Top 7 Best Small Business Management Software for Efficient Work

Business seekers will definitely think about some software to take control of self owned business in order to manage everything smoothly and accurately. As business grows in future you need to get hold of a top class, latest technology software that will help produce effective solutions for the business. It is practically impossible to handle everything and take care of day to day transactions manually. Even if your company or business is supported with hundreds of people, managing every day work is a tough task. You may be the owner of some small scale business in the field of Information Technology, computer supplies, every day products, or appliances. Someone may be dealing with food products, eatables, kitchen appliance, electrical products, readymade garments, garden equipments, or even raw material. Individuals can be service providers or simply consultancy firm owners.

For any kind of business, service providers, industry sectors, or anyone, it is essential to keep a track of daily sales, transactions, deliveries, orders received, materials dispatched, sales, and bills, and all account details. For very small scale business owners with limited employees, it might be simple to handle everything manually. But you definitely expect a growth in business sooner or later. For professional, long term business management, any business owners need to take support from business management software for sure. Market is filled up with varieties of business management software sets that can be utilized by business owners. As per the type of business and its size, perfect software can be selected. Decision making, handling of daily transactions, accounting procedures, sales, purchase, goods coming in, goods sold out, new stock, services offered, money transfer, and everything can be handled by the software sets.

Business owners can invest in such business management software and save some cash for future. Such investments are truly worth paid for considering long term growth and developments. Customized software sets can be easily created by business owners with the help of software developers and other such service providers. Business owners usually like to manage everything about customers and business done with them. Some of the popular business management software sets with this respect include the client server application sets, custom applications; website based software sets, and lots others.

Why business management software?

For more than a single reason business owners utilize business management software sets these days. The popularity and utility of such software sets have increased in recent years as it is simple to take care of self business effectively and accurately with some advanced technology application, instead of doing it manually.

  • Firstly business owners can take care of the business in better ways and with les number of employees with software.
  • It is practically possible to save lots of time towards handling everything manually when it is managed through some software.
  • Lots of time, efforts, manpower, energy, and rush around can be saved when some software is installed.
  • All transactions can be taken care of faster than expected with business management software.
  • It is simple to search for records through database stored in the software and revert back as per needs.
  • Small scale company or business owner can turn out to be big business with the support and accuracy of business management software.
  • Your business is set up with a definite aim of growth, income, development and success. All this is possible when software is used to take care of major transactions of business.
  • Usually business management software is web based and thus it is simple to handle day to day work with just a personal computer around and net access.
  • With a single application it is possible to generate records, create reports, documents, quotes, orders, invoices, time records, projects, calendars, schedules, and lots more.
  • All leads can be simply converted in to sales in accurate manners and projects can be easily tracked.
  • Workers hours-of-work can be managed easily and customers can also be tracked online with the help of software.
  • Just make sure to utilize licensed software, and rest will be taken care of by the software itself.
  • With simple user interface and advanced usability, all small scale business owners can take care of business and aim for becoming bigger.

It is simple to locate perfect software for your business through online sources. Business owners will be pleased to see all available options and latest software sets. Business owners feel like secured and safe to carry out business with the help of software. No need to spend more money in purchasing such business software. Any web based business management software will take business to higher aims and make it appear automated. Business management software is basically handy for all small scale business owners willing to upgrade business in less time.

Learning the Terminology

The purpose of finding and implementing the right Business Management Software is to ultimately manage your sales, customers, employees, vendors, inventory and all the paperwork associated with your business in an inexpensive, yet powerful manner. That can be a difficult process if you don’t understand the language used to describe the features and functionality of what you are buying. Like anything today that is technical, acronyms abound and cute buzzwords multiply at an alarming rate.

Below you will find a few of the most commonly used acronyms and terms. The intent is to give you at least a beginning idea of the meaning behind the letters and phrases.

  • SCM stands for supply chain management. This is what you use to manage your inventory. The SCM should help you control how the goods get to you, how you store them and/or turn them into your product, and how you get the finished goods to customers. This part of the business management software will help you deal with suppliers, manufacturers, your retail stores, wholesalers, warehouses, distributors and other steps that wind all the way down to your end user or customer.
  • PRM signifies partner relationship management. This term is used to describe a business strategy whereby a company works very closely with vendors and other business partners to increase supply chain efficiency.
  • ROI is return on investment. This is a mathematical equation that helps companies determine if they should make an investment, or what the return on an investment has been. This equation estimates the financial benefit of spending (or spent) money.
  • SME indicates small to medium enterprises. These initials are used to indicate all small to midsized businesses that will generate less than $100 million per year.
  • SSL is used to describe the secure sockets layer. This data format was developed by Netscape. It is used to transmit private documents over the internet.
  • TCO or total cost of ownership is a monetary equation used to figure the total amount of a system. This would include the cost to implement and maintain the system over its entire life. When utilized within the computer industry, the costs might include annual support fees, hardware and software upgrades, hardware repairs, and training. It might also include hiring a person or two to manage the equipment and training for you.
  • VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This is how users would connect to a private network or an ISP, remotely. In other words, at work you may have dedicated access to your business database, but while you are at home there is a way for you to log-in remotely and access the work database. This would be accomplished by using a VPN. Utilizing a VPN establishes a secure connection.
  • WAN stands for Wide Area Network. This is a data or data and voice network that connects separate locations. Often a business will be able to utilize a company dialing plan over the WAN. This means that you could dial, say four digits, to reach locations in other cities or states. Besides tying the voice systems together, it also allows the data network to be connected.
  • XML or Extensible Markup Language is a language used to author or build websites or applications used on the web. It is used to design the appearance of and signify the relationship between data. There is speculation that one day XML will replace HTML as the standard language used on Web applications.
  • Bandwidth is used to describe the amount of data that can be transmitted during a specified amount of time. Usually the time is expressed in seconds, for instance – kilobits per second. This term is normally used to refer to the transmission speed over dedicated circuits, networks, or dialup phone lines.
  • Best of Breed is used to describe the best is a defined category.
  • Database Replication is a process that allows multiple copies of the same database to be distributed across several servers on a network. This is often done for backup or disaster recovery purposes. It can also be used to speed up processing.
  • Data Mining is a term used to describe the practice of extracting information from a data warehouse. This is done to analyze relationships or trends.

This is a start to understanding Business Management Software and the specific terminology that can sometimes seem like a foreign language. In order to find the best software for your business you must learn this language and apply the definitions to your particular industry. Among the terms and acronyms you will find that some of them are used to describe the network supporting your software. This is an important component when it comes to implementing the software and ensuring that it works the way you need it to.

Business Management Software Packages

Business Management Software can come in an all inclusive package or the software can be solely dedicated to one aspect of Business Management.

An all inclusive Business Management Software package is often specialized by type of business. For instance a retail management package would include different functionality than what is needed for warehouse management, small businesses, or any other business field.

Generally, management software offers some or all of the options for accounting and inventory control software. The management package often includes a point of sale, billing, and invoicing package that might even incorporate a web-based shopping cart option.

Other package features might include an email software, contact manager, time and attendance, and task scheduler options. There are payroll and document management system features available. Depending on the business management software that you utilize you might get all of this feature functionality or just a few of these options.

Software integration

Depending on the size of your business and the package you choose, the software solution may be able to integrate all processes. Information can be fed into your software package from inventory management, sales from the web or a physical storefront, purchasing and shipping. An all-in-one software management package will help small and medium sized businesses control all aspects of your company and allow you to boost productivity.

Accounting and Finance

All businesses need some type of financial software. Companies need to report taxes, make payroll, manage their expenses, and collect money from their customers. In choosing a Business Management Software, make sure you talk with your accountant and understand what your specific requirements are. The more visibility and control you have over where the money comes from and goes, the better off a company will operate.

Supply Chain Management

Companies who manage the supply chain with business software can keep just the right amount of product on hand. This feature functionality will allow businesses to efficiently control their inventory, streamline the invoicing and sales order processes, and improve their vendor relationships by managing the procurement procedures.

Managing Customer Relations

Keeping your customers happy can be a fulltime job. With the right Businesses Management Software you can have customer histories at your fingertips. Utilize the features available to enhance your marketing programs and sales efforts. The available tools in many packages will help companies increase customer satisfaction and generate additional revenue opportunities.

Point Of Sale

Having the right Business Management Software will allow companies to interface their point of sale hardware with new technologies. Many packages will allow integration with customer relations packages to track awards programs or frequent shopper information. Reduce data errors and generate the necessary reports to know how your retail organization is functioning at any given time.


Business Management Software today needs to address online sales and marketing efforts. Features should offer the capability to build an effective internet sales portal. The shopping carts or Web storefronts should be fully integrated with your inventory software or the supply chain information. Companies should be able to track their web sales on a real time basis.


All businesses need some features of business management software. It is important to understand your business tracking and reporting needs so that you can get an all inclusive package that meets your needs, or develop several stand alone packages into the right combination to meet your company’s requirements.

There are often industry-specific applications available as add-ons to standard packages. Make sure you ask the software provider about the particular needs for your business. Often software providers will have optional modules that are designed to provide specific solutions for each industry or type of business.

For instance, a small web-based business doesn’t need the point of sale options, but they will need a more robust eCommerce solution.

As you research software solutions for your business, make sure you understand the hardware needed to run the solutions. Can you do everything with your own computers or do you need to utilize the software provider’s mainframe? If you have to use the provider’s mainframe, do you have to pay a monthly or annual fee to do so?

Some software companies offer an option that includes them hosting the software, managing the technical aspects, even installing the software, training and running your reports. All of this is done for an initial upfront charge and an ongoing monthly fee that may be less than buying all the equipment, training and caring for the software over time. Understand all the costs and options involved with the Business Management Software that you choose.

A last consideration is how the software company handles upgrades. This is a changing world and technology and functionality can change almost overnight. Ask the software provider how they handle upgrades to their Business Management Software.


Scoro is an end-to-end business management software solution for professional and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks.

  • Project management
  • Work scheduling & time tracking
  • Financial management
  • Crm & quoting
  • Reporting & dashboard


Knack is a free business management software, built for small and large companies. It’s easy to use, and designed for business productivity, accounting, team communications, and more. Our Forever Free plan lets you use Knack for your business with no limitations!

  • Accounting
  • CRM
  • Projects
  • Automation
  • Team Collaboration


Business management software with top class invoicing, accounting, inventory and crm with projects in a a super intuitive single platform that suits every business.

  • Invoice Software That Saves You Time
  • Detailed CRM Insights Let You Close More Deals
  • Human Resource Management
  • The Online Software That Automates Your Accounting
  • Project Management Software That Gives You Full Control
  • Inventory Management Software That Gives You Full Control On Your Business
  • Your online calendar
  • Manage your files from the Cloud
  • Your B2B Online Catalog


Blue Link provides all-in-one Wholesale and Distribution ERP Software with integrated Accounting and Inventory Management for Wholesalers and Distributors.

  • Accounting Software
  • Inventory Control System
  • Contact Management & CRM
  • ERP Software with eCommerce Integration
  • Hosted (Cloud) & On-Premises (In-House)
  • Barcode Inventory Management


Khaos Control is cloud-based ERP software with powerful stock control, CRM, order processing and integrated financials.

  • Pick Pack Despatch
  • Dashboards
  • Order Management
  • Payment Management
  • CRM
  • Inventory
  • Customers


Everything you need from projects and tasks to proposals and invoicing, all in one intuitive and deeply customizable platform. No more multiple subscriptions and juggling between apps.

  • Manage your Projects and Tasks
  • Painless Time Tracking
  • Professional Invoices
  • Stunning Proposals
  • Feature-rich Inbox and Live Chat
  • Powerful CRM


EBMS has the tools you need to control a large inventory, sell your products quickly, and manage labor and financials.


  • Distribution and Inventory
  • Supply Centers
  • Equipment Sales and Service
  • Auto Parts and Accessories
  • Mechanical Contractors
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic, and Fluid Power
  • Trailer Parts & Truck Upfitters
  • Manufacturing and Kitting

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