An Ultimate Guide on AI Chatbot Software & Solutions

Chatbots are the most preferred option used by the consumers and internal teams to get a proper answer to the raised questions. Studies have featured that around 1.4 billion people prefer bots over human support agents to resolve issues. In fact, 77% of enterprises have already implemented the AI chatbot software & solutions to enjoy seamless customer experiences, while 60% are still in their toddler stage.

It is evident how rapidly the bots are taking over the human support system. Recent research has revealed that by the year 2022, people will be more interactive with the bots than speaking with the human partner. Don’t you find this FAQ tool impressive?

Before we move on to how FAQ chatbots succeed in gaining attraction, we would like to stay focused on what FAQ bots are! So let us have a look.

FAQ Chatbots

FAQ chatbots are rich with NLP capabilities and an enhanced knowledge base that keeps on updating itself by crawling the business information so as to deliver accurate answers in the intuitive chat interface. When incorporated with the RPA bots, the FAQ section makes the artificial agents efficient in providing the correct answers to the general questions. However, for tricky, complex questions, the bots themselves escalate the ticket to the live chat agents.

Let’s now speak about how the FAQ bots succeed in bringing extraordinary solutions to the doorstep. Probably, this will give you an idea about how and why the robotic process automation solutions providers are so in demand.

How do FAQ bots succeed in driving success for a business?

1. Personalization: FAQ chatbots are developed with high personalization traits. Just like you have a unique identity for your human agents, you can enjoy a personalized tone with your automated chatbots as well. The personalization of bots should reflect the brand image and create a solid attitude to draw users’ attention.

Personalized interactions often make the conversation more convincing. Be it, customers or employees, the bots turn up as if a human agent is connecting with the person virtually. This is something pretty delightful.

Different messages may have different styles to converse. For example, you can start with, “Hi, this is Eve! I hope you are doing well. How can I help you?” Such a personalized message often encourages the users to share their queries online and get them resolved in no time.

2. Multitasking ability: Have you contacted the quality assurance software provider for the chatbot’s quality? If not yet, you shouldn’t miss out on this! FAQ chatbots are excellent enough in performing multiple tasks. To ensure whether the bots are efficient in drawing solutions, measure their quality is pivotal.

The AI-powered bots are well-noted for providing customer and employee support solutions. However, they are primarily known for running great conversations between the users and the brand. Apart from the traditional setups, the bots are also responsible for driving sales into the marketing funnel.

From generating leads to bringing new prospects, encouraging cross-selling and upselling sales, bots can be utilized to improve the marketing opportunities of a business. Besides, you can even seek the help of this application to gain customer and employees’ insights, their experiences, behaviors, and interests. This makes the FAQ tool so alluring among other RPA software and applications.

3. Precise yet straightforward conversation: Human agents often tend to converse in a lengthy tone. They try to develop a few extra points that are not actually required to educate the user (whether a customer or an employee). That’s not the strategy of bots.

Chatbots seem to be simpler and more expressive. They use short and precise data to solve any query or an issue raised by the user. What makes the difference is they believe readers have no time to go through the lengthy content. Hence they come up with short, simple, and updated information.

Simple conversation attracts the readers more in comparison with lengthy informative content. This helps the business to focus more on engaging the prospective buyers than investing time in offering multiple solutions for a single issue or query at the same time. Being an entrepreneur, you just can’t keep your eyes off your AI chatbot software & solutions provider.

4. Seamless experience: Every business aims to have a seamless experience for its users or customers. Be it in delivering customer support solutions or managing the payroll and workforce, adding comfort and eye-catching experience to the business process is one of the primary objectives. Thanks to the chatbots and their robotic touch that have simplified the processes with an automated solution.

When integrated with automated bots, the business operations reduce the manual efforts and headaches that are pretty common with human agents. Even you get a great time to invest in other core competencies. For example, the experts find it hard to cultivate quality leads for conversions when it comes to lead generation. However, with the use of artificial agents, you can enjoy capturing leads without banging your head against the wall. Simply by having a few interactive sessions, the bots can draw in many prospects or lead to the sales funnel.

Two absolute features of Chatbots

  • Natural Language Processing: NLP or Natural Language Processing feature enables the artificial bots to understand the human language, recognize the users’ speech, and deliver a message in a personalized tone. Do you remember how bots are capable of conversing with the users naturally? All that’s possible because of the NLP-infused feature.
  • Machine Learning: Machine learning is a program that can deliver outputs based on the current and previous inputs. The program not just comprehends the inputs but even remembers the outputs, analyzes them thoroughly, and produces more accurate user responses.

These are the two most potent aspects of RPA based AI chatbot solutions. Make sure you gain a better understanding of this once you decide to have a chatbot experience.

Take Away

A huge number of enterprises praise AI chatbot software & solutions. Not just because they are customer-friendly, they even made their way to reach the heart of the teammates. Its conversational interface and multitasking ability have strengthened the need for seamless integration.

Usually, there are three major types of bots – Rule-based, AI/NLP, and hybrid. Make sure you have a detailed analysis of these variations before incorporating such a tool from a robotic process automation solutions provider.

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