Top 18 Best Corporate Performance Management (CPM) Software

A corporate organization has to go through tough competition for its survival. There is in fact no respite for its employees who work really hard to establish and maintain the top position of the company. Therefore there must be some tool incorporated in the system that helps in assessing the performance of the company and provides scope for its improvement. This is where the corporate performance management software comes in use. The software is specially designed to measure and manage the performance of a corporate firm. Earlier a company’s performance was assessed in terms of checking whether it has met the objectives and targets in its strategic plan successfully. With time new technology has emerged by dint of which corporate enterprises now use employee performance management software to keep track of its activities.

Business enterprises have been commonly using performance management systems to monitor, measure and manage their business. They have come to acknowledge and appreciate the benefits of corporate performance management software that combines improved business processing applications, business intelligence software solutions, and pre-built business specific analytics. A well designed management software helps in increasing productivity, control costs, and improves the overall business performance. The skillful strategies planned with the help of the software are brought into action together with the resources of the enterprise. This leads to sharing and distribution of information across the organization.

The primary objective behind the development of the performance management systems is to measure and examine the performance of the entire business enterprise. The management software addresses the requirements of the company, reporting its financial records with confidence and aims at meeting the management reporting needs. The business performance management software utilizes modern technology in terms of operating applications to extract both financial and operational performance. A company can manage and optimize its performance including the performance of its employees with the help of the advanced employee performance management software that offers appropriate solution to your most specific needs. The needs can necessarily have industrial or functional role.

The business performance management solution serves to provide a systematic and integrated approach to the improvement of the overall performance of the enterprise. The management software links the business strategy of the company with the core activities and processes. The management systems in an enterprise help in planning, budgeting, analysis, and reporting that enhances the potential of the organization and empowers its management decisions. Well-planned corporate performance management software uses strategic management planning and budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, and financial reporting to execute the financial management processes across the entire organization. It also takes care of expense management by controlling employee spending. A company enforces policy compliance and appropriate administrative tasks to save money, reduce possibilities of risk, and improve productivity.

The new age corporate companies are equipped with business performance management software and analytic applications that integrate easily with the existing enterprise applications. These applications help in presenting actionable information pertaining to specific industries and business functions.


Adaptiveinsights financial planning software helps thousands of companies improve their business financial performance.

  • Elastic Hypercube Technology
  • World-class security
  • Open to all systems
  • Non-stop innovation


Gain a Single Version of Truth and perform any type of data analysis across the entire organization, making the most all in one BI&CPM..


  • Cloud or on-premise
  • HBMP
  • Granular security
  • Server Clustering
  • Multi-language
  • HTML 5
  • Single logical view of corporate data
  • Data Connectivity


  • Drag and drop analysis
  • On-the-fly calculated metrics
  • Time awareness
  • Drill anywhere
  • Drill back to source systems
  • Drill through
  • Analytical Functions


  • Real-time Modeling
  • Multi-user concurrent data entry
  • Advanced data entry
  • ERP database write-back
  • Simulation
  • Reverse Algorithm
  • Mobile data entry
  • Commentary and file attachment

Business Modeling:

  • Workflow
  • Business rules
  • Scenarios and Versions
  • Excel Formula into reports
  • Adaptive Aggregation


Align your teams with the world’s most intuitive, data-driven OKRs platform. Now with Employee Experience to truly optimize productivity and growth.

  • OKRs seamlessly integrated with your favorite apps
  • Yes to automated progress updates
  • The only right way to run OKRs is… your way


The next generation of professional services automation (PSA) software. Gives organizations a competitive edge by providing project management, time tracking, business intelligence, help desk and invoicing tools in one place.

  • Managed service providers & IT solution providers
  • International software companies
  • Value-added Resellers
  • Professional Services


Transform your business with Prophix corporate performance management software for budgeting, forecasting, planning, and reporting. View our demo today

  • Move Beyond Excel and Drive Performance
  • Simplify and Automate Financial Processes
  • With Cloud or On-Premise Deployment, We’ve Got You Covered


With powerful and intuitive FP&A software, Vena redefines how companies manage their budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting.

  • Shorten budget cycle time while maximizing accuracy
  • Predict short and long-term revenue with greater accuracy
  • Make better decisions faster with real-time insights
  • Prepare regulatory reports you can trust ahead of schedule
  • Shave days off your financial close process


Host Analytics provides a scalable, cloud-based platform for finance teams to automate planning, consolidation, and reporting processes.

  • Automate planning to drive budgets, forecasts, and success
  • A consolidation system to achieve one complete view of your company
  • Financial modeling software that connects operational models, financial models, and your financial plan
  • Management, ad-hoc, and financial reporting from your single source of truth
  • Visualize your data with self-service, interactive dashboards


Centage provides companies with powerful automated budgeting and financial forecasting software with the Budget Maestro software family.

Intelligent Planning:

  • Collaborative Planning
  • Improving Visibility
  • Formula-Free Financial Intelligence
  • Connecting to GL, ERP, CRM and Other Relevant Data Sources


  • Building a Driver-Based, Flexible Budget
  • Financial Consolidation
  • Workforce Planning
  • Revenue Planning


  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Cash Flow, Balance Sheet & P&L Forecasting
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • Scenario Planning

Reporting & Analytics:

  • Performance Dashboards
  • Management Reporting
  • Self-Serve Analytics
  • Drilling Down into Report Data
  • Variance Reporting


Unleash the potential of your people by energizing performance management, fostering professional development, and helping you seize all the moments in between.

  • Performance reviews
  • Real-time feedback
  • Check-ins
  • Goal management
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Trust & security


Jedox Enterprise Performance Management Software streamlines budgeting, forecasting, and planning across all departments.

  • Flexible Software Platform
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Intuitive ExcelPLUS
  • Best-in-Class Performance
  • Rapid Time to Value
  • Innovation for Mobile & Social
  • Granular Data Governance
  • Fair Pricing


Dasher’s expert engineers solve critical tech infrastructure challenges. Hardware, software, partners, solutions.


  • Defending your domain
  • Guiding your path
  • Earning your trust
  • Eliminating your vulnerabilities
  • Bulletproofing your network
  • Safeguarding your data
  • Saving your budget

Enterprise Networking:

  • Connecting your world
  • Scaling your business
  • Building your infrastructure
  • Testing your network
  • Supporting your mobility
  • Networking your campus

Cloud Services:

  • Evaluating your options
  • Migrating your operations
  • Leveraging our relationships
  • Securing your applications
  • Streamlining your operations
  • Increasing your efficiency
  • Speeding your transformations
  • Growing your business

Data Centers:

  • Moving you ahead
  • Evaluating your assets
  • Integrating your operations
  • Scoping your requirements
  • Grounding your ambitions
  • Maintaining Your Resilience
  • Leveraging your investments
  • and More.


Drive sales performance & productivity. Robust scorecard & KPI tracking, effective gamification, actionable coaching sessions, & more – all in one place.

  • Forecasting shouldn’t be a guessing game
  • Give your reps a reason to hit their number
  • Ambition integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Develop your reps into better salespeople


Quantrix mission is to provide powerful on-premise and cloud software to replace traditional spreadsheets for professional business and financial modeling.

  • Unparalleled Calculation Performance
  • Next-generation business modeling platform
  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Build on the best
  • By Your Side
  • Model with big data


Simplify your budgeting, planning & forecasting by using Kepion’s CPM and EPM Solutions.

  • Build Powerful Data Rules without Coding
  • Data Preparation
  • Visual Planning
  • Process Tracker


OYB’s Corporate Performance Management software solutions are used by some of Australia’s best known companies.

  • Strategic and “What if” Planning and Budgeting
  • Management and External Reporting
  • Rolling Forecasts and Cashflow Projections
  • HR and Capex Analysis
  • Scenario Processing


Enable the reporting, analysis, functionality and collaboration missing from your IT systems.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Optimised Functionality
  • Fully Exploited Data


Mereo has platform and consulting services and is responsible for generating value by improving business and people performance.

  • Available in 7 language
  • Team focused in a custom experience
  • Integrations with several systems and ERPs
  • Mobile app and desktop to give you mobilit
  • All information through complete reports
  • Setting and follow up with no stress
  • Flexibility to align the platform to your processes
  • Safe system with several protection layers


STR develops BIM software, construction project management, and cost control and budgeting software solutions like STR Vision, for the construction industry.

  • Import and manage public price lists
  • Import and manage price lists of manufacturers and suppliers of components
  • Prepare and define bills of quantities and relative cost analysis (possibility to integrate CPM with your ERP)
  • Do Quantity Take Off
  • Manage specific indirect costs & mark up as well as automatically update your estimate
  • Generate and customized reports

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