The 10 Best Features of SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 includes many cool features for business users which enhances the existing system by several notches

The SharePoint 2013 builds on the foundation of previous versions and is scheduled for release in early 2013. Here are the top 10 features of SP13 in no specific order.

1. Cloud First: SharePoint has been a part of Office 365 for some time but now SP13 promises a complete experience of the cloud with several enhancements.

2. The Newsfeed: Incorporating the best from Facebook and Twitter, the Newsfeed option is the pivotal part of SP13’s social strategy. SharePoint 2010 required an external component for accessing its social features. One can now build the network, follow several colleagues and post newsfeed from various levels of the organizational hierarchy.

3. Communities: The ability to create communities is one of the most important features of SP13. One can get a group of people to collaborate about a topic and share views, opinions and suggestions. The feature resembles Discussions since it is the expanded form while also encouraging expert communities.

4. Cross-site publishing enables sharing of content across diverse sites, applications and even different farms. One can help companies to create new forms to the public site and access the intranet simultaneously.

5. The Search features have received a major upgrade and FAST Search has been integrated with the main SharePoint search which has enhanced the search feature in diverse ways including Search for conversations, videos, reports, and in-page previews. It also has the features of context sensitive sorting, filters and of course, APIs.

6. SharePoint 2013 Apps: SP13 now has its own apps in the form of web applications which can be added to the system for use within SharePoint. It is not like the concept of web app in a web part but the new model offers some advantages. Users can now have greater control on apps and one need not install them for users.

7. Simple project / task management: The new team site in SP13 template has the ability to manage simple projects, tasks, deadlines while maintaining an ideal structure for a project team. One can regulate timelines with the projects too.

8. Enterprise eDiscovery: The basic requirement of an ECM is a secure and efficient eDiscovery mechanism to conduct searches efficiently and across all information silos.

9. New Usage Analytics: SharePoint analytics is being replaced by search analytics and usage analytics which would provide a detailed view of all events and also has the facility to add custom events with tracking feature.

10. Better support for digital assets: There is absolutely no need for an individual special media library for digital assets in SharePoint 2013. One can integrate audio, video and other rich media to the library easily with the help of an efficient SharePoint 2013 implementation vendor.

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