An Introduction to the World of Business Process Outsourcing

BPO services are pretty popular these days, so much so that the majority of people all over the world know at least some form of it. For a vast majority, BPO sectors mean a call center. But there is more to it than meets the eye. Business Process Outsourcing directly transpires to outsourcing one’s business to another enterprise. This third-party service provider does everything to meet the end goal. They can be hired to handle a part of the business or approached for a project, thus providing temporary service.

Types of BPO

Location Based

There are different ways BPO services can be classified. Based on location, it can be divided into three categories; Offshore Outsourcing, Onshore Outsourcing, and Nearshore Outsourcing. Offshore outsourcing is when a foreign company outsources its business to other countries. Onshore outsourcing is the direct opposite of Offshoring. Instead of borders separating them, they are located in different states and cities. Near-shore Outsourcing is when neighboring country businesses rely on each other.

Services Based

Business Process Outsourcing ( BPO ) Services can also be classified based on their services. KPO or Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a well-known way. Legal Process Outsourcing or LPOs offer legal advice, documents, and research. RPO is the ultimate research section. Information Technology based BPO jobs are at an all-time high. There is travel outsourcing that deals with travel logistics, such as booking hotels and tickets.

BPO services have been striking success all over since the early days. A considerable part of the global IT workforce is engaged somehow in BPO services, and there’s anticipation for more youth to turn on this booming market is all the more likely. With its massive workforce and its skill and efficiency, BPO successfully has taken one of the top spots in the outsourcing industry.

This gives Indian BPOs a better opportunity considering their reputation in the game. Wipro, TCS, Accenture are few call center India that have made a worldwide name for themselves.

Along with India, other big players at the scene are Malaysia, Dubai and the Philippines. They have been consistent throughout their run and only seem to take a notch higher in 2021. Bulgaria, Columbia, Egypt, Mexico, and Romania are also steadily advancing in the BPO services.

Advantages Of BPO Services

Business process outsourcing has been more of a blessing to enterprises. The growth of BPO services only proves its reliability and expected to grow in the coming days. There are quite a few ways in which a business can be benefited from BPO services. Here are few notable ones.

  • BPO services are an excellent way for cost management. For instance, equipment, infrastructure, and technological costs are borne by the BPO services on behalf of the company. India, being low on currency, also adds another reason for foreign investors to make a fortune out of it.
  • It saves the company time and power to utilize their resources on core activities with undivided attention.
  • With a third-party enterprise being involved, the entire work stature of the company goes on a roll for improvisation to take other competitors head-on.
  • As a diverse employee base takes charge, the company automatically switches towards a global audience. To deal with international prospects, a multilingual workforce with various skills is placed on duty.

BPO Services – The Best Practices For 2021

The trend of BPO services is ever increasing, and it only fits to blend with it to make the most out of it. Here are a few practices to keep up with the trend in 2021.

Advanced Technology

Technological advancements have changed the way we see the world today. And we can feel it now more than ever. Technology made us evolve while the internet made the world more connected. It affected every other work sector somehow, with new equipment making the world a more technical place. BPO depends upon emerging technology; thus, a business needs to upgrade itself to fit the demands constantly. There are quite a few technologies to ponder upon when outsourcing in 2021. For instance, RPA or Robotic Process Automation is among the new trends being experimented with by different companies. It is basically letting an automated system cover the tedious jobs. Using the Artificial Intelligence or AI system, RPA can communicate with the visitors on your website, create data analysis, and other tasks that can be automated. This allows more human resources to different workloads. RPA has already been approved and appreciated in many businesses, and websites are getting more and more inclined to it. Nothing can beat American Call Centers when it comes to technology!

New Generation Of Employees

Technology is advancing, so is the world and the person using the technology. BPO sectors nowadays recruit a highly efficient and tech savvy employee base that is flexible and adapt easily to the changing trends. As BPO services are predicted to shift vastly on RPA and AI technology, the employees are required to be more accustomed to these features. Thus, a whole new generation of employees based on tech nerds is important to look forward to. Expertise in gadgets is the new requirement of BPO sectors.

Work From Home

The pandemic has made it possible to acknowledge work from home as a genuine way of blending office and home. Prior to this, work from home was still a new concept and only applied to specific job designations. However, this has pushed the bars high for individuals to rely on technology to achieve day to day goals and the internet as the only means of safe communication. This has provided businesses with a rare opportunity to the bank or the vast time spent on the internet by an individual. BPO services can still be conducted from a physical distance using different modes of communication. Thus, the pandemic situation can adversely be utilized by companies by hiring a call center in Philippines.

Social Media

We all know how social media have integrated its presence within our everyday lives. As the basic purpose of social media suggests, businesses also use this platform to socialize with their audiences. The success of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram made businesses turn their heads towards a new outlet for a wider audience. Web content is improvised simultaneously to attract more viewers and traffic to their websites. These social media outlets were also a way of posting ads. Social media is working as a bridge between the customer and the company, which was not possible before with such integrity. With the popularity of social media ever so high, BPO services have started offering services in up-scaling the social media expertise of a company. BPO services can be offered for an array of social media activities, such as live chatting, consumer service response and insight, monitoring the social media accounts, updates, promotions, and creating social media trends, among other things. With the easy access of social media and being a tool of wide reach, businesses are bound to utilize these platforms.

Cloud Computing

The more technologically advanced we become, the more need for digital data security becomes a norm. Here’s where the necessity for cloud computing takes place. Most tasks today are attended through the internet. Thus, the need to store digital data, resources, networking, and servers, can all be thrust upon cloud computing. Investing in cloud computing allows you to continue business through online means, and it’s only going to get more comprehensive in 2021.

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