Top Reasons Companies Choose Nearshore Outsourcing for eCommerce Solution

Demand for eCommerce is higher than ever before, thanks to rising levels of decentralized commerce and increase in means of sales. That said, eCommerce is rife with complex processes which include platform/marketplace functionality, backend processes, and integration processes.

Thus eCommerce outsourcing seems like a viable solution for mitigating financial risks while coping with ever-evolving requirements meant for customer satisfaction.

There are, though, a few choices that might present in the process of selecting a vendor of ecom outsourcing.

3 alternatives – onshore, nearshore, and offshore outsourcing.

And while we can mull over the various pros and cons of all these engagement models, we recommend (and have experienced) nearshore since it consistently combines the best of both worlds (onshore and offshore) at a cost-effective price point + an ease of access.

Quick stat – Approximately 57% of multinationals with more than 2,500 employees have contributed to the outsourcing industry’s growth in the United States, which is expected to reach $135.5 billion in 2021.

Nearshore teams are advantageous to eCom businesses of all sizes.

Organizations in Europe, the United States, or Australia hire nearshore service-providing companies and delegate many business processes or coding tasks. It frees up time for other tasks in the company and can significantly reduce costs. It also allows you to find a team that is familiar with your process & can provide the best services.

So, if you’re running an eCommerce company or are in the middle of launching your eCom startup – consider seeking the nearshore outsourcing services.

Here’s why:

What is Nearshore Outsourcing?

Nearshore outsourcing is becoming a more popular choice.

When a business outsources a nearshore, it hires a third party to perform contracted work in a nearby country rather than overseas. Nearshore outsourcing is a fantastic choice for helping companies grow and expand by improving communication and facilitating integration.

For example, many American companies choose nearshore outsourcing where personnel are familiar with American culture, work practices, and can communicate in English fluently.

Nearshore teams can help companies find the talent they need without jeopardizing their budgets or sizes, allowing them to expand swiftly -and instills a certain amount of trust (necessary if you’re going to invest a few thousands of dollars into the project).

Having a remote team enables you to increase your team’s capability by supplying skilled talent or expertise that would otherwise be unavailable due to cost or geographical constraints.

Why do businesses choose nearshore outsourcing for their eCommerce operations?

Thanks to the benefits of nearshoring, many businesses choose to outsource their eCommerce development process. By keeping the outsourcing vendor in the same time zone and, in many cases, with the same language, nearshore outsourcing helps organizations to benefit from outsourcing while maintaining more control.

No haphazard communication or miscontruition. Ease of work. Ease of access. Ease of mind.

Here’s what organizations who outsource eCommerce website development have to say about why they made the decision.

Functional Time Zone

Partnering with nearshore outsourcing is frequently in the same or nearby timezone. It maximizes the amount of time you can spend on productive communication throughout the workday.

The 1-hour difference gives you a 7-hour window for comfortable contact, allowing you to immediately respond to any project-related questions.

This is essential for an eCom platform since there is an agile tenet to the business. The team needs to work parallely.

You need to constantly be working together to integrate processes and map functionality.

Which just cannot happen when your project manager and developer are at opposite ends of the planet.

Quick & Flawless Development Process

Compared to outsourcing web development, which allows all operations to be in a discordant structure, eCommerce is process & expense-intensive.

Thus, you need to identify a reputable vendor that can either offer you the appropriate professionals or manage the talent pooling process for you.

Here’s a quick plug – Managed Services such as offered by Netsmartz provide an end-to-end solution with integrated teams, processes, and skilled engineers to see your project from vision to end + maintenance.

You can develop a standard team structure consisting of a project manager, system architects, developers, designers, QA engineers, and set processes with the help of a good nearshore service provider. It will help you launch an effective eCommerce solution to the market in record time.

Easier Communication

You’ll need to communicate often about the status of your projects, any concerns that occur, and more because your developers aren’t available on-site. Make sure you talk about how or what you want as a business owner and what your outsourcing service providers will offer so that you’re both on board with the plan.

It allows for collaboration between internal development and outsourcing counterparts, which is a huge win for your eCom platform.

Cost-cutting with Quality Maintenance

By lowering operating costs, nearshoring will save you money compared to offshoring, where you need to wait for client/customer input, manage the task, or redo the task again after noticing a problem.

But unlike Offshoring, nearshoring will enable instant communication hence saving the hassles that come along with management solutions and collaboration tools.

High-Level Security

Nearshore vendors are often well-versed in Intellectual property guidelines and laws and would have the necessary plans and practices in place.

When you outsource your eCommerce development, you may rest confident that your business and ideas are safe under proper paperwork. To project your project and unique ideas, you can sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with your provider.

Exceptional Scalability

Or should we say, scalability on-demand.

Adding more workforce to your eCommerce project could be a major headache for your on-site staff. Outsourcing firms have a lot of expertise with rapidly increasing requirements or to-scale development teams. They have access to a large pool of talent and can swiftly add a few team members to work on your project, even if you only have a few days to scale your team.

The outsourcing vendor must have access to a large pool of expertise so that whenever you need to increase your staff to 5 to 10 developers (depending on the project), you are able to.

Niche Experts

While outsourcing your eCommerce project, you’re essentially handing over a piece of your firm to a company specializing in that particular field. Suppose you handle a clothing company, It’s not just about showing clothing products to the customers. Many other areas require just as much attention and are equally crucial.

Having a staff that is solely focused on your eCommerce requirements and is versed with the associated plugins, functionality, UX, processes, code, management can bring your vision to fruition with the speed and prowess necessary for the platform launch.


Now that you’ve gone through this article, you can decide whether nearshore outsourcing is right for you. If you’re looking to cut costs while improving the quality of your eCommerce business, nearshore outsourcing is the go-to solution.

Using nearshore eCommerce development services to complete your project will speed up the process and allow you to achieve outstanding results. However, before making any judgment, it’s critical to understand what goes into a good collaboration. There are many outsourcing options on the horizon, so be realistic about your product and pick wisely.

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