7 Primary Features Of Messenger Chatbots That Assist In Automating Business

Chatbots or conversational virtual assistants are considered the future of digital marketing. Based on the studies, 89% of consumers prefer using these conversational bots to communicate with the brand and get their issues solved. Keeping this in mind, marketers have started investing in the integration of bots and automate the overall business. However, it’s the chatbot for social media platform that has gained a lot of importance compared to other bots integrated into the website and other messaging apps.

Wouldn’t you like to revamp your business with marketing automation solutions? Probably, the integration of bots and automated software like Omind Workplace will bring an ideal solution to your concern.

If you study the market, successful brands are much more inclined towards social media bots to automate their business. This is because, the bots have proved to be a time-savior and cost-savior at the same time, bringing high returns for the business without creating any headache.

Let us understand how Messenger chatbots can actually automate business operations.

How Messenger chatbots are responsible for automating business operations and achieving greater results?

Messenger chatbots, like other conversational bots integrated into a website or a messaging app, are designed to deliver proper answers to diverse customer queries. Whenever a customer gets trapped with a problem or needs instant help for a query, the bots stand upright to help them instantaneously.

The reason why Messenger chatbots are frequently utilized is – Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media platform that contains billions of active users every day. Even though many new social channels have arisen, people are still fond of using this channel whenever they look for new brands or want to communicate with them. Hence the use of Messenger chatbots!

Here, we will talk about the features of Messenger chatbots that have made them the best artificial intelligence solutions for the business.

1. Constant availability: A chatbot for social media platform is available to the customers and visitors whenever they needed. They serve the users without any break and that makes the conversational bot an all-time favorite for the customers and even the marketers.

Unlike human assistants, chatbots are more flexible in serving customers at any time. No matter what’s the time on the clock, the bots when integrated with Facebook Messenger leverage the business by automating customer support services.

Whether the Facebook users are looking forward to learning any query or solve an issue, the bots perform the job efficiently. The knowledge base of the bots is well rich with the blog links and answers to the common questions. Whenever any customer or visitor leaves a message regarding such things, the bot educates the audience by providing them with an accurate response.

2. Ease to engage prospects: like Messenger bots are well-engineered to engage prospects and improve the customer base by increasing the audience reach. As of the data collected from the 2019 survey on Facebook users, it is found 1.3 billion users are active on this messaging app. This gives a business a wide targeted audience to seek their attention and engage them with the brand.

Engaging visitors with a personalized pop-up message from a chatbot is pretty easier compared to the engagement strategies used by marketers through blogs and other digital marketing techniques.

Thanks to the emotional intelligence feature available in a conversational bot. It can sense the user’s intention, priorities, and demands, and provide them with an accurate response that pacifies their needs. This gives rise to customer engagement automatically.

3. Schedule appointments: Chatbots are powerful enough to schedule appointments and meetings for the customers. Gone are the days when prospective buyers need to go online or make a call to make an appointment. To avoid the rush and streamline the scheduling process, bots are introduced by marketers.

Chatbots can easily schedule the meetings and organize the overall process for both the marketers and their customers. They can simply accept and cancel any meeting based on the data loaded in their knowledge base.

4. Collect customer feedback: You must have witnessed how automated human resource management software provider like Omind Workplace is used to manage employees and gain their feedback. Social media chatbots play the same role when they are integrated into social media or any other application.

Facebook Messenger chatbots while conversing with the customers or prospects can easily collect feedback and share them with the marketing executives. Instead of running any survey or using an email marketing strategy, chatbots can handle the reviews exclusively.

5. Gain customer insights without forms: Another way chatbots automate the business is by gaining customer insights without using any kind of marketing form. This helps the business to capture quality leads that are noted for generating sales and high marketing revenues.

A chatbot for social media platform like Facebook Messenger finds it easier to reach out to a greater number of potential clients. While interacting with the customers or the prospective buyers, the bots can easily analyze the client requirements and their perspectives towards the brand. This is indeed a cost-effective approach to learn about the targeted audience and turn your business more customer-centric.

6. Marketing and selling products: When it comes to marketing and selling products, social media chatbots automate this as well. Other than educating the audience and solving their needs, the virtual assistants integrated into Facebook Messenger are also good at promoting the brand and selling products to prospective buyers.

Since the bots can understand the user intent, it becomes easier for them to convince them about any product and convert the leads into loyal customers. Ecommerce marketers struggling to increase their sales often find this concept business-friendly. They simply provide the bots with the product list and enjoy cross-selling and up-selling of products.

7. Use of FAQs: It is natural to come across several questions from different customers at the time of purchase. In fact, this shows how deliberately the prospects are looking for your products and services and are interested in your brand. To ensure the customers or prospects get to know their desired queries, a list of FAQs is lined up.

Messenger chatbots can easily automate the FAQs and deliver an accurate answer to the questions asked by the customers. Instead of navigating through the website, the users leave their request or query on the chatbot and expect to get an instant answer. Chatbots while finding a question go for intense research on the FAQs and bring the relevant answer. This provides a seamless customer experience, allowing more consumers to join the brand.

Final Thoughts

Every company is now craving to acquire marketing automation solutions so that they can experience a huge profit margin in the marketplace and stand out from the crowd. This is when they started investing in a chatbot for social media platform provider company. Unlike other bots, these social media bots are much more effective from a business point of view. The reasons behind this are already described above.

Anyone planning to redesign the business based on the latest trends and strategies should not forget about the involvement of chatbots. After all, customers and prospects frequently rely on these virtual assistants, so as to attain self-service options.

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