iOS 15: Explore the New Privacy Features in iPhone

During the WWDC event, Apple officially unveiled this next generation iOS to worldwide users. In iOS 15, this renowned tech company has made significant improvements in its privacy features. Apple has added a bunch of new options to keep the user’s sensitive information safe and secure.

Moreover, Apple has made unparalleled contributions to deploying stringent privacy protocols. Earlier in iOS 14, users safeguarded their essential files with ClipBoard Access Notification. Along with that, in this IOS version, you get the opportunity to limit the camera and microphone access.

But, many users reported that companies like Facebook are continuously tracking their data. To remove such a data threat, Apple included exclusive data protection features for improving the user’s experience. On July 7, their developers revealed a feature – the “privacy” menu. With this feature, iPhone users can detect which apps are collecting the device’s information.

Additionally, there is also going to be an App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 15. Do you want to know which apps are using a camera or microphone? Consider going to the Privacy dashboard after switching from iOS 14 to iOS 15. You can opt for uninstalling the apps that are using a camera or microphone without your permission. Here are a few more essential features that Apple has designed for privacy enhancement:

1. Use the Mail Privacy Protection Feature

Do you send or check office-related emails from the iPhone or iPad? Then, here’s some good news for you! Apple has added a Mail Privacy Protection feature in iOS 15. It will restrict unauthorised users from tracking mail transferring activities. Moreover, online hackers won’t be able to access mail-related login credentials. Even the hackers can’t trace the user’s IP address or location.

Additionally, with Mail Privacy Protection, you can hide the click activities from the default Mail app. At the WWDC event, Apple confirmed that it had put an end to the mail tracking problems in iOS 15. And, this feature will benefit the individuals who are mostly involved in the email marketing business.

2. iCloud+ replaced iCloud

You must have an idea about iCloud, right? This iOS application’s prime purpose is to keep the downloaded media files or contacts secure in a remote server. And, recently, Apple revealed about iCloud+, which is coming with two new privacy features: “Hide My Email” and “Privacy Relay”. With “Privacy Relay”, iPhone users can safely browse through the internet without revealing their IP addresses.

Though this feature seems like a VPN service but works completely different from it. And, for using a VPN, it’s important to provide DNS-related information. But, for using Privacy Relay, you don’t have to share such details. It also uses two internet relays to protect the user’s information from internet servers. And, it ensures to enhance Safari’s SSL security for safe browsing.

With this new paid iCloud subscription service, generate email addresses while signing up to new websites. It will help iOS users to hide their actual email addresses from cybercriminals. So, access any websites without fretting over cyber attacks.

3. Check the App Privacy Report

In iOS 15, Apple has included an “App Privacy Report” option in the Settings section. And, this new privacy feature will let you know when the location, camera, microphone or contact permission were taken. Even iPhone users can check which applications have used third-party websites in 7-days.

With App Privacy Report, you can limit or modify the contact, camera or location permissions. Additionally, if someone secretly links malicious websites with cloud-0based apps, you can know that as well. So, use this feature and observe the changes that take place in the iOS apps after the iOS update.

4. In-device Audio Processing Added in Siri

Apple has added an on-device audio recognition capacity in iOS 15 for iPad and iPhone users. And, with this feature, voice assistants like Siri will direct the audio request on their iOS devices. Earlier, Siri used to record even unwanted audio after connecting it with the iPhone/iPad. This led to a major privacy concern for iOS users across the globe.

To resolve this automatic audio recording process, Apple thought about using on-device intelligence. Moreover, the users can now process the audio request even without an internet connection. You can change the system’s configuration or set the alarm or reminder on Siri with ease.

5. Get Keychain Verification Codes and Passkeys

Usually, the iPhone or iPad relies on Google’s Authenticator or other third-party apps to secure the websites with two-factor authentication. But, in iOS15, Apple has equipped a built-in authenticator code to protect the user’s sensitive data. Thus, you don’t have to further install any additional applications on iOS devices.

This iCloud Keychain feature uses a verification code to enable the end-to-end encryption option. And, Apple has also added an autofill feature to activate the verification codes on Safari.

Do you know what the purpose of the passkey feature will be? No! With this next-generation authentication technology, you don’t have to further use passcodes. Apple has already started working on this essential privacy feature. The developers might introduce “Legacy Contacts” to access a deceased person’s Apple ID. So, the passkey implementation will be useful to every Apple device user.

6. Relocate the AirPods with Ease

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to find the Airpods, especially when it’s far from the iPhone’s BlueTooth. But, now you can easily get them with the iOS 15’s “Find my AirPods” feature. But, this feature is only applicable for the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max users.

Make sure to enable the feature to locate the lost iOS earbuds easily. Moreover, the Apple device users will even get notification if they leave the AirPods somewhere. So, get the approximate location of the AirPods with this exclusive iOS 15 feature.

7. Enable the “Share Current Location” Feature

Do you want to share the current location without letting the developers know? Then, don’t forget to use this iOS 15 feature after the software update. Over the years, Apple has improved its location tracking features for iPhone and iPad users.

Earlier, the developers limited the background access with “Allow Once’ and “Approximate Location”. And, in iOS 15, Apple has introduced a new UI “Location Button” to share their location manually. This feature prevents the developers from further accessing the user’s location through an app.

8. Take Advantage of Private Click Measurement

Well, the potential cybercriminals can track the iPhone user’s web activity from the stored cookie data. Though, the majority of the individuals consider removing Safari’s cookies daily. But that’s not enough! With cross-app tracking, the hackers can breach the sensitive data that you have provided while entering into a website.

But, with this recently introduced Privacy Click Measurement, you can protect the browser’s cookie data. Moreover, you can now safely click on the pop-up ads without worrying about data loss scenarios. Apple has also added an “Intelligent Tracking Prevention” feature in Safari. It will help the users to enhance the iPhone owner’s online privacy. Keep your data safe from advertisers or site owners with this new iOS 15 feature.

What are the Other Privacy Features Apple is Planning to Introduce in iOS 15?

Apple had made certain changes in the Clipboard access of iOS 15. Along with contact details, or web links, you can now save sensitive information like email addresses or shipment tracking numbers.

Do you want to attach the bank-related information or flight number to the iPhone’s clipboard? Now, you can do that without any hesitation, and if any apps read this information, the users will get an instant alert. So, what are you waiting for? Update the iOS device and use these robust privacy features.

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