Ways to use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

Chatbots is software that conducts automated conversations. Chatbots react in a very similar way to instant messaging. The main purpose of chatbots is to communicate with the customers over an internet connection. Usually, chatbots are made to perform different inquires.

It duplicates the pattern of human interaction with the help of machine learning allowing machines to learn by themselves with the help of natural language processing.

The chatbots are usually a computer program that simulates human conversations. It allows machines to communicate with the humans which usually occurs through machine and voice commands.

The use of Chatbots in Marketing and Sales

Many high-tech companies have integrated chatbots into their customer service support with an objective to provide 24/7 support to their clients. Chatbots have replaced other communication tools like E-Mail, Phone, and SMS Service Support. All the written communication that is done through chatbot is plagiarism free. A plagiarism tool simultaneously work with the chatbot algorithms to make sure that each and every communication is done in a unique way. It features an ability to conduct a new dialogue consistently over a specified period of time.

Chatbots are usually deployed to provide quick customer service answering public questions besides it also provides financial support to the clients such as transactions. It is expected that chatbots will save billions of dollars in the upcoming 10 Years. The Major benefits of Chatbots include cost-effective solutions, 24/7 support, and financial advice.

Ways to Use Chatbots for Marketing and Sales

  • Chatbots as customer service support
  • Chatbots can reach a wider market and broad audience
  • Gather and Analyze Customer’s Feedback and Data
  • Send Notifications
  • More Lead Generation

Chatbots as Customer Service Support

Chatbots are great when it comes to 24/7 Customer Support. One study by Gartner suggests that customers prefer chatbots rather than chatting with real humans. By 2020, 85% of all the interactions with the companies will be carried over chatbots rather than real humans.

Chatbots are very important aspects of marketing strategy. A well-deployed chatbot can lead to more lead generations besides it will also research on competitors in order to find out which trend is going on these days.

Chatbots features the ability to identify customers by their personal interactions and can address them based on their personal information making them feel comfortable.

Chatbots features the ability to record customer interactions later it can analyze such data in creating their profiles for out the range marketing communication.

Unlike the traditional systems, in which you create personalized marketing campaigns using a large amount of data. Chatbots provide you the ability to simplify different customer data and allows you to communicate with them using the personal data based on the personal level.

Chatbots goes beyond injecting the customer’s name in their emails. It features two-way customer interaction providing a sense to the customers that they are interacting with the real users.

Chatbots can reach a wider market and broad audience

Chatbots features the ability to reach a wider market and a broad range of audiences. According to Brain Barr, chatbots have replaced the actual salespersons as they are cost-effective and personalized.

Most companies have deployed a chatbot in Facebook Messenger and it allows them to achieve a higher sale.

According to one research by Facebook, 69% of businesses use messenger to connect with the customers and it makes their customers in having confidence in their brand also has a positive effect on the purchasing decision of the customers.

The best thing about the Chatbots is that, they are powered by the advanced AI and typically reply in seconds rather than hours unlike the traditional Customer Support Service like Email, Phone and SMS Service. Taking hours in answering the simple queries of the customers will make them feel bored and they will eventually leave the brand.

Gather and Analyze Customer’s Feedback and Data

Chatbots features the ability to collect data from customers. Like many times you have noticed after a WhatsApp Video Call ends their chatbot like to gather data from you like how would you like to rate the quality of the call on a scale of 5.

Similarly, Chatbots also allows you to gather such data. As people nowadays not like to complete the traditional surveys. Chatbots naturally embed the questions into the chat that customers are more likely to answer.

Besides, the chatbot is also very effective in marketing research as it can analyze data collected from the users on its own, providing you with the detailed insights that what your customer actually wants.

This will eventually allow you to make an effective marketing strategy in which you will address the relevant needs of the users more precisely thus solving their problems and adding value to them.

Send Notifications

Nowadays customers are fed up with traditional marketing strategies like E-Mails, SMS and other notification services. On the other hand, Chatbots allow you to send personalized notifications to the clients through a vast range of mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp or using other social media.

Thus you can make them feel not to bored, unlike the traditional marketing service in which tons of same emails are sent to users without keeping in mind the personalization factor that is very crucial.

Besides, the chatbots also allow you to stay proactive which is a very special approach to interact with customers. Using chatbots you can send a personalized message to your client as soon as he arrives on your website or profile. With which the customers feel that they are special to their brands.

More Lead Generation

An effective chatbot can increase your sales. There are four stages in each lead generation.

  • Alert
  • Concern
  • Decision
  • Sale

These four stages are also called Lead Funnel. An effective lead generation process will surely increase sales. Chatbots will lead customers through all of the four stages and can help them to make an effective decision.

It can help you with your customers in making a better purchasing decision. They focus more on qualified sales rather than unqualified sales. They are very helpful in driving the customer’s interactions toward you even after they had left your site or marketplace.

You can program chatbots in a way to focus more on the qualified leads. Chatbots will allow you to gather all the necessary information from the customers and can also be used to create sales copy that will address all the essential needs of the customers.

Chatbots provide effective support to customers. They can send direct messages to the customers and provide them with all the necessary information. For example, rather than asking the question from the customers why they are visiting your marketplace it could be asked as an engagement with the help of chatbots.

Using the chatbots you can collect all the necessary information that is further required to provide better support to the customers without any human involvement.

Through collecting all the necessary information, chatbots will automatically deliver the qualified sales to the customers which is by the way very difficult if it involves any human in it.

As Chatbots automatically deliver the sales to the customers, customers can ask for all the necessary questions through interacting with the chatbots.


We have discussed how chatbots can be used to drive your marketing and sales campaigns. No doubt that they are the future of customer support. While the websites who have made chatbots the part of their marketing strategy are in success.

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