Tools in Network Administration – Materials and Applications for the Network Administrator

Being a network administrator involves a lot of complex work. The types of problems that they deal with may involve a few workstations to the entirety of a networking system. It is apparent how for every type of problem that they deal with, there can be different approaches for a solution. For instance, there might be a worker from the sales department who will be complaining about a slow Internet connection or they might be asked by a company’s management to upgrade every workstation in a computer network onto the latest version of a certain kind of software. To be able to perform these tasks in any type of scenario, they depend on different tools in network administration to ensure the success of a project or operation. There is a wide array of tools to choose from and it will be up to the network administrator to make use of the one that will be most efficient for the situation presented.

Tools in network administrationcan vary greatly in nature. For instance, there are tools that are free, while there are others that can be really expensive. In addition, there are applications that can run on portable devices and do not require too much time for set-up. On the other hand, there are also tools that will take several weeks to be installed.

As already mentioned earlier, there are a lot of network administration tools to choose from. Coming up with a list wouldn’t be recommended due to the variety of these tools. Hence, it would be best to classify these tools and applications and elaborate several examples.

Network Management

Network management involves procedures and tools used to maintain and administer computer network systems. It is concerned with the efficiency of data transfer channels across the network.

Here are some examples of network management tools:

Network Security

Network security is important to protect the integrity and operations of computer networks. There are a lot of threats posed against different aspects of computer networks such as viruses and data programs.

To keep an eye on these attacks, network administrators make use of security tools such as the following:

Network Backup

Network backup refers to the preservation of data in a computer system. Such an action is important to any business since unforeseen failure in equipment can occur. Typically, businesses and organization take this measure as a regular part of network maintenance.

Here are some of the tools used for network backup:

It is easy to tell that network administration involves a lot of work, considering the number of tools used to ensure that all a network’s operations are fully functional. The applications mentioned above are just a few examples of the vast number of tools available. Without a doubt, tools in network administration are essential for every network administrator to manage and monitor various computer network systems.

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