Top 7 Simple Business Budgeting Software for Small Business

Budgeting is one of the key tools for successful business management. It is about remaining focused on your enterprise and keeping an eye on at least the revenue and expenditures, if not your fixed assets, payroll, and human resources as well. Budgeting effectively helps you to manage your cash flows, making sure that they remain positive enough to maintain the smooth operation of the business.

Budgeting is a tricky challenge, particularly for small business owners who are often stretched too thin to decide on their marketing budgets, promotional spending, and more. Here comes the budgeting software.

What is budgeting software?

Budgeting makes sound fiscal sense for any company, no matter how small. Budgeting software will help you make better financial decisions every day. The software will help you set goals, create a plan to make those goals a reality, and manage your money. It is easy to use, and even easier to understand.

Small business budgeting software indicates the programs used by entrepreneurs and finance professionals to take your business’s financial aspects. There are lots and lots of budgeting software in the digital market, holding various features, pricing, and interface.

Why do businesses need budgeting software?

Businesses need budgeting software whether they be large or small. From Independent artists to large corporations, budgeting software is a need to track their profits and loss. So you know u understand, where your money is coming from and moving on. Some of the benefits of using budgeting software:

  • On budgeting process, it consumes lots of time. With the help of budgeting software, the process is automated and saves your precious time.
  • The accuracy of the financial process is increased, by controlling human errors.
  • With the guidance of your past data, the future business sales and expenses are estimated.
  • It makes it easier to plan and manage your expenses, enabling you to track your spending, monitor credit usage, and avoid overages.

List of simple business budgeting software for small business

Small businesses need quick and easy access to budgeting solutions that provide simplicity, ease of use, and affordability. We’ve identified the top business budgeting software programs and placed them side-by-side in this review, so you can easily compare them.


myplan is one of the affordable and easy-to-use budgeting programs, designed for a small businesses. It has a powerful built-in report tool that helps you document your company’s progress easily. This budgeting software offers goal-oriented planning and forecasting to help you manage your business successfully. myplan provides real-time analysis of cash flow, billing, income, and expenses for you. The software keeps track of your balance between income and expenses smoothly.

With myplan budgeting software, manage your cash flow, perform what-if scenarios, multi-role access, and accurate forecast from actuals. Get daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly – both past and future cash flow report in real-time. Overall, it helps you keep your business running steadily inside out.


It has only one pricing: $9.99 /month, billed annually.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online makes managing your business spending and finances simple with features that work together seamlessly. Your accountant, bookkeeper, and employees can access their information from anywhere with an Internet connection. With just a few clicks, you can pay employees and vendors, view expenses, create estimates and invoices, calculate taxes, manage inventory, and track time.

It helps you to take charge of your business finances. You can track sales and expenses, pay your bills on time, or find financial information at your fingertips. With QuickBooks Online, you can manage your books in less time without all the hassle of installation and setup. The huge drawback of QuickBooks Online is pricing. Most businesses are difficult to afford the pricing.


  • For Simple Start – $25 /Month
  • For Essentials – $50 /Month
  • For Plus – $80 /Month
  • For Advanced – $180 /Month


FreshBooks is a web-based accounting and budgeting software specifically made for freelancers and small business owners. It allows you to send professional invoices, track time, create estimates and track mileage. FreshBooks comes with automatic integration to PayPal, making it easy for your customers to pay.

Spend less time budgeting and more time on your business. Enter budgeting mode to create estimates, invoice past due invoices, make payments and transfers, and keep track of your finances with FreshBooks.


  • Lite – $15
  • Plus – $25
  • Premium – $50
  • Also, has custom pricing as per your need.


Planguru is one of the best budget software for forecasting. It has powerful features you need, such as flexible planning for hourly/daily levels, various types of analytical charts based on your sales data, and so on. Planguru helps business owners perform forecasts through software tools that offer great capabilities and flexibility.

PlanGuru is a powerful and flexible budgeting software designed to be used by individuals, families, and small businesses alike. The application features cloud access for data storage, flexible budgeting options that can be adapted to a user’s financial habits, and easy-to-read graphs that illustrate the state of the user’s finances.


  • PlanGuru App – $99 /Month or $899 /Year, for additional users – $29/Month and $299/yr respectively.
  • PlanGuru Desktop – $99 /Month or $899 /Year, for additional users – $29/Month and $299/yr respectively.


Tradogram is a cloud-based procurement solution that helps businesses accurately forecast expenses, maximize their spending and automate expiration alerts for business assets. Easily manage expense reports for all of your locations through a customizable interface, centralize controlled-use expenses, and issue refunds as needed. A powerful new application that will be the foundation of your purchasing power!


  • Free basic version
  • Premium – $18USD /user /month
  • Enterprise – Custom Quote


BillQuick is a business budgeting tool that helps you keep track of all your expenses, even when you’re not near a computer. Quickly enter a bill using the web, desktop, or iPhone clients, then watch the numbers roll in – day by day on your personal, secure web page. Spot unexpected expenses and make adjustments at a glance. And with automatic monthly budget updates, managing your money has never been this easy.

Using BillQuick can help users save time, eliminate errors, and improve visibility over the finances of their organization. With its flexible interface, you can save time and stay on top of all your financial situations even while on business trips!


  • Custom Pricing


Tidemark budgeting software is a single platform analytics suite that offers the tools for extensive result tracking and budget tracking. These tools help you make deals quicker, identify new customer opportunities, and fine-tune your business strategy. Search for deals, view aggregated trends, create custom reports, and export raw data.

Tidemark is an affordable, all-in-one platform that helps our members plan, execute, and improve their budgets. With Tidemark, your members can easily analyze their spending habits and goals through detailed analytics.


  • Custom Pricing

The bottom line

Budgeting for your small business doesn’t have to be boring. The above is the list of business budgeting software for small businesses to make your business grow efficiently. Just power your business success with the best business budgeting software.

The budgeting software will take care of the monthly and yearly accounts and budgets. Further, it also helps the businessman to plan the future of their sales according to the changing market. It introduces the businessman to the best techniques to develop a successful and continuous growth of the business by improving the awareness of the businessman about his business’s position in the market, and many more.

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