Benefits of using Microsoft .NET application development

The .NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive platform for .Net application development which hosts a plethora of features blended with a visually stunning user experience. It also provides seamless and secure communication, and the ability to replicate a huge range of business processes.

The .NET Framework consists of:

  • Common Language Runtime – Provides an abstraction layer over the OS
  • Base Class Libraries – pre-built code for low-level programming
  • Development frameworks – reusable and customizable modules for high level programming

.NET and SharePoint

SharePoint eases out the learning curve for .NET application developers. SharePoint is built entirely on ASP.NET and hence uses the same framework, languages, class libraries, and development tools. Many of its out-of-the-box features are great for developing or customizing effective business collaboration platform. SharePoint enables users to connect with each other through formal and informal business communities. These communities might be within the enterprise and beyond and access rules are defined as well to manage content on the enterprise level.

.NET and Windows Server 2019 R2

Sophisticated web and server applications can be built and run with the .NET Framework along with Windows Server 2019. ASP.NET can be used for dynamic websites while IIS can be used for scalable hosting environment which will be secure enough too. Both ASP.NET and IIS can be used to build applications quickly.

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and message queuing is essential to make sure that the application you created can communicate as and when required.

.NET and Windows 10

Whether you are targeting consumers or Web users, Windows 10 provides the sleekest and ultra-modern look for a well-connected experience for developers. You can enlist support of more than 17,000 partners worldwide. There are developer support programs on offer too like BizSpark, Logo Program, and other ISV/Developer programs.

.NET and Windows Azure

The Windows Azure platform includes Windows Azure, an operating system as a service; SQL Azure, a relational database in the cloud built; as well as Service Bus and Access Control Service, a Web-based service providing connectivity for cloud-based applications. The Windows Azure platform ensures that you can stay focused on application logic which is similar to other Microsoft applications. Get your .NET application development process up and running without worrying about building and managing your own infrastructure.

.NET and SQL Server 2019

Deliver database applications swiftly using the SQL Server data platform and the ever-reliable .NET Framework. Effective Data-centric solutions can be created for mobile devices, Web servers, and enterprise servers too. What’s more, SQL Server is at the core of this comprehensive .NET application development framework!

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