Top Google Doc add-ons for Teachers

Given the remote type of learning and working, teachers nowadays need to go above and beyond to diversify everyday classes. Google Docs add-ons for education are fantastic tools that make a huge difference when it comes to learning processes and bringing life to sometimes monotonous school lessons.

Using add-ons, teachers can expand Google Docs capabilities to be more creative and help students learn new material more effectively. Google add-ons for teachers not only help to handle learning resources and materials but also eliminate the need for papers and share quite a huge amount of information in a more efficient way.

The definition of Google Docs Add-ons

Google Docs add-ons are software additions that enable users to use the program in a number of different ways. Think of Google Docs as your smartphone, add-ons here are the apps that you add to expand its capabilities.

Google add-ons include additions for GDrive, Docs, Sheets, Forms and Slides. The add-ons are built by third parties and serve to fill certain needs. There exist tools created for business purposes that help with accounting and administration, marketing and analytics, sales and CRM. Other add-ons work great for web development and task management. Quite a large number of Google docs add-ons are specifically created for educational purposes.

As for now, there are over 500 Google Docs add-ons that make a splendid choice to pick from.

Advantages of Google Docs Add-ons

Google Docs add-ons make things easier for teachers. They allow the latter to automate many processes, increase students’ productivity and engagement, and make learning fun yet effective.

With so many things that teachers have to do on a daily basis, they always need a helping hand or a useful tool to make everyday tasks easier. Google Docs add-ons offer tools that help to come up with interactive presentations, add voice comments, build diagrams, and create quizzes within a matter of seconds. Teachers can share all the material with students through Google Docs, add videos, highlight text, translate it, and initiate in-class debates on an interesting topic. Besides, there are many add-ons that help teachers to arrange all their material, create databases, import all their data, and keep all their records in one place. Things become faster with Google Docs add-ons.

Best Google Add-ons for Teachers

While there are a vast majority of Google docs add-ons for teachers, let’s have a look at top-5 of them, to begin with.


Kami is a great GDrive add-on that allows teachers to bring different documents to life by writing, drawing, typing, and commenting on them within a single browser. Kami is known for an intuitive design and a list of amazing collaborative features that improve students’ interaction and their overall engagement.

Teachers are able to share school material that students can work on using Kami tools, use add-on as a whiteboard, send documents to initiate discussions, and do everything without the need to print a lot of papers. Top Kami features include Learning Management Systems integration, the ability to split documents, merge them, and collaborate in real-time. Kami supports different file types, including PDF, Documents, Powerpoint, Sheets, and various Image files.

With the given toolbar, teachers can select the text, leave annotations, use a dictionary, add text to speech, highlight texts, edit, draw and insert images and signatures. There are several licenses to choose from. Kami offers licenses for teachers, schools, and districts. is another great add-on that allows teachers to export information from a number of different applications to Google Sheets. The add-on automates the process of integration with HubSpot, Kira, WordPress, Pipedrive, and many more. provides users with a raw data live feed which they can access at any time and share if needed. It enables a custom schedule to refresh and import information. then analyzes data and creates dashboards with all the information from users’ data sources. is able to synchronize information from different applications, create reporting and backup, and consolidate information from various sources in one single worksheet. Apart from that, is known for its extra capabilities that include:

  • CVS importer that allows users to upload files in a number of forms from many applications and file storages, like Jira or Dropbox.
  • JSON Client Importer that enables importing data from JSON to Google sheets without special tools and scripts. Diagrams is a great add-on that allows teachers to create diagrams, flowcharts, mