Top 10 Best Campaign Management Software, Platforms, and Tools For Digital Marketing

You may be wondering what campaign management software is and how it can change your business ventures or strategies. If so, you’re in luck. As any marketing professional can tell you, the advent of new technologies is complicating the world of marketing at a surprising rate. Marketing channels that didn’t exist fifteen years ago are now almost requirements for a business to be successful in today’s world. It is becoming vital to take control of your virtual presence and update your company’s social network pages often. Having the ability to orchestrate all channels to complement each other and reach your core group of clients or customers would save you time, money, and a lot of work.

A campaign management software will be powerful and accelerate the entire marketing process, so that you can promote your brand effectively and generate maximum marketing penetration to target your key demographics, and even a few niche aggregates if possible. The software will be user friendly so that it truly does make the process a breeze. It will also be safe and secure against hackers so that your clients can feel safe trusting you with their information and to protect your interests as well.

At the end of the day, the lifeblood of a business is money, and optimal campaign management software will have the power to help you get an impressive return on your investment and help you generate more sales by retaining existing customers and converting prospects into paying clients. Putting the information you need in your hand by providing real-time result data will help you make quick changes to campaigns which will save you from continuing on with a flop.


Really Simple Systems campaign management tool helps you manage and track your marketing campaigns and record the data directly back to your CRM.

  • Manage all your marketing campaigns and group multiple campaign stages together
  • Create detailed database lists and segmentations to filter your contacts for different campaigns and sub-campaigns
  • Fully integrated with your Sales CRM so you can track your leads and opportunities and attribute them to campaigns
  • Generate new leads using web forms to automatically capture your contacts’ data to the CRM and setting follow up tasks
  • Set automated marketing campaigns to keep your contacts engaged with regular messages
  • Monitor and measure your customer open rate, click throughs and engagement, keeping track of your ROI


AdRoll ad campaign management tools enable brands to run effective digital campaigns across marketing channels. Maximize your marketing ROI with our powerful suite of management tools.

  • Your digital campaign management tools
  • Actionable insights lead to results
  • Learn from your customers
  • Understand which channels work best for you
  • Get to know your audience
  • AI technology builds value with each campaign


CrossCap’s marketing calendar and management software helps you plan, execute, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • With the marketing calendar planning campaigns and tactics is simple
  • Setting up briefs for campaigns and tactics with workflows for review and approval
  • Linking all supporting tactics to campaigns
  • A campaign calendar outlines all supporting initiatives across time


Simplicity Campaign Management enables marketers to create and execute multi-channel campaigns using Email, Social Media, SMS, Surveys, Competitions, Dynamic PDF and Direct Mail.

  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Campaign Portal
  • WeChat
  • Survey Engine
  • Social Media Integration
  • Advanced Automated Email Marketing
  • Actionable Insight
  • Workflow
  • Vouchers, on pack codes and competitions


Sugar Campaign Wizard simplifies the development, execution, monitoring and management of CRM campaigns to boost their effectiveness.

  • Build detailed views into campaign effectiveness across marketing and sales stages
  • Define campaign routing and approvals to ensure visibility, alignment and execution across your organization
  • Benchmark campaign effectiveness to quickly identify what is working and what is not delivering the results


Extenda Retail Campaign Management is a streamlined, intelligent campaign solution, tailored to simplify the way successful retail campaigns are managed.

  • Combination discounts
  • Purchase price discounts
  • Personalisation
  • Sales price discounts
  • Customer connections
  • Pricing
  • Depot / Store connections


OnContact CRM Software campaign management empowers you to execute highly targeted, multi-phased marketing campaigns that nurture customer relationships.

  • Manage and evaluate marketing campaigns across multiple channels from one application
  • Analyze campaign effectiveness, statistics and ROI using our powerful reports and dashboard
  • Target campaigns to deliver personalized marketing messages to your target audience
  • Automate processes to nurture relationships and more effectively move your leads through the sales process


Q-nomy lets you run a synchronized multi-media campaign, utilizing different customer interfaces, using customer profile information to personalize content, and providing full closure of the sale cycle by providing agents with sale-tips.

  • Increase in-store marketing impact, by matching contents to customer profiles and current needs
  • Increase sales by providing sales-support information to agents, enabling synergy between spoken messages and marketing campaign messages


Campaign management is easy with Adobe Campaign. You get marketing tools for email, search, mobile, video, and more in one comprehensive interface.

  • Learn from experience
  • Amplify your marketing campaigns
  • Improve your multichannel marketing
  • Offer management
  • Campaign reporting
  • Email creation


Agile CRM’s campaign management tools let you automate sales and multichannel marketing campaigns, process leads, and analyze your results.

  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Email Campaigns
  • Multichannel Campaigns
  • Lead Processing
  • Automated Deal Creation
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Add Tags and Notes
  • Add Contacts to Live Campaigns
  • Campaign Reporting and Analytics

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