Top 8 Scheduling Apps For Business

The scheduling app helps individuals and businesses of a wide range of industries for smooth operation since it enables them to properly manage by tracking the employees’ time, creating and maintaining the schedules of employees.

Read this article till the end to know about the top 8 scheduling apps for business. Such apps also take the load of assigning workers their tasks and the proper shift. It also eliminates the fault of double scheduling a team member for the same shift.

It would keep a check that you won’t schedule an employee for the position they lack qualifications for. Through this app, you can ensure that the scheduling is done for every shift into their required department along with the proper modifications. Most importantly, such apps also increase the business’s productivity to a massive extent since every task is being conducted in a very organized way, which removes every obstacle hindering your business’s growth.

8 Amazing Scheduling Apps listed below

1. Gravitybooking

Gravity booking plugin manages all types of online appointments & booking software system for WordPress that automates your all scheduling system.

  • Location Filter
  • Multiple Form Services Option
  • Compatibility with Gravity Forms Coupons
  • Compatibility with Square for Gravity Forms
  • Compatibility with Gravity Forms Preview
  • Dynamic Email Templates
  • Cancel Appointment Feature
  • Custom Labels
  • Staff Duration and Independent Interval
  • and more.

2. FieldCamp

FieldCamp is one of the common scheduling apps which helps in optimizing the business with full efficacy. Moreover, this software can be used very quickly.

It helps in creating the task schedule for your service workers. It also assists you in tracking the technicians. It also streamlines different operations performed by a field and vastly enhances the productivity of the business. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in establishing proper control over your business by ensuring good invoice management, client management, job scheduling, and staff management.

It is filled with uncountable beneficial features, including managing site addresses, getting accurate information about the client, quick invoice along with payment, supporting voice and text messaging, and many more attractive features like these.

Getting Started:

  • Easy to Get Started
  • Ultra Secure
  • Entirely Customizable
  • Voice to Text Simplicit

Quick and Efficient Job Management:

  • Powerful Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Schedule Optimization
  • Ultra-Accurate and Automatic Job Time Tracking
  • Comprehensive Job Details

Job Completion and Payment:

  • Rapid Invoicing
  • Invoice Tracking and Reminders
  • Accept Online Payments

Manage Your Clients:

  • Detailed Client Information
  • Manage Site Addresses
  • Import From Contacts

Real-time field staff status and tracking:

  • Field Staff Status
  • Staff Profile
  • Assigned Jobs
  • Manage Multiple Office Locations

Detailed and Comprehensive Business Reports:

  • Activity Reports
  • Revenue Reports
  • Custom Report Duration

3. Calendly

Calendly is a free app that is used for scheduling appointments. Lots of businesses across the world use this app to lessen their load of work. This app saves a lot of time so that employers can focus on other essential tasks. One of the most impressive features of this app is that it can schedule meetings without requiring an email address.

Moreover, you can easily share Calendly links via email, or you can also put up the link on your website according to your preferences. Thus, irrespective of the size of your business, this app can help businesses of every type.

4. Square Up

This app is primarily used for optimum management of different types of payments, schedules, and bookings. This effectively reduces the work pressure. The app constitutes different kinds of tools to run your business successfully without any issues. Through this app, you can book appointments online and manage the demands of your customers.

It also tracks the details of the customers and constitutes convenient payment processing systems. Moreover, you can also avail yourself of a premium version of this app filled with more beneficial features.

5. Appointlet

Appointlet has been used for scheduling business-related appointments, which helps streamline the day-to-day work schedule, which saves a lot of time and effort since it’s quite a daunting task to schedule tasks each day without fail.

With the help of this software, the salesman can easily interact to customize the availability, create booking pages, and send detailed prospects. It facilitates easy integration of booking pages into your landing pages, email address as well as website. You can quickly reschedule as well as cancel your appointments.

6. TimeTap

Small business organizations commonly use this app to schedule easy appointments. The employees working in small to midsize companies also use this app to book regular meetings with clients. It creates and maintains schedules with the help of paper forms, Google sheets, spreadsheets, and Google Calendar. This is why larger business organizations don’t prefer using it since it is challenging to sync.

Its user-friendly functions, calendar sync, and several other features stimulate many business organizations to use this app.

7. Appointfix

Appointfix is one of the popular apps widely used for scheduling appointments, which allows proper automation of the whole of the booking page and the scheduling process.

With this software, one can easily schedule appointments, work lists, and tasks any time of the day, making your employees and technicians accountable for their specified work. This app could be the perfect replacement for your paper-based forms, Google Calendar, excel sheets to schedule appointments.

Regardless of an archaic booking system on your desktop or with managing tasks in paper format, this app is a suitable choice for managing your small business since it takes a lot of time, effort, and money.

8. WorkForce

The WorkForce app is counted as the most comprehensive service scheduling app globally because of its exceptional features. For example, it keeps a check of the attendance of every employee and schedules their everyday tasks with a proper shift. Moreover, one of the unique features is that it helps in checking the cost of wages.

It also suggests ways to manage attendance based on the requirements of your business. From calculating every employee’s total working hours and helping generate monthly and weekly reports, this app can handle every task.

The app offers a very easy-to-use interface; it also controls the cost of labor, removes the communication gap between employees and employers.

9. Vita

Vita is software that primarily helps in the calendar and online scheduling management, which saves a lot of time to establish coordination between the employees and enhances the client’s satisfaction. Lots of service providers trust the app. Thousands of business people use this app to manage their regular work schedules, calendars, and appointments.

This app also serves as a great help by easy integration with employer’s online assets by little or no requirement of technical coding or knowledge. Therefore, this app can be a perfect companion for you. Some of the features of this app include managing team member attendance, reminders in terms of SMS, text messages, and Email, syncing existing calendars, and many more such valuable functions.


Whether it’s about allowing employees to do their respective tasks or appointing schedules, such schedules apps lessen the workload and make the job very easy. If you have been searching for the top 8 scheduling apps for business, you should read this article.

With the help of this online software, you can not only schedule tasks, but it also helps in saving a lot of effort and money, which gets consumed regularly by scheduling such tasks and appointments.

These apps help assign different tasks to every employee as per their area of expertise, qualification, and availability. By the end of this article, every query related to the top 8 scheduling apps for business would be resolved. The app holds the responsibility for each and everything. You don’t have to keep a check manually since the app would check everything from booking appointments to attendance.

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