Video Marketing And Its Indisputable Role In User Experience

For a better user experience, brands are increasingly relying on videos. In this article, we’ll explore how videos improve user experience, as well as what kind of videos might aid.

86% of marketers use video as a marketing tool. With the rise in video consumption, marketers are actively engaging in video marketing to better promote their products or services. However, the role of video extends way beyond directly selling products and services.

With an effective video marketing strategy, a business can create engaging content. Moreover, videos allow a business to connect with its customers at a personal level. With many benefits, a video possesses, above all, it helps in enhancing the user experience, if done right.

In modern times, the best SEO company is bound to utilize videos for organic marketing activity for any of its clients. There’s a huge demand for videos in today’s interactive world and therefore, it can be considered an influential way of creating content.

This article will cover the necessity of video creation in today’s world and how it enhances the user experience for any business. With the modern trends discussed in this article, you’re well on your way to creating videos that your audience will find engaging.

Are Videos Necessary For User Experience?

User Experience is all about how a user feels before, during, and after interacting with a product, service, or system.

With this definition, user experience can certainly be enhanced with other content creation ways as well. It’s all about making the user feel good about a specific product or a service. On the other hand, a video is just a tool or a method that can effectively multiply user experience.

Videos are effective at grabbing any visitor’s attention provided they are done well. So, yes, video can be considered as a potent way to enhance user experience provided like any task, they are shot well enough.

If executed well, videos can certainly enhance the user experience. Most users even find it easy to interact with a video than with text. They find videos engaging and entertaining which makes it convenient for many users to focus on the content.

With this known, videos are not necessary for user experience but should be included as they help in enhancing user experience. That’s why most SEO professionals today are focusing on driving more leads through video marketing than through any other content format.

How Does Video Marketing Help With User Experience?

There are several reasons why video marketing is regarded as a go-to option to enhance user experience, some of which are discussed below:

1. Video Helps In Building The Tone And Atmosphere For A Business

With video, it’s easy for website landing pages to look more compelling. However, what’s more exciting is video helps in building the atmosphere and tone of a website. This helps the users get into a specific emotion and feel of what a business truly delivers.

Video helps website visitors tap right away into the emotions of a business. To cite an example, the website displayed in the picture offers property for corporate leasing. The video beautifully shows scenes from corporate life. With this displayed, the homepage directly sets up the atmosphere of corporate life, thus wanting website users to start their corporate journey by leasing a place.

Hence, it’s easier to state what a business is about with the help of a video.

2. Video Convinces The User

A good user experience is all about convincing the user. It is only after a good experience a website visitor is likely to convert. Videos, in this regard, are highly effective as they are capable of expressing the true emotions of a business and what they’re really about. 84% of people say that they’ve bought a product or a service after watching a brand video.

After watching a branded video, a person is more likely to do business as they feel a strong, personal connection. A wide range of emotions can be convincingly displayed with video as it’s possible to put forward new ideas. A business can get experimental, and even maintain the interest of the user. For all these reasons, it’s easy to evoke emotions with videos as they convince the user.

3. An Effective Story Telling Tool

With videos, it’s easy to express complex emotions interestingly. The reason is videos are dynamic and keep the interest of a viewer for a long time. Our brains can process information better with visual content. Therefore, businesses can communicate better with videos in a short time.

Marketers don’t have to be experts at everything and can make use of simple, online tools to create an effective story around their brand. Naturally, videos can grab any user’s attention. With video as a content marketing tool, businesses can create stories to better express their brand that individuals can easily connect with.

People love brands that convincingly express themselves and what they’re about. When they see how a brand grew, they feel connected. Hence, stories are easy to formulate with an effective video marketing strategy which makes any individual comfortable in buying from a business.

4. Enhanced Customer Support

Many times, people wish to contact customer support but it may seem confusing or too much work. In that case, making video tutorials of products, or setting self-service portals using tutorial videos is a digital customer service that surely enhances the user-friendliness of a website.

With answers and all the doubts resolved, individuals are confident in buying and using products, or services from a specific business. It’s a good digital service that can surely enhance the user experience of any individual. Hence, videos provide a good experience before and after any purchase.

