How Lead Generation Services Attract and Convert Potential Prospects

A business can take up new avenues for the betterment and Lead Generation services are one of them. BPO’s also provide this sort of service among others. Lead generation is probably the most important thing of BPO services, but it is equally challenging to hit the right target.

Initially, the company has all the tools for lead generation pre-planned. However, as the business inches closer to a bigger picture, or maybe to achieve a quick bar, the company can depend on Lead Generation services. It is not always possible for a small or medium-sized business to manage time, space and manpower when it’s aiming to expand.

Hiring BPO Service for lead generation has become almost a trend. Businesses with limited resources and an idea of expansion are turning towards these service providers.

What Does Lead Generation Imply?

To know how lead generation works you ought to first know what lead generation means. Primarily, a lead refers to a potential person or client, who is interest in the business and may lead to the company’s income. Lead generation is when the potential clients are detected through extensive analysis from website, survey and other such options.

When a BPO Service is hired for lead generation purposes, they map out a few plans. They put up surveys, make calls and may even have software linked with their website getting access to interested clients. For a smooth and even work process, the BPO bears all cost.

Different Types Of Lead

Leads can be identified in different categories based on different fractions. It can be categorised by their involvement and concern about the product. Based on that alone, leads can be classified into four labels; Marketing Qualified Lead, Product Qualified Lead, Sales Qualified Lead and Service Qualified Lead. Let’s take a look at how they are put to use.

Marketing Qualified Lead

When a person agrees to fill a survey and, not plan to buy a product is identified as Marketing Quality Lead. The marketing team conducts surveys or other interactive setups for companies to know more about their audience and cater for that purpose.

Product Qualified Lead

Product Qualified Leads are people that have previously used the product, and also shown interest in purchasing in the present time. These customers have probably been part of a free trial, where they came to know about the product. Their interest in the product is unveiled when during the trial they come with questions about features that can only be acquired in the paid version. The sales team of the BPO service is tasked with indulging the potential buyer further towards a final settlement.

Sales Qualified Lead

Sales Qualified Leads are the gems for the company. These are vocal people who don’t shy away from showing their interest in the product. They would go to lengths like filling a form just to enquire or get informed. They are more expressive about their trivial concerns, which the company can count on.

Service Qualified Lead

Similar to Sales Qualified Leads, Service Qualified Leads are potential buyers. The difference being, they go on to disclose their desire of making a purchase. They would probably take the initiation in contacting a customer care executive. The customer would either ask for an upgrade or simply becomes part of its customer base. They are the bread and butter of the company as they keep the energy high of the team and use it on other potential leads.

What Is Co-reg Lead Generation?

Among many methods of lead generation, Coreg lead Generation is one notable way. It stands for Co-registration lead generation. This method is known for producing high-quality leads. It generates new leads from similar existing leads.

Co-reg lead Generation is mostly done through surveys when a customer attains it in the process of buying or inquiring about another product. They use the user’s information only when they agree to it. This information is further used to create a list of new potential leads.

How Lead Generation Services Work?

Small or medium-sized businesses often do not have the means to put the amount of work in generating leads for the company. It’s a very competitive market, and to prevail in the business one requires adequate support and techniques.

It’s a tedious process and requires quite some effort and attention from the company to achieve a fruitful result. This is why companies may not often have the resources to pull it through. Lead Generation services have been the solution for this part while the company works alongside.

The basic goal of Lead Generation services is the conversion of potential customers into buyers. This is why it is all the more important for outsourcing businesses to invest in lead generation.

  • Lead Generation services set up surveys and market research platforms to gather information from interested audiences.
  • The surveys can be conducted online, via phone calls, from door to door survey.
  • Market research sets up free sampling, events in public places and other gigs to attract interested people.
  • When a person takes part in these surveys and events they automatically become a lead.
  • All the participants and their information are then collected to create data.
  • Further, based on the analysis of the data lists are generated. These lists include visitors to potential buyers.
  • The sales team then takes over the task of converting potential customers into actual buyers.


Businesses are all about, gathering all the potential buyers under a single umbrella. At the initial stages of the business, the company itself does the job. However, with time as the business expands, a few services get neglected. Outsourcing provides a solution for these businesses to prosper without any clutches.

There’s a definite reason behind outsourcing becoming so popular all of a sudden. Outsourcing services have been widely recognised for their services since their initial run. However, in a world faced with the threat of a virus, these services have been able to work through these troubled times. Coupled with lead generation services businesses can return to their former glory.

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