Top 11 Best Software Testing Companies

Today, software application has grown in complexity and size. The software product developed by a developer is according to the System Requirement Specification gathered during the SDLC. Every software product has its own target audience. For example, gaming software has its audience completely different from banking software. In gaming software target audience may be more interested in the look and feel of the software where as in case of the banking software target audience will be more interested and cautious about the software security.

Therefore, when an organization invests large amount of money in making a software product, it must ensure that the software product must be acceptable and usable to the end users or its target audience. This is where Software Testing comes into play. Software testing is not merely finding defects or bugs in the software; it is the completely dedicated discipline of evaluating the quality of the software.

During software testing it is one part to verify if the software meets software requirement specification at the same time software is also checked and verified for its functionality, usability, correctness, security, reliability and performance etc.

Purpose of testing is to unveil the defects in the software, so testing is a skilled job which needs domain knowledge of the system along with the testing domain. Tester needs to think from the end users perspective to evaluate the software during test cycle.

There are many approaches to software testing, but effective testing of complex products is essentially a process of investigation, not merely a matter of creating and following routine procedure. One definition of testing is “the process of questioning a product in order to evaluate it”, where the “questions” are operations the tester attempts to execute with the product, and the product answers with its behavior in reaction to the probing of the tester.

As software testing is required in every phase of the software development life cycle it has got a huge scope and huge employment opportunities along with good pay package so software testing is a good carrier option to opt.

Black Box testing

Black Box testing technique includes going through the specifications. Black box testing does not require to go through or examine the software code or program. Black box testing require to be done from the customer’s view point. The QA engineer or test engineer involved in black box testing knows only the set of inputs and expected outputs. He or she does not know how the given inputs are converted into outputs inside the software coding.

These Black box tests are very suitable to administer, since they use the complete finished software / product and do not require any information of its construction.

Black box testing technique need functional knowledge of about the product which tester is going to test. It does not require the information about the internal logic of the software of the system nor does it require the knowledge of programming language which is implement to develop the software or product.

How to implement black box testing method?

Software testing engineer need to test external functionality in black box testing technique, so that Software testing engineer need to find and list out proper set of tests that test the external functionality as much as possible. This test set or test data should uncover as many defect or bugs as possible. And this should be done in a short time as possible.

White Box Testing

Each software product is made by a set of program code. White box testing is a method of testing the external functionality of the code by inspecting and testing the software program code which realizes the external functionality. White box testing is one of the type of the software testing. There are many other terms for the white box testing such as, open box testing or clear box testing or glass box testing or gas box testing.

White box testing has to consider the program code, structure of the code and the flow of internal design.

Integration testing

Any system is made using multiple components or modules which includes hardware part as well as software part. Integration means the set of interactions between all these components. And to test the interaction between these modules and to test the interaction with other external systems is known as integration testing. Integration testing is one of the main type of the Software Testing. Integration testing technique begins when two components of the product are available and ends when all component interactions have been tested. The last round of integration including all component is known as final integration testing (FIT), it is also known as “System integration”.

Integration testing method is a type of testing as well as it is a phase of testing. As discussed prior, integration is a set of interaction, so all defined interactions between the components needs testing. The design and architecture can give the details of interactions inside system; but, user needs to have a detailed information and understating about how they work together, to test the interactions between one system and another system. This knowledge or information about interaction (or you can say, how the software or system or modules work together) is dependent on many modules and system. These different modules could have different ways of working when integrated or combined with other modules or systems. This creates complexity in procedures and in what should be done to realize this complexity, a phase in testing is dedicated to test these interactions, which results in evaluation of process, this occurring phase is called the integration  testing phase.

As integration testing is targeted at testing the interactions between modules, this testing has a set of methods and techniques.

Regression testing

Software is subjected to constant changes. These changes are required because there are defects which needs to be fixed or some modifications (called enhancements) to be implemented to the existing functionality of software or any new requirement  or functionality to be added to the software. Whenever these changes are implemented, it is required to make sure that:

1) These changes or modifications or additions work as designed

2) These changes or modifications or additions do not break the software which is already working and should remain in working condition.

Regression testing is implemented to serve the two purposes mentioned above.

Things to be remembered by the software testing team while doing Regression testing:

1) Make sure that the bug fixes resolves the defects they are assumed to fix.

2) Make sure that anything which is existing / working functionality does not break.

Selective re-testing method or technique is used while Regression testing is carried out. As soon as the defect are fixed, software testing team selects a set of test cases which is required to run, to make sure that the defects are fixed.

Impact analysis:- QA team has to find out the areas which may get impacted because of these defect fixes, this is called as impact analysis. Depending on this impact analysis, few more test cases are pulled to look after the impacted areas of the software. The technique or method is known as selective re-testing because testing technique concentrates on reuse of pre-existing test cases which is already executed.

In very rare situations new test cases are required to be written to look after some of the impacted areas. However, most of time regression testing re-utilizes the test cases which are available, since it concentrates on testing the functionality which is already implemented and gone through at least one round of testing.

Usability Testing

Usability testing is done from the users point of view. This testing type makes an attempt to describe the “look and feel” and usage features or usage aspects of a product.

Following factors support this statement:

1. “Look -and –feel” and Usability features cannot be objectively measured at all time because they are subjective in nature.

2. Definition of Good usability is person dependent and varies from user to user. Lets take an example, a developer or system administrator feels that use of command line flags is a good user interface. But an end user would definitely like to have everything in terms of GUI objects such as dialog boxes, menus etc.

3. User interface is an activity of design time. If the correct requirements are not gathered or if requirements are not translated into correct design, then that particular user interface will not meet the user needs.

For the reasons mentioned above, some people believe that usability cannot be tested, and it can only be validated. Irrespective of whether usability is a validation activity or a testing activity, following are some of the features of usability validation or usability testing:

1. Product or software is tested from the users’ point of view in Usability testing. It includes a set of techniques to identify the actual user’s interaction with the software or product.

2. Usability testing is used to check whether the product is easy to use for different categories of people or users.

3. By Usability testing we can to identity differences between the UI of software or product (user interface) and the human user needs or requirements, that too in terms of the satisfaction and aesthetics features.

By combining the above features of the different factors which determine usability testing, the common points are as below:

1. Ease of use

2. Pleasantness  and aesthetic

3. Speed

Usability testing considers the 3 aspects from the user’s point of view. Combining the above features, we can formally define the usability testing.

Conclusion from the above discussion:

1. A product has different types of user so if one user finds something easy to use it does not mean that another user will also find it easy to use.

2. Machines or computer used by different users are different. So if any user finds some software to be fast (considering response time) then another user may experience slowness. This is also caused due to variations of expectations of users.

3. One user may find software beautiful but at the same time another user might report it ugly.

4. Views expressed by two different person varies.


ScienceSoft is a QA and software testing services provider with 30 years of experience. The company’s service offer focuses on QA outsourcing and managed testing, QA consulting, and test automation.

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Application types:

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  • Data warehouse testing

Level of automation:

  • Manual testing
  • Test automation (UI, API, performance testing)


a1qa software testing firm offers software QA outsourcing, software testing services including web application testing and dedicated QA team creation.

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Performance testing:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • volume testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Stability testing
  • Configuration testing

Security testing:

  • Security assessment
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Pre-certification security audit
  • Static code analysis

Usability testing:

  • Workflows and interactions
  • Visual design

Compatibility testing:

  • Configurations
  • Hardware versions
  • Databases
  • OSs
  • Browsers
  • Servers
  • Display resolutions
  • Internet connection speed


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