BPO Services: Types, Function & Benefits!

Business Process Outsourcing is a common term these days! It is quite astonishing to witness the sheer growth of BPO services in the past two decades. Any business struggling to provide any service can easily outsource to a BPO Company, to get the situation under control. Where there was no option for a struggling business to recover from the bottom before, BPOs brought hope.

Having said that, not just struggling business sectors but established companies may also choose to outsource depending on their requirements! In a way, a BPO Company is capable of providing multiple services, and businesses can pick and choose from its vast possibilities. BPOs also provide temporary services based on temporary projects. They are known to customize services as per the client’s requisition.

What are the Different Types of BPO Services?

Call Center Services are capable of providing a variety of services. It is important to classify the different services offered by BPOs. Thus, based on the purposes the services are used, it is categorized into Inbound and Outbound call center services. Though both the services cumulatively look at the progress of business they operate differently in certain ways from one another.

Inbound Call Center Services

Call centers are generally referred to as sectors that attain or make outgoing calls. Inbound call centers are the ones that handle the incoming calls. These calls are mostly from customers looking for some solution about the company’s products or services. Customer Service Outsourcing is a major part of inbound call centers.

However, other than customer service, help desk services, indirect marketing, lead generation, surveys, market analysis is among other things that inbound call centers do. An inbound call center is not expected to deliver instant results but build a good reputation and loyal customer base that would help the company going ahead. The inbound sector is thought to be the backbone and offers stability.

Outbound Call Center Services

Outbound call centers typically handle outgoing calls. They are in charge of calling potential customers in order to sell products and services. These employees are chosen upon their interactive skills and convincing power. Mostly, Call Center Services are hired based on their ability to increase revenue from direct sales, in short, to earn instantly. This naturally surges the demand for outbound call center outsourcing.

Outbound call centers generally provide services like direct marketing, co-registration lead generation, event management, sales call management, and other similar services that amount to direct revenue for the company. Any company looking for an immediate turnout can rely on outbound call center services.

There is another way to classify different call center services. They are respectively, the voice and non-voice processes. These are literally differentiated for the processes they use.

Voice Process

As the name suggests, the voice process is referred to any call center service that uses verbal communication between two parties. This can be most call center services, which use voice calls or messages. Phone Answering Services are considered to be voice processes. Customer services mostly use voice process. This is because of the quick response it demands from the employees.

Non-Voice Process

On the other hand, the non-voice process uses written or other such methods to converse with their clients. Lately, the non-voice process has garnered much importance due to the viability of internet services. The internet and social media have cumulatively have put much emphasis on chatting services. Other than that online surveys and Customer Service Outsourcing through chat services is the new trend for most online sectors. It gives the clients time to explain and understand the call center executive.

General Functions Provided By BPO Services

A BPO Company can do quite a few things and most are skilled with multiple functioning to serve different business requirements. As mentioned before, call centers can perform multiple tasks. However, there are a few services that are outsourced more than others.


Advertisement is considered to be an important tool for most businesses. It helps showcase company products and services to a much larger audience. The thing about advertisement is that it has to be attractive enough to intrigue clients. Traditional advertisement has been part of the business module for a very long time. However, now, online advertisement both audio and visual demands a lot more attention. Both paid and non-paid advertisement is valuable to any business sector.

Customer Service

Customer service is an integral part of call center outsourcing. Having said that, it is one of the most important services in terms of retaining clients! Customers may face issues or have queries regarding the purchased products or services which are resolved by the customer care executive.

Naturally enough, it helps the company in maintaining a loyal customer base. Phone Answering Services are often customer care services. It helps in customer acquisition and customer retention.


Like advertisements, marketing is also an important tool for business to market their product at the right place to the right people. Generally speaking, marketing is classified into two categories:

  • Indirect Marketing
  • Direct Marketing

The difference is in their individual approach to the clients. Direct marketing has no layers and bluntly approaches its clients while indirect marketing works alongside other popular services.

Lead Generation

All the marketing and advertisement, done in the name of the company, is bound attract a few interested people. These interested audiences are considered as potential leads to businesses. Lead generation services are designed to find out useful leads from the data collected over a certain span of time. Co-registration lead generation is another popular type of lead generation. This is mainly seen in online or market surveys, where incentives or samples are distributed to peak interest even more.

Benefits Of BPO Outsourcing

A business can learn and gain a lot from outsourcing to a BPO Company. Apart from the obvious benefits of using their resources for the company’s own services, BPOs, directly and indirectly, help in establishing a business.

  • The first and foremost thing to consider for outsourcing is the cost-effectiveness it allows. BPOs offer financial and technical support along with the human resource. Other than that, outsourcing also shares the risk.
  • Advanced technology is an important thing for call center activity, but it also costs a lot. Call center outsourcing allows the company to have access to the latest technology without having to pay anything from their pockets.
  • Providing human resources for the company is in itself a huge task. However, after hiring potential candidates training them also takes a lot of money. A BPO company also helps training the staff and put them in the right place to work.

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