading and has always been fascinated with technology. Writing about technology and other related topics gives her the utmost happiness. She believes words have the power to change the world and is working on turning her ideas into words every day.

Nikola Djurkovic

Nikola Djurkovic is the former Editor in Chief at and He has worked in the insurance industry as an assistant underwriter, and through his experience, he learned the inner workings of insurance policies, from quotes to renewals – becoming a real insurance guru.

Nikunj Gundaniya

Nikunj Gundaniya, Product manager, one of the leading wallet app development company, which provides mobile finance application development services. He is a visionary leader whose flamboyant management style has given profitable results for the company.

Nina Jenkins

I’m a student and freelance writer. Participant in student exchange programs and a traveler.  I write about student life, helpful tips, and my own experiences at university.

Nishant Joshi

Nishant likes to read and write on technologies that form the bedrock of modern-day and age like Web Apps, machine learning, data science, AI, and robotics. His expertise in content marketing has helped grow countless business opportunities. Nishant works for Sage Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading provider of CRM and ERP Solutions to small and mid-sized businesses in India.

Nora Winkens

Nora is a copywriter and content writer for Daffodil Software. She specializes in ghost blogging, email marketing campaigns and content for sales pages. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases your search engine visibility.

Nouman Ali

Nouman provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing.

Olga Galik

Olga Galik is Business Development Manager at Uptech, that helps to create apps that people love. She has always been fascinated with technology and shares Uptech’s experience with the IT community.

Olga V. Mack

Olga V. Mack, CEO of Parley Pro, a modern, collaborative, and intuitive contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform that has pioneered online negotiation technology. She loves legal innovation and has dedicated her career to improving and shaping the future of law. Olga V. Mack is convinced that the legal profession will emerge even stronger, more resilient, and more inclusive than before by embracing technology.

Olivia Trott

Olivia Trott is a technical writer at Acefone, prominent hosted phone system provider. Olivia is an outgoing person who enjoys writing, is an SEO enthusiast, and often interacts with others in intellectual conversations. She enjoys listening to music in her free time.

Oscar Mitchall

Oscar Mitchall is a pretty inspiring blogger from the USA who always keeps his finger on the pulse. Oscar will never pass by cut edge technology, such as artificial intelligence. He is always happy to share his insights with a wide audience, so don’t miss the chance to expand your horizons.

Oscar Mitchall

Oscar Mitchall is an experienced writer with a Master’s degree in computer sciences. He created over 500 papers for Writemypaperbro customers. If you need any assistance or questions on the latest changes in higher education, you may ask him for help

Palak Airon

Palak Airon Data Scientist personnel with over 8 years of professional experience in the IT industry. Competent in Data Science and Digital Marketing. Expertise in professionally researched technical Content Writing.

Patrick Monahan

Patrick Monahan is the managing partner of Monahan Law Firm, PLC. Patrick began his legal career practicing real estate, construction, and general business litigation.Over the years, Monahan Law Firm, PLC has expanded to serve clients in domestic relations, personal injury, and estate planning.

Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews is a Manchester-based business and tech writer who writes in order to better inform business owners on how to run a successful business. You can usually find him at the local library or browsing Forbes’ latest pieces.

Peter Bennet

Peter Bennet is an Invoicing & Financial Consultant working with Invoicera. In his 10+ years of experience in the field of finance management, He has been helping businesses to manage expenses, cash flow, and AR & AP to ensure businesses overcome financial crises.

Phillip Livingston

I’ve been working in the digital space for over 7 years. I am now the marketing manager for the property management software company condo control central. We recently branched over into the security & investigation sector with our new platform patrol points.

Pooja Choudhary

Pooja Choudhary is a digital marketer at Matellio who has a love and passion for digital marketing. She enjoys implementing various writing styles and techniques. Her passion resides in sharing knowledge with the world and growing by keeping abreast of the latest industry facts.

