eCommerce Call Center Services that You Should Outsource for Maximum Profitability

Given the growth and popularity of the eCommerce sector, there is a huge potential for businesses to make an impression and build a great brand. The customer demand has been increasing in multiple folds, especially since the Coronavirus pandemic took the world into its wrath. Online sales have increased while the physical store numbers dipped marginally, which is just a logical consequence.

Making a presence in the eCommerce industry in itself does not guarantee success. There are many other aspects to be taken into consideration. Since running an eCommerce business is not an easy process, multiple parts of the operations must work in tandem to ensure maximum profitability without any breaks in the system.

Most established businesses already work with call center services outsourcing, which gives them leverage to perform well with their core operation, products, or service. So, if you are new to this industry and want to create an impressionable brand name, consider eCommerce call center services to manage your customer support, sales, and every other process that pertains to customer interaction. Only this way can you focus on providing quality.

So, take a look at the different processes that you can consider for eCommerce customer service outsourcing. Then, your business decisions could be taken with these service considerations.

1. Complaint Handling

Without a doubt, complaint handling is the most important part of eCommerce. However, with large-scale sale of products, there are bound to be a few blips in the service leading to some unhappy customers.

This is where complaint handling comes into the picture. Once you have outsourced your eCommerce call center services for complaint handling, you don’t have to worry about hiring special agents to deal with the customers. A call center services outsourcing company has trained agents who can care for your dissatisfied customers’ issues and handle their customers in the minimum average handling time.

2. Return and Refunds

Return and refund demands are inevitable in every eCommerce business. Like Amazon and eBay, even giant eCommerce brands deal with thousands of returns and refund requests every day. So, this is one aspect you have to deal with with the utmost skill and expertise.

Luckily, customer handling and tech support outsourcing services use software and systems that can store customer data and process them in real-time. So, each return request is logged, and the genuine customers are taken into consideration for a refund. However, if there are any doubtful cases regarding the return request, the customer support department takes care of the issue to ensure zero loss of goodwill and brand image.

3. Cross-sale and Up-sale

Cross-selling and up-selling require great telemarketing skills. To begin with, it is a little tricky to sell a high-grade product to a customer who has already purchased something at the same time. So, leave this part to the agents’ experience at the eCommerce call center services, who have great communication and convincing skills to up-sell and even cross-sell your products.

This boost in sales will surely help you meet your revenue target and boost your ROI by multiple folds.

4. Tele-marketing and Tele-sales

Irrespective of whether you run an eCommerce business or are a utility service provider, telemarketing and sales is imperative. Tele-marketing helps you create a stunning brand awareness across channels, which would lead to increased lead generation and sales eventually.

However, not every eCommerce customer service outsourcing company can master telemarketing and sales since customers consider it cold-calling. So, there has to be a pre-planned strategy in place to ensure that the seemingly odd cold-calling does not keep the customers paranoid, and they still consider listening to your brand story without handing it up.

5. Customer Service and Support

Once you have sold a product or service, you have to set up a customer service and support team as there would surely be callbacks regarding support. So, you need to have a set setup for such callbacks. Also, all of these agents in the teams should have complete product knowledge. Incomplete product knowledge will hamper troubleshooting of the problem and lead to a dissatisfied customer.

So, it is a great idea to hire outsourcing tech support services to handle the customer support and service helpdesk. Another advantage that a BPO brings to the table is that they don’t need you to dedicate a lot of time to train agents. These services are pre-trained and would just need basic product knowledge. So, the time they need to get on the process is minimum.

6. Lead Generation

Even large-scale eCommerce businesses generate leads through multiple channels, be it telecalling, social media, search engines, emails. So, if you are new to the business, you have to ensure that your lead generation channels are active at all times. Plus, the quality matter too, and the bulk leads should be conversion-ready.

Why Does Your Ecommerce Business Need a Call Center?

Besides just the sales and customer support, there are many reasons why you should consider call center services outsourcing. Let’s take a look at them.

Saves Invested Capital

Ecommerce businesses require huge capital, especially for the product inventory. So, you need to keep a reserve to go along with the working capital. However, setting up an in-house call center burns up a lot of this capital. On the other hand, eCommerce customer service outsourcing is cost-effective and requires low investment.

Frees Up Workforce

Outsourcing eCommerce call center services frees up your workforce and manpower, which you can employ to manage your business’s main operations. However, if you want to keep an in-house call center for customer service and support, you might have to transfer a lot of your skilled employees to the new process.

Allows You to Focus on Quality

Since an eCommerce customer service outsourcing company takes away the branding and support department, you can focus mainly on what your business revolves around – online sales. In addition, you can focus on improving the quality of the product or service you are offering, which also plays a vital role in customer retention.

Summing Up

Call center services outsourcing for eCommerce is indispensable and forms a very important part of overall operations. In addition, it can help you build your brand and boosts your customer retention. So, if you are into the eCommerce business, you should consider hiring a call center outsourcing company for expert treatment.

On the other hand, not having a call center outsourcing service increases your efforts, cost, and time investment. So, if you want to bring the advantages of a BPO service, get hold of a service provider and lay down your requirements. All the best for your eCommerce business.

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