SAP Hybris, Ecommerce Solutions

One of the emerging leaders in the area of digital commerce or ecommerce is SAP Hybris. SAP Hybris, through the omni software and solutions platform, facilitates and streamlines the ecommerce process for business to business and business to customer users. The company was founded back in 1997, on the cusp of the digital boom, in Germany by a group of friends attending university. When the company was first launched, the field of ecommerce was still looked at by many as something that lacked solidity and regulation and would not last for many years. Initially, the company made prepackaged software that was boxed and shipped to clients, usually small to medium businesses. This all changed with the Dot Com crash in 2000 and the company had to adjust its product line to suit the changing of the times. Hybris did not balk at this necessary change but instead embraced it, shifting their creative processes and products to a different focus. This shift entailed creating products for larger, global businesses that traded around the world, mainly using the internet as the main tool of trade.

SAP Hybris, What They Do

With methods based on the delivery of state of the art management of data that relates to every aspect of the varied processes your business goes through, SAP Hybris is the software you need. Using SAP Hybris software and solutions will unify all of the systems conducted by your business in the course of its ecommerce dealing, whether business to business related or business to client related through digital or physical channels. For the more technically inclined, SAP Hybris makes multichannel enterprise software as well as product content management software. Through use of SAP Hybris software, your business will create a strong, possibly the strongest connection with clients, via the constant and consistent provision of above satisfactory interaction and experience for the client. It is well known that a satisfied client is a returning client and one that also returns with friends and send on referrals. Satisfied customers develop long lasting and deep relationships with your business, generating increased profitability.

SAP Hybris Affiliates and Partners

SAP Hybris is a partner with a great many partners globally, driving their businesses on to even greater heights. Based in Germany, the majority of SAP Hybris partners and affiliates are also German based, but there are also more than a few placed elsewhere in Europe and in the United States. SAP Hybris rates its partners according to Platinum, Gold and Silver standard and just a few of these partners around the world are as follows:

  • Netconomy
  • Osudio
  • Digital Media Center
  • Accenture
  • Exc.Io
  • Namics AG

These are just a few of the platinum class partners, merely a small sampling of the over two hundred business partnered with SAP Hybris globally, bringing the best in business to business and business to customer software and relations.

The SAP Hybris Integration Processes

A major key to attracting and retaining customers, whether in a physical store or via e commerce, is performance that is consistently ranked as above average. To achieve this mark, customers must feel like they are getting the VIP treatment with personalized service, service that is fast and efficient and service that leaves them feeling satisfied having spent their hard earned money with your company. While physical sales teams can be trained to ensure that they deliver this perfect level of service to the customer every time, it is less easy for an ecommerce business to achieve this as often, most of the customer to business interaction comes via the company sales website. This is where having the best ecommerce platform available will change the face of how customers interact with your business. SAP Hybris offers a platform that is ahead of the competition and provides the utmost in business to business and business to customer interaction. The SAP Hybris ecommerce platform can markedly improve your business solutions in the following ways:

  • Web Content Management – SAP Hybris Omni platform allows for business owners to have control over all aspects of their webpage design and deployment. Business owners will be able to build their own pages using the software, manage new pages in detail to ensure maximum reach and benefit, modify any existing pages with ease and create web pages that speak to customer needs and wants without clutter or difficult navigation.
  • Experience Enhancement – Using SAP Hybris omni ecommerce software will enhance the experience from both customers and businesses your company interacts with. SAP Hybris platforms offer options that allow the user to deliver content that is highly targeted, relevant and related to exactly what customers need and want. The best way to build links and loyalty with your customers is to offer an experience that is personal and satisfactory. With SAP Hybris you can ensure that every customer feels like they are the most important shopper you will see every day.
  • Efficient Search and Navigation – SAP Hybris software and solutions allow for efficient and uncomplicated search and navigation options. Whether you, the business owner is scouring the web for products or services to offer clients, or the client is browsing through your library of products and services, the process will be smooth and streamlined with SAP Hybris. Navigation is uncomplicated and clean, leaving no confusion or distaste for end users.
  • Scalable – whether you own a small business or are a global giant, SAP Hybris has options with its omni software for you. The capabilities and options of the SAP Hybris software can be expanded with little to no complication, allowing for peak sales periods to be handled through the platform with minimal stress to end users. As your business grows, so too will your ecommerce needs. With SAP Hybris, you are covered, regardless of how global your business becomes. The software comes with multi language and multi currency functionality, among a host of other options built in to not only take your business to the next level, but ensure you get the same SAP Hybris quality service when you get to that next level.
  • IT Empowerment – SAP Hybris omni software solutions allow for flexibility and a release from IT department control. The platform is easy to use and simple enough that you need not be an expert in the field of IT to setup or use the software. The power to model, edit and interact with your ecommerce management tools remains right at your fingertips. Eliminate delays or loss of time though differing interpretations by handling your ecommerce activities yourself using the omni platform.
  • Build Linkages – using SAP Hybris software can connect all of your online communities, allowing for maximum reach throughout all of your networks. Linkages can be created, customers sourced from readily available groupings and business growth can be conducted by harnessing the power of your online groupings.

Benefits of Choosing SAP Hybris

Businesses and their customers will realize many benefits from choosing to purchase and make use of SAP Hybris ecommerce software. Gains, savings, increased customer interaction, a streamlined set of processes and so many more benefits accrue to your business when the simple upgrade to SAP Hybris software solutions is made.

  • Time Savings – SAP Hybris offers an all in one software that can replace older outdated packages that do not offer the full scale of services you get with SAP Hybris software. Not having to resort to different platforms when dealing with different clients or businesses saves much time and effort. SAP Hybris integration with existing platforms also saves time and effort as the transition is seamless.
  • Cost Savings – SAP Hybris Omni multi channel software solutions are a one stop tool for all the processes your business engages in. You will not need to purchase additional software as SAP Hybris as a function for all aspects of a sale, from the purchase order to a supplier, to the tracking and delivery to a customer. SAP Hybris technology integrates seamlessly with existing technology so there is no additional cost to integrate or merge the software.
  • Increased Customer Interaction – SAP Hybris software promotes uncomplicated processes dedicated to customer interaction. With less stress and greater ease of use, customers will rate your business higher than the competition and keep returning to do business. Increased customer interaction means more revenue and thus more profit for your business. SAP Hybris allows for greater personalization of customer interaction as well. With service that speaks directly to them, customers will feel more at home doing business with you and will report greater feelings of satisfaction.
  • Greater Control – Sap Hybris software gives the user greater control over every aspect of the business processes. At all times, you have control and can track and process data to make quick decisions on real time regarding sales, inventory and other facets of your business. SAP Hybris analytical tools put the power back into the hands of the business owner, in a manner that makes it easy to make decisions based upon findings, regardless of whether the owner has a technical background or not.

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