Why Magento Extension Development is Actual?

Magento is an open source system that allows you to easily write a plugin or a new module. The programmer can expand the capabilities of the product by independently creating a specific solution necessary for solving the problems of a specific business. In addition, the engine is based on PHP – a programming language that opens up a huge number of possibilities and tools to improve the performance of a resource.

When creating large projects in e-commerce, the main pain for developers will be the project’s resistance to the influx of a large number of visitors. The larger the project, the more buyers will visit it; the more visitors, the more powerful the resource should be. This CMS is the undisputed leader in this matter.

Despite the complexity of the PHP language, there are more and more developers on this engine. With each new version, the system becomes more comfortable for developers and friendlier for beginners. The huge Magento community will help you with any complex task, and the forum itself has a huge number of custom modules that have been created by other programmers. In addition, new versions are presented with new tools that simplify the development of an online store in Magento.

Already in the base assembly there are modules that are important for the start, which will allow you to start the project faster. In addition, the library has a huge number of additional modules to expand the functionality of the project and scale it. You can improve the product immediately or gradually, when it is relevant to you. Most professional developers recommend their clients to develop an online store on Magento, as it gives more opportunities and prospects. However, we recommend finding a ecommerce development company that has created many projects on this CMS, as this guarantees you ready-made, but custom, modules with adaptation to the needs of the domestic market.

Opportunities are manifested not only in modules, but also in technologies. In particular, the latest version 2.3 supports PWA technology. Progressive Web App is one of the biggest trends in information product development for 2021. It allows you to transform a website into an application without having to write new code or create a mobile version.

Only the basic assembly has multilingualism, multicurrency, filtering, and in addition, the CMS offers additional extensions and options for customizing the interface. The advantage is that the system box already contains all the necessary modules, which allows you to develop something in Magento in a matter of months. In addition, all extensions and modules have already been adapted for search engines and there is no risk of creating a template resource that neither a search robot nor a potential client will like.

In each new version of the system, we receive improvements in security and data protection. New modules protect the resource from bots and additionally protect the data of your customers, and security has long become an important criterion for buyers when choosing an online store. In addition, the CMS offers functional management and analytics tools. This is an excellent solution for large projects where you need to track the movement of products, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analyze the work of staff, and much more.

Summing up, we can say that magento extension development opens up many new possibilities and allows you to quickly and easily create unique products. That is why the program is so popular and relevant today.

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