Streamline your Project Management Activities using SharePoint

A Project management solution is a standardized set of automated programs, integrated into a system within an organization. It helps solve issues such as distribution of project information in multiple locations and versions, forwarding status reports in e-mail, deciding on project schedules, network sharing traceability and audit trail or version control in organizations. Microsoft SharePoint can be personalized with a project management system to meet existing needs for the required project environment. It contains web-based tools for project management with activities like brainstorming, sharing lessons and continuous project improvement. SharePoint provides all capabilities for the document management needed for Project and Portfolio Management.

Project management in SharePoint provides lists and libraries for storing information as well as customizing and adding document content in any project. There are several features of SharePoint that empowers Project Management ability to be more presentable:

  • Microsoft SharePoint allows document versioning for project plans and requirements that needs to be revised and reviewed
  • Check-in/check-out feature prevents other users to make changes in the document and protects integrity of the project
  • Content approval feature creates special permission levels like full control, contribute, read-only and none; based on this users are prevented or approved for viewing a document
  • Automated workflow is used to automate human-based control approval processes
  • Visitors can easily add, edit and remove content through a site called wiki
  • Asynchronous or offline communication is possible with the help of discussion board
  • A document workspace is a temporary work area where documents are worked upon before going for publication
  • SharePoint alerts provide a convenient way of sending e-mail notifications of for project and its relative information
  • An interactive summary which joins, aggregates and manages whole project in terms of schedules and tracking can be created with the help of management dashboards. These dashboards are created using web parts to customize software components

The key benefits of Project Management in SharePoint include:

  • Centralized Project Information – offering a centralized platform for project information, such as contacts, calendars, resource lists, task lists, forms, templates and other important documents
  • Smooth Team Communication and Collaboration – meeting schedules, project announcements, proposal developments, request changes and informal project strategies
  • Streamline and Modernize Project Reporting – simple project tracking and status reporting

Microsoft SharePoint offers a great platform to build an infrastructure for any project management system. It reduces the difficulty that arises in maintaining project information and transfer of updates so that required actions can be performed efficiently. Managing projects with the help SharePoint as a tool is one of the best and most practical ways of performing project related tasks.

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