Debunking 10 Popular Myths About Virtual Cloud Phones

Technological advancements have replaced big and chunky phones with pocketable mobile phones. And that tech wonder, which seemed like the invention of the century, was turned obsolete by more powerful and feature-rich smartphones. But who would have imagined the SIM Card, the indispensable tool behind the mobile telephony services, would eventually get superseded? But with virtual cloud phones on the rise, that’s truly being the case here.

Virtual cloud phones provide many features that you might not get in a regular physical phone, making virtual phones a better option for businesses. These phones are being a blessing for people who need to travel to different places for their work. To use virtual cloud phones, all you will need is a good internet connection.

What is a Virtual Cloud Phone?

A virtual cloud phone, also known as cloud telephony, uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), a communication platform that operates via the internet. Unlike standard telephone service, a cloud-based telephone system is hosted by a third party. This virtual phone system is better than the physical phone system because of its flexibility and compatibility.

You do not require copper wires attached to your landline phones or a proper telephone network to make or receive calls. Here all you will need is a good internet connection, and you are ready to make or receive calls from anywhere around the world.

The most interesting thing about VoIP Phone is that you do not have to worry about your location to make phone calls related to your work or your personal calls. You can make calls, send SMS, MMS, drop voicemail, share numbers, record calls, and much more with Virtual Cloud Phones.

Benefits of Virtual Cloud Phones Services

Some of the benefits of virtual cloud phones services that you must look at are:

  • Virtual cloud phone services help to reduce communication expenses.
  • Provides way more features than regular physical phones service providers.
  • Ensure security of business communication.
  • Setting up a cloud phone service is much easier; you can do it with just a few steps.
  • Allow you to change phone numbers on this phone service provider.
  • It helps to enhance business collaboration.

Debunking Popular Myths About Virtual Cloud Phone

Even though virtual cloud phones have many benefits, people are still reluctant to use this system. The reason behind the reluctance of people not to try cloud phones is because of their myths. There are many myths about virtual cloud phones; here are the top 10 popular myths about virtual cloud phones:

1. It’s Expensive

The most common misconception that people have towards virtual phone systems is they are expensive. With the number of features provided by VoIP phone services, people usually assume it might be expensive.

However, people forget that you will not need any infrastructure to install this phone service. Virtual cloud phones only require a stable internet connection to make phone calls. Making calls through VoIP services will reduce your business communication expenses by up to 65%. Since businesses are always trying to reduce their expenses, they make their moves towards Virtual Cloud Phone systems.

A regular telephone service provider will require you to pay an extra amount for making international calls. But with VoIP services, you do not have to pay an extra amount for international calls or call recording.

2. Lack of Quality

When people hear about making calls through the internet, the first thing that crosses their minds is the quality of phone calls. Usually, people believe that calls that are made through the internet are unstable. Only if your internet connection is unstable, the quality of your calls will degrade.

Only for a certain factor, internet connection quality will affect the VoIP call quality; however, it is totally false that virtual cloud phone quality is low. If you use an internet connection with more than 100Kbps, you will get the best quality of phone calls, which is much better than traditional phone calls.

Virtual cloud phones adapt to your internet connection and give you the best quality of phone calls. Moreover, virtual cloud phones have echo and noise cancellation features which help to improve the sound quality of phone calls.

3. Cloud Phones Lack Security

When the topic is about communication over the internet, communication security is always a question. Yes, communication over the internet indeed increases the risk of hacking, spoofing, fraud activity, and so on. But, cloud-based phone services provide strong encryption, which ensures the security of your communication.

With cloud technologies, you do not have to worry about someone eavesdropping on your conversation or your conversation getting leaked. VoIP service does not require you to install a firewall or PBX for the security features. You can get advanced security features in VoIP call services which make this myth just a myth.

4. Does Not Work Like Traditional Phone

The next myth about virtual cloud phones is it does not work like traditional phones; however, it is a myth. Virtual cloud phones provide similar features as traditional phones. In fact, there are more handy features in a virtual cloud phone when compared to your typical desk phones and mobile phones.

Virtual cloud phones provide phone numbers similar to traditional phone numbers. You can record calls, drop voicemail, call transfer, and many other features like a traditional phone.

Unlike traditional phones, you do not need to be within a certain geographical region to make calls via virtual cloud phones. You can get many features in a virtual cloud phone, which makes it better than traditional phones.

5. Cloud-Based Phones are Unreliable

This point is connected with our points number 2 and 3, which lack quality and security. Reliability is what people question when they hear about internet communication, and the question of quality and security also makes virtual cloud phones unreliable among new users. Also, the next reason why people think Cloud-based is unreliable is they feel they cannot use it everywhere.

But it’s just a myth as mentioned above. The security and sound quality of virtual cloud phones are strong and dependable. In a similar way, virtual cloud phones are available anywhere where there is an internet connection. Virtual cloud phone services like KrispCall virtual cloud phone systems can manage huge numbers of calls, making these services most reliable.

6. Virtual Cloud Phones are Only For Big Companies

Whenever people hear about virtual phone systems, they think it’s extremely expensive and only for big companies. Well, virtual cloud services are for everyone; it’s not just for big companies. Since cloud-based phone services help reduce the communication expenses of users, it’s suitable for every business type and for people who travel a lot.

With cloud-based phone services, you can easily add and reduce the number of users, and you will not need technical expertise to use it. Likewise, you can do more with few investments, making this phone service suitable for businesses with low resources.

7. It’s Difficult To Set Up

You might agree how frustrating managing wire and networks can be in physical phones. But at the same time, when people think about installing virtual cloud phones, they start to think of the same chaotic situation. They think you will need to follow lots of steps to install and use the service; however, this is not true.

When you think about how cloud-based services work, then it can be complex, but using cloud-based phone services is extremely easy to use. You need to download the app that provides cloud phone services, select the price plan, and be ready to use the service. Thereby setting up virtual cloud phones is difficult is a myth.

8. Not Widely Used

Anyone new to cloud phone services or who has just heard about the cloud service provider usually thinks it’s just for big companies. And some even think it’s not reliable and is not widely used by people. There might be many reasons why people believe that people do not use cloud-based phones, but if you look at the users of cloud phone users, the data can surprise you.

As per data, the users of cloud-based telephone services are mushrooming, and by the end of 2024 cloud-based service market is expected to rise by $194.5 billion. The growth of the cloud-based phone service market in the year 2020 was around 24%.

9. Cannot Change Phone Number

You will get a phone number similar to the real phone number using cloud-based phone services. According to your business needs, you can choose different kinds of numbers like local, national, international, toll-free, and shortcode numbers. Many people might not be aware of number changing feature of the cloud-based phone, which lets you change your phone number.

Physical phone service providers allow you to change phone numbers, but you need to physically go to the service office, but with the cloud-based system, you can virtually change numbers. You can even port your existing physical phone number to a cloud-based number. Therefore, not being able to change phone numbers in cloud-based services is a myth.

10. Does Not Support In Apple Devices

The last common myth that we have is cloud-based services are not supported in Apple Device. Many people think that cloud-based services are not suitable for IOS devices. Most of the time, when people hear about cloud-based services, they think it’s only for Android devices.

But, cloud-based phones are compatible with all devices, and you can install cloud-based phone services with your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, iPads, and tablets. Hence, cloud-based phone services not being compatible with IOS devices is a myth.


As of now, cloud-based phone services are new for people, and they believe that it’s not for them. But slowly, as the myths go away, people might use this kind of phone more than the traditional PSTN phones. So it might be just a matter of time that cloud telephones will overtake traditional phones.

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