Cutting Edge Video Marketing Trends For Enhancing User Experience

With videos, an array of content can be utilized for enhancing the user experience. Some of the popular video trends are discussed below:

1. Product Videos

With product videos, customers can easily have a close look at the item and understand its features and benefits. A video can convincingly define a product, and what are its functions.

Businesses craft product videos to provide accurate information about a product. With videos, it’s also easy for the customers as it certainly fastens their decision-making process. Lastly, customers get a sense of the product, what it looks like and how it works. A real-life explanation of the product always makes a user feel confident about using a specific product or a service.

2. Live Streams

No doubt live streams have taken the world by storm and brands are actively using live streams to educate customers about their products or services. For any product launch, live streams are often the go-to video choice for many brands.

Social platforms today provide easy-to-use, customizable tools to create a potent live stream ready to put the word out for any business. The mass can be educated about a product or a service with a single live stream.

If you’re still in a dilemma as to whether you should be live streaming or not, this article provides various reasons as to why a business should do live streaming.

3. Webinars

To express any message or idea, a business can organize professional webinars with a specific theme. A webinar is online conferencing or a series of conferences trying to convey a central idea. Any message, information, or discussion that the company wants to communicate to its audience can be delivered with webinars.

Businesses create webinars to better connect with their audience in real-time. Webinars usually bring a panel of experts together to discuss real-life case scenarios or to simply strike a conversation or discussion on a decided topic. With a central theme of discussion, industry experts can connect with its target audience and can convey their thoughts easily.

The user feels more informed, and with this information, a user can feel comfortable buying a specific product or a service from a company.

4. Customized Videos

With customized videos, brands are actively trying to reach their customers and make them feel good about using a certain product or a service. It’s an easy way for companies to make a customer feel special about using their services.

It’s not like businesses have to do it for every customer from scratch. With modern tools, it’s quick to create a personalized video. Adding a personal touch for the customer portrays that the company is speaking individually with each customer. Videos can automatically be personalized and can be a great way to delight any customer after they’ve purchased a product or a service.

How To Create Videos That Customers Can Connect With?

It’s okay to create a video but it’s no good if it’s not executed the right way. To enhance user experience, the video must fulfill certain parameters some of which are discussed below:

1. Be Creative

A video should never be dull. There are no hard and fast rules as such and a business should try and experiment with various styles. For example, vertical videos can be used on websites and YouTube and they are not just restricted to social media if shot well. Have a look at this Adidas commercial. With the arrival of YouTube shorts, especially, the trend of shooting videos vertically seems to be on the rise.

It’s also important to always look for inspiration outside of the niche. Good businesses tend to look outward for creative inspiration and always try to entertain their audience. Hence, a topic can be drab but a video can’t be and the focus should be on creating creative yet entertaining videos to maximize user experience.

2. Short But Simple

A video has to be nothing but short and simple. Individuals often prefer videos over text as they are simple to process. Hence, brands often focus on videos and keep them simple. They talk only to the point and they don’t try to put everything in one video.

With simple, effective videos, communication becomes easy and brands often put out a series of short videos and deliver their message to their target audience. Consistency in creating videos is also something businesses often emphasize.

With a consistent video strategy, a business can easily connect with its customers and even form relations that are required for a positive user experience.

3. Video Quality

No one likes a video shot in poor quality where you can barely hear the sound. A well-shot video with good sound and picture quality should never be underestimated. A high-quality video says a ton about a business and an individual should never turn off a video due to bad video quality.

Hence, video quality is paramount in providing user experience and everything else comes later. Usually, professional businesses spend a lot of time perfecting their video quality as they know it’s likely to render them positive results.


With videos, it’s easy to enhance user experience which eventually leads to increased sales and revenue. People are more confident than ever to buy from a business if they invest their time and resources in developing a video content marketing strategy.

Hence, the creation and distribution of videos is an effective content marketing strategy that helps businesses provide a great user experience. If shot well, videos are one vital form of content that can deliver any message with ease to its audience. Hence, with videos customers feel better as they understand better.

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