Prakash Rastogi

Prakash Rastogi, founder and CEO of VirtuBox, holds B.Tech & M.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur with 14+ yrs of experience. He is a serial entrepreneur, currently working on a Digital experience platform which helps businesses to digitize using mobile technologies.

Prashant Pujara

Prashant Pujara is the founder/CEO of MultiQoS mobile app development company. He is the heads of the IoS/ Android App Development team, and has overseen the creations of nearly 100+ applications. Apart from App Development, his interests including reading, photography, and online blogging.

Pratik Salia

Experienced Professional with a demonstrated history of working in startups & conglomerates. Skilled in Operations, E-commerce, Customer Experience, ABM Marketing, B2B Marketing, B2B Brand Positioning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Market Research, and Management.

Priyanka Shaw

Priyanka Shaw is a professional writer and content editor for Webvio Technologies Private Limited. She loves to write about technology and digital marketing pieces of stuff. Along with that, she also loves to research many technological things.

Radhika Mohan Singh Roy

Radhika Mohan Singh Roy is the Marketing Manager at EngageBay. He has earlier been a senior marketer with Agile CRM, the manager for communities & social media at Simplilearn. He has previously also worked with Google, Apple Computers and Bank of America. He is a Masters’ degree holder in English and a certified Six Sigma Green Belt.

Rahim Makhani

Rahim Makhani, CEO and managing partner at Nevina Infotech, Enterprise Web App & Mobile Application Development Company, helps global businesses grow by the internet of things development. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and Blockchain, and some trending technologies.


Hi, I am Rahul a Digital Marketer and Content Writer. I own a site: Rahul-Thakur where I write content about digital marketing product review and how to make money with affiliate marketing.

Raj Vardhman

Raj Vardhman is the co-founder of He is a WordPress virtuoso and white hat SEO expert with a passion for developing SEO strategies. His experience and work over the years have driven him to give other individuals lessons about taking control of their work and finding remote jobs.

Ram Tavva

Senior Data Scientist and Alumnus of IIM- C (Indian Institute of Management – Kolkata) with over 25 years of professional experience Specialized in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar is Co-founder and editor. I love to write content and do research in various niches such as digital marketing, technology, programming and more.

Renuka Shahane

Renuka Shahane is a Sr. Content Writer at NuovoTeam & Scalefusion. An engineering graduate, an Apple junkie and an avid reader, she has 5+ years of experience in content creation, content strategy and PR for technology and web-based startups.

Ricky Philip

Ricky Philip is an industry expert and a professional writer with a focus on understanding the implications of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Test Automation, cloud analytics, and the Internet of Things. He is also a contributor to several prominent online publishing platforms such as Dzone, Hackernoon and HubSpot.


Rio CEO & founder of Webomaze Pty Ltd loves to serve clients and fulfill all types of requirements. He has highly trained and skilled professionals with lots of creative and unique ideas. As a Magento development company, he delivers the best results as per the industry, audience, and recent trends.

Ritesh Patil

Ritesh Patil is the co-founder of Mobisoft Infotech that helps startups and enterprises in mobile technology. He loves technology, especially mobile technology. He’s an avid blogger and writes on mobile applications. He works in a leading android development company with skilled android app developers that has developed innovative mobile applications across various fields such as Finance, Insurance, Health, Entertainment, Productivity, Social Causes, Education and many more and has bagged numerous awards for the same.

Ritik Singh

Ritik Singh writes about HR software in India, cloud, and enterprise technology. A dynamic content writer who writes for Pocket HRMS, a leading provider of cloud-based HR software with inbuilt AI-powered HR Chatbot (smHRty) to small and mid-sized businesses across India.

Ritu Kaushik

The author Ritu Kaushik possesses vast experience in the IT industry, especially in the domains of website and digital marketing. She writes on topics encompassing the above mentioned domains and is considered a maven in his chosen field – Information Technology.

Riya Roy

Riya Roy is a technical content writer at Agdova Technologies. She carries expertise and a flair for writing on Management Consulting, Software & Analytics and Digital Media. Apart from distilling her technical ideas into creating innovative solutions, she is a practitioner of Electric guitar.


Robert is a marketing manager at Ez Eletric .she loves to write about top electrical contractors in california,Circuit Board Repair, Outdoor Lighting, Install Outdoor Electrical Outlet, Main Electrical Panels .

Roelof Berg

Product software architect for a medical anesthesia device.

Roger Kahn

Roger Kahn purchased Champion Office Suite’s predecessor in 2003 and, with his staff, has grown the virtual office/executive suite company ever since. He doubled the Champion footprint in 2012 when he expanded to a second space in the neighboring building.

Ronak Meghani

Ronak Meghani is a serial entrepreneur & eCommerce Consultant who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is a co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions and has been closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2010. He has helped 200-plus international brands for building/improving their online ventures in the area of UI/UX, development, launching, revenue enhancement, marketing strategy, magento development, eCommerce support and much more, and 90% ventures are generating very good revenue. He’s enthusiastic about start-ups, entrepreneurship, sports, home decor ecommerce, automotive ecommerce, gems & jewellery ecommerce, electronics ecommerce and all things marketing.

Rupinder Kaur

Rupinder Kaur works as SEO Analyst and passionate writer. She is currently all in works writing about marketing, technology and trends in accounting and tax.

Rustam Singh

Rustam is a tech content writer with more than 8 years of experience. Rustam is a post graduate in journalism & communications and has a byline in several major publications. He’s worked in several reputed newsrooms, digital magazines, newspapers and businesses as content management and editing. When he isn’t writing, he loves to trouble cats and lift weights.

S Krishna Raj

S Krishna Raj is a Content Writer who fabricates content on the latest trends in the IT space. He has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technologies. His other interests are Motorsports and Sustainable Technologies.

Saanvi Patel

Saanvi is a creative blogger and social media marketing manager. Her interest is in researching the latest technologies of social media, science and write about all kinds of topics in worldwide. In her free time, she loves to travel and reading fiction books.

Sabahat Akhter

Sabahat Akhter is the Project Manager for leading printing companies producing promotional advertising products. She has experience in Data Management and Products Quality Assurance. QA and large scale production workflows are her expertise.

Sachin Agrawal

Sachin Agrawal is an Enterprise Architect and heads up Business & Technology at Tarika Technologies. He carries expertise and a flair for writing on Management Consulting, Software & Analytics and Digital Media.

Sai Blackbyrn

Sai is known as the “Coaches Mentor”. He is a multiple-time #1 bestselling author and regularly writes for Forbes. Over time he has gathered a pretty big following in the personal development space – close to 6 million followers on Facebook, co-owning the 3rd largest business meetup group and managing LinkedIn pages with over 200,000 members consisting of coaches, authors and speakers.

Stanislav Krotov

Hello there. My name is Stanislav and I live in USA St. Petersburg, FL. I am is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology.

Saten Aghajanyan

Saten Aghajanyan has been working at Dexatel OU as a sales manager for over a year and is now a part of the newly-formed marketing team representing their recently-launched product SendSMS, which provides wholesale SMS services. Currently, she works as a digital marketer helping develop the brand name while simultaneously giving people full information about mobile marketing, especially SMS marketing. Before working at Dexatel, she volunteered for different organizations and large events.

Satyam Chaturvedi

Satyam Chaturvedi is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a full stack development company. He understands startups, enterprises, and their needs well. Apart from that, he is an expert in lead generation and inbound marketing. He has also handled marketing and growing operations. He loves to help businesses in improving their online brand visibility and sales.

Scarlett Watson

I am a professional writer and blogger. I’m researching and writing about innovation, Hybrid events technology, virtual events Platform, and the latest digital marketing trends.

Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews is a content creator at essay writing service UK. He has a knack for perfection which he is known for. He also writes blog posts and articles for He loves to travel, meet new people and learn new cultures. Apart from writing, he also reads a lot, which has made him knowledgeable about many fields.

Senthil Rajagopalan

Senthil Rajagopalan, President & Chief Operations Officer, In his current role, he leads the Marketing, Sales & Customer Success divisions. 

Shaheryar Sadiq

Shaheryar  provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing.

Shantanu Biswas

Shantanu is the founder and SEO expert of Page Potato, a digital marketing agency in Melbourne. Page Potato helps growing businesses boost their online visibility using smart end-to-end strategies including Facebook marketing solutions, lead generation campaigns etc.

Sharad Acharya

Sharad Acharya is a technical content writer at Ace Cloud Hosting, a renowned accounting and business application hosting provider. When not writing about the latest developments in cloud, VDI, and cybersecurity, he loves to watch movies and ride bikes.

Sharon Oatway

Sharon Oatway is the president of Verequest. She launched not one but two successful, full-service, virtual banking operations (before the internet, before CRM, before centralized bank processing) supported by contact centers, database marketing/analytics, interactive technologies, and ingenuity.

Sharon Winget

This is Sharon Winget, Staff Writer with GoodFirms, a review and rating platform of top IT companies & software. A tech geek at heart, I firmly believe technology can transform societies. I enjoy blogging about web design, email marketing, and content marketing.

Shikha Sharma

Shikha Sharma received a Master’s degree in Computer science and now she is working as Content Marketing Strategist at Xtreem Solution, being best IT companies. Her professional Interest is focused on grabbing Knowledge. She is very passionate about her profession. Apart from this, she is a coffee lover & nature lover. She loves to read books and also crazy about photography, travelling, adventure trips and pastel rainbows.

Shobhit Srivastava

Shobhit Srivastava is a content writer at MyEdu, a School Management Software company in India. He holds spectacular skills in education programs management, marketing, and customer retention.

Simon Morris

Simon Morris has written a unique and very interesting article on various categories such as Travel, Lifestyle, Health and currently associated as a blogger with various industries.

SK. Moinur Rahman

SK. Moinur Rahman is a digital marketing analyst at CloudApper which is an amazing No-Code Enterprise Mobile Apps Platform. He’s on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook and to make boring business blogs sparkle.

Snehil Prakash

Snehil Prakash is the Digital Marketer at CuteHR. In addition to marketing, he takes an interest in human resource management, business management, innovation, and startups. He’s all about reading, good coffee, and music.

Sowjanya Kodiganti

Sowjanya Kodiganti  has been working with various Technologies  for over two years. She is currently working as a Content Writer for Mindmajix. She wrote articles on the trending IT-related topics, including Angular JS, RPA, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, BluePrism, Python, Cloud computing, etc.

Sreejith Angamuthu

Sreejith is Digital Marketer and Blogger for the last 3 years. He has many specialties in digital Marketing ( SEO, PPC Manaintance, SEM ) and Blogging (Various Categories). Helping to generate leads and sales with unique Marketing skills and interesting blogs.

Stacey Shannon

Stacey Shannon is a freelance writer focusing on new web tech trends and a yoga enthusiast.

Stella Gary

Stella Gary has a weekly ritual: she makes a huge cup of coffee and spends an afternoon writing a blog post. She loves writing and hopes to convince students to improve their own skills through consistent efforts. Stella likes exploring educational systems and informing students about the newest trends.

Stepheny Jonson

Stepheny is a content writer at FeedFond. She’s a loving mother to her two children and is passionate about psychology and philosophy.

Sumiya Sha

Sumiya Sha is the author of the Flevy. She tried and developed lots of premium documents on business, presentation templates, etc. She developed a business training guide, and also encourages her readers to share their ideas and information about it.

Sunil Verma

An enthusiastic tech blogger with a creativity-mind and an entrepreneur in himself. His focus and passion adjoin for seeking the latest technological developments through UAE technician and at doorstep services. A content crafter who can enchant you with his ideas on home improvements. His love for blogging makes him an inventory and an influencer.

Sunny Chawla

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Uber Clone app company, which is a clone app Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by airbnb clone app Services.

Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking web development company USA. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

Tatsiana Isakova

Tatsiana Isakova is a Belarus-based content writer who authors in-depth industry insights, opinion pieces as well as reviews, and blog posts at The App Solutions. Tatsiana loves to stay au courant with tech trends which helps pack her copies with value and relevance.

Taylor Smith

I’m Taylor Smith, a blogger, writer and freelancer designer from America. I write blogs for people by giving review, guide on different – different niche.

Tetyana Ilchenko

Tetyana Ilchenko is a content writer and marketer. She is a persistent traveler and fond of education, web to print business, blogging, and marketing issues. Feel free to contact her on LinkedIn.

Thehasin Nazia

Thehasin Nazia is a blogger and SEO outreach specialist by day, and Vigilante Foodie by night, and a keen startup enthusiast.

Thomas Glare

Thomas Glair, who was a hiring manager in the past. The features he has talked about here are the ones he always looks at whenever he needs an applicant tracking system. He has even recommended tracking systems to other big and small organizations that have worked well.  He is currently working on gadgets and electronic reviews that will also be useful for HR.

Thomas Quarry

Thomas Quarry is a data scientist, real treasure hunter and self-employed online business owner who specializes in business management advice and business-to-business marketing strategy. He runs a blog that features business tips and has organized several large business conferences seeking to help small businesses find investment and maximize profits.

Thomas Simon

Thomas Simon is a freelance writer and productivity expert, reviews new productivity/monitoring software programs and apps. He has extensive experience in writing about various topics including technology, gadgets, social media, and digital marketing. Thomas writes articles for Monitask, loves spending time with his cat and reading books on how to be more productive and efficient. He is currently living in Portland, Oregon.

Tiffany Harper

Tiffany Harper is a highly skilled freelance writer and proofreader, currently she helps paper writers, where she assists clients who want to get assignment help. Being meticulous in his/her profession, he/she writes impeccable content across various niches.

Tiffany Porter

Tiffany Porter has been working as a Chief Writer at Online Writers Rating reviewing a variety of writing services websites. She is a professional writing expert on such topics as digital marketing, blogging, design.

Tim Waldenback

Tim Waldenback is the co-founder of Zutobi Drivers Ed, a gamified e-learning platform focused on online drivers education to help teens get their license. Tim founded Zutobi to make world-class driver’s education fun, affordable, and easily accessible for all.

Tom Wilson

Tom Wilson is a content editor and data enthusiast. When his nose isn’t buried in the latest sci-fi novel, you can find him spending time with his family, or in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Trudy Seeger

Trudy Seeger has been advising digital marketers for more than a decade, based on his own long experience with well-known brands like Iigers and others.

Tyler Wagner

Tyler Wagner is a leading best selling author who has created Authors Unite to help people become WSJ or USA Today Best Sellers. He has achieved this over 100 times with his proprietary process and hands-on approach.

Ulyana Paliychuk

Ulyana is a technology writer and creative thinker. She is passionate about technology & innovation that help visionaries get the most value from their undertakings. She is currently associated with Evergreen IT Development, Support & Service.

Usama Amin

Usama Amin is a technology web content creator and a cloud computing enthusiast working with a cloud computing solutions and services corporate.

Vaishali Badgujar

Vaishali Badgujar is a content marketer at Time Doctor, a SaaS time tracking & productivity tool for remote teams & freelancers. She is a content marketing expert & specializes in link building.

Vanita Arora

Vanita Arora is a marketing enthusiast currently working with Servetel – a renowned cloud-based business call management solution provider in India. Travelling, photography, and reading keep her rejuvenated.

Vardan Markosyan

Vardan Markosyan is the CEO at Less Platform. He spent decades of research and consultancy on business process optimization and system design.

Varsha Dutta Dusa

I am VarshaDutta Dusa, Working as a Senior Digital Marketing professional & Content writer in HKR Trainings. Having good experience in handling technical content writing and aspires to learn new things to grow professionally. I am expertise in delivering content on the market demanding technologies like Oracle Service Bus, SQL Server DBA Course, Elasticsearch, Jmeter, Kibana, ServiceNow HR Service Management etc.

Vasu Naman

Vasu Naman is the Founder and Director of Vyrazu Labs, a research-based development tech-company which has been featured in Nasscom 10K Startup, Smartfity 2018. Vyrazu Labs is working with Enterprises, SMB’s and Start-ups to improve their efficiency through the implementation of Digital Tools and help them to discover new possibilities and great outcomes in their business by doing constant innovation in the field of their business.

Victoria Daniel

Victoria Daniel is a social media expert and writer who is working in PixelGroovy. She is a regular contributor to well established IOT blogs and she has been into Internet marketing for two years.

Victoria Puzhevich

Victoria Puzhevich is a Lead Specialist at SCAND, a software development company. Having over 15 years of experience in the IT industry, Victoria is obsessed with all tech-related things. Her passion is to provide insights on the latest IT industry trends and help companies grow their business through technology.

Vincent Martinot

Vincent Martinot is a Managing Director of EurecaApps an App Development Company. They have developed different types of mobile apps for different Startups and business. He is an active writer and In his leisure time, he loves to write informative blogs on different aspects of app development.

Vishwa Deepak

As a content strategist and writer associated with Sagenext, I do more than just stringing letters together into words. My core competency lies in producing useful and amazing content related to technology trends, business, cloud computing, Quickbooks hosting, and finance.

Vitaly Kuprenko

Vitaly Kuprenko is a technical writer at Cleveroad. It’s a custom web and mobile app development company in Ukraine. He enjoys telling about tech innovations and digital ways to boost businesses.


Walter is a marketing manager at EZ Flood Restoration USA.he loves to write about Mold Remediation Services,Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel,Crawl Space Cleaning, Fire and Smoke Damage.

Yuvrajsinh Vaghela

Yuvrajsinh is a Marketing Manager at Space-O Technologies, a mobile app design and development company. To understand the trends, he often interviews in-house designers and developers.

Zain Ali Awan

Zain Ali Awan is a full-time blogger at The Odyssey Blog. He has successfully grown organic revenue by 74% in 5 months through better analysis of the website and with SEO Activities.

Zemlyakov Yuri Dmitrievich

Director of the Novomoskovsk Institute RHTU im. DI. Mendeleev, Head of the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting.

Sam Fitzgerald

Sam Fitzgerald is associated with Wordprax Ltd., a leading WordPress Development Company and handles all major wordpress development projects, PSD to WordPress conversion, HTML to WordPress conversion along with his team of designers and developers. As a hobby, I also write Technical Articles related to WordPress development to share my deep insights into this subject.

Sam Khan

Sam Khan is a Professional Digital Marketer at Code Creators Inc. A software development company in the USA that provides SharePoint development, Microsoft Teams, Power BI consulting, mobile app, SharePoint Online services, and more.

Samuel Mathews

Samuel Mathews is a 33 years old journalist residing in Manchester. He’s worked as an editor for NinjaEssays and even wrote his own detective story in the line of journalism. Samuel fancies learning new things and meeting different people. He also loves drumming, traveling and sports.

Sara Williams

Sara is a Content Writer at PeppyBiz. She is not only a creative writer but also paints a beautiful canvas. She makes sure that you are left with no doubt about keeping up with marketing and sales.

Sarah Emi

Sarah Emi, has an immense involvement with the IT industry trends, particularly in the site and portable application advancement and digitalize-based marketing. She composes on subjects that are previously mentioned areas in the above, and she views her future as one of the top-class writers in the IT and digital marketing realm that force her to give her 100% in the task of writing.

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I am Sandra from Talent Solutions and I am working under the team content writer. The fact is that I create online courses related. Our entire team is very passionate about Management Skills and we always strive to offer you professional, comprehensive info about any Business Management Skills. I encourage readers to share their ideas and tips too.

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Zubair is a digital enthusiast who loves to write on various trends including Tech, Software Development, AI, and Personal Development. He is a passionate blogger and loves to read and write.