The Top 10 Legal Document Management Software Solutions for Law Firms

Document management, they say, is the framework of every law firms. As legal entities as well as private practices flourish, the need associated with managing massive amounts of legal records also rises. Gone are the days the you can do manual data filing and storing. Instead, most legal provider today typically employs electronic systems to manage the huge bulk of their published, archived and processed legal documents. Clearly, inefficient records management has proven to affect productivity and competence. In what way? For instance, you can waste valuable time looking for lost folders, sorting poorly indexed boxes and directories to find that particular piece of information or document or looking through stacked folders rather than doing more important things.

For legal professionals, the solution involves a well-designed records management system or what is officially known as the Electronic Document Management System (eDMS). Unsurprisingly, the system is a highly effective software program to effectively manage electronic files such as creating legal contracts, pleadings, reports to be modified and handled by lawyers and other people in the firm. There are numerous legal document software that you can make use of. You need only to find the right one that best suits you and your practice. A good place to ask for advice is through your local bar associations or their directories. It can also benefit you to find reviews and other related references online to narrow down your options. You can explore and use systems such as the GroupWise technology, PC Docs or the open source Epiware software and many others out there.

It’s best to give some thought to your organization’s size and the number of paperwork created and managed frequently before settling on a particular software. Other elements to consider are the office’s OS criteria and compatibility, lookup and archive functions and how to access records remotely.

The Pros of Using the Right Legal Document Management Software

It’s undeniable that the use of any document management software in legal firms can help small to major cases as this allows filing documents electronically. As a result, extensive look up of documents within a large digital network and immediate access is possible. Generally, a document management solution may involve a particular software paired with a computer system which is valuable in organizing and distributing legal reports for speedy usability. These software programs have influenced case management as of today. Their functions go beyond the customary file management as they are digitally compared to a paperless system with thousands of filing rows for document storage.

How about considering some of the advantages of using the system? For starters, placing an electronic system can demand a lot in the initial phase such as data entry and quality control but can provide ease of access later on. Second, investing in an ideal legal document management software shall yield long term savings. This can lower the file handling cost and can mean digitally applying labels and number instead of the manual stuff. Third, paralegal effort and time is certainly reduced as the staff no longer have to look for the reports, replace or edit documents by hand for the lawyer’s perusal. Alternatively, the process may simply involve sending out electronic copies and printing the files at your convenience. Fourth, safekeeping is also affected as this can mean reduced storage cost for onsite space. Finally, the use of these programs can improve lawyers participation and contribution as well as additional time for the legal staff. Overall, computerization changes in any organization may need time to take effect and these changes are essentially needed in law firms as they deal with report cases, binding documents and other similar materials on a daily basis.


With eFileCabinet you can experience business organized, automated, and accelerated. The leader in advanced document management software (DMS), eFileCabinet puts all your data right at your fingertips.

  • Work at the speed of thought, but without human errors
  • Automate redundant processes
  • Save space and money
  • Keep all documents and files in one place
  • Waste less time
  • Eliminate lost and misfiled documents
  • Work from anywhere
  • Facilitate compliance and ensure security
  • Improve customer service
  • Achieve a consistent file structure
  • Securely share files of any size
  • Control access and track files
  • Fast track document turnaround
  • Protect and expand your business
  • Maximize your performance


A document management system such as LogicalDOC can help your organization better manage business processes and put order in the chaos of documents every day run your business.

  • Case management solution
  • Storage and versioning of case files
  • Searchable files and paper documents written using technical specifications
  • Easy access to each lawsuit’s documentation
  • Ability to link data files to create larger case records
  • Ability to convert hard copy documents to searchable digital files using a scanner and LogicalDOC’s OCR capabilities


iManage software lets you access critical information from anywhere – even offline.

  • Increase lawyer productivity
  • Enhance quality of client service
  • Gain new insights
  • Improve governance and security
  • Mobile access for the modern lawyer


CosmoLex law practice management software is a fully integrated web-based or cloud-based legal practice management solution for attorneys and law firms.

  • Document Management – Safe, Secure, & Simple
  • Elegant Integrations with Market Leaders
  • Always Available Search & Retrieval
  • Automatic Version Control
  • Bank-Grade Security


MyCase is the most intuitive, affordable all-in-one case management software solution law firms trust to run their businesses at peak efficiency.

  • Stay organized and on top of your documents
  • Retrieve important case documents instantly
  • Integrate MyCase with Dropbox
  • Ironclad document security


AODocs lets you securely manage your documents and workflows, ensure compliance, and build business applications in G Suite.

  • Streamline the way you create, send, and sign contracts
  • Automate records management and ensure compliance
  • Protect sensitive legal documents


LEX247 is an all-in-one, enterprise grade law practice management software that helps you capture more time, bill faster and get paid on time.

  • Manage All Case Files And Documents In One Place
  • Legal Knowledge Management
  • Secure access anytime, anywhere
  • First Grade Office 365 Integration
  • Native Add-ins for Microsoft Office
  • Works Perfectly with your existing Solutions


PracticePanther is an easy and secure law practice management software for lawyers worldwide.

  • Stay in sync
  • Collaborate
  • Share
  • Safe and secure
  • Powerful integrations
  • View from any device
  • Edit from anywhere
  • Track changes
  • Protect your files


Address legal and compliance issues, manage information, optimize processes and minimize cost and risk with Legal solutions from OpenText.

  • Create and manage legal content
  • Automate business processes to improve efficiencies
  • Manage eDiscovery activities associated with litigation, investigations and regulations
  • Lead information governance, security and compliance initiatives
  • Leverage data for meaningful understanding


Easy-to-use, secure and affordable cloud document management software turns your office paperless.

  • Sharing With User Groups
  • Approval Workflow
  • Notifications & Audit Trails
  • Metadata and File Linking
  • File Versions
  • Reminders
  • Powerful Search With OCR
  • Inbox
  • Roles or Sub-Accounts
  • Mobile Friendly DMS
  • Local Backup Too
  • Safe & Secure

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