Emergence of SharePoint services in India for the BPM Industry

SharePoint 2010 is ideal for business process management because of its extensive set of features. Nowadays, offshore SharePoint services from India deliver tailored solutions for various business processes today.

If you are already using Microsoft SharePoint especially for document management and ECM, business process management is something you would be interested to explore. SharePoint services provided by Microsoft partners in India offer innovative solutions related to BPMS, delivering astute process-oriented ideas according to workflows required. The right tool is essential in this regards. SharePoint is actually not a BPMS tool but a content management tool which includes comprehensive features to support advanced business processes. It can be integrated with other Microsoft solutions such as Info Path, Visual Studio, Visio, Outlook and the like for enhanced performance.

SharePoint has matured incredibly over the years to become a full business process improvement solution. Microsoft SharePoint’s widespread adoption has been extremely beneficial for all types of companies since Microsoft partners can be found in almost all locations throughout the world. The strong ecosystem especially boosted by SharePoint service providers in India has been a driving force to encourage the solution in the industry. Organized information is another reason while organizations have shown an increased interest in SharePoint’s incredible workflow capabilities.

Leveraging SharePoint for Enterprise BPM

In many organizations, the adoption of SharePoint has been unplanned which has resulted in some problems for those organizations. Inadequate workflow processes and severely disorganized content has the company to revamp its IT strategy. This is especially because of inefficient or newbie SharePoint vendors who lack the experience and expertise to implement SharePoint as a BPM solution.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 improves business processes in many ways especially with the new graphical process modeler tool which includes new workflows. However, an astute and typical offshore SharePoint service provider in India can help you design and deploy extremely complex business processes beyond the workflows which are available. Also, these providers would even deliver seamless integration services for SharePoint to combine with other Microsoft tools including SharePoint Designer, InfoPath, and Visual Studio.

Business Process Management is usually natural extensions of automated workflows. Automation of document based processes is important but do the processes make any sense to the business purpose.

Some of the key business benefits of extending SharePoint as a BPM solution are:

  • Facilitates development of enterprise-wide workflows
  • Enables centralized process management and analysis
  • Makes business processes flexible and manageable
  • Improved return on investment factor
  • Improves overall productivity of an enterprise
  • Easy process and workflow management through automation of business processes

But efficient implementation of SharePoint capabilities as a BPM is only possible if done right by your SharePoint implementation partner. Offshore SharePoint partners in India need to be hired after a thorough check on their experience and expertise, for best results.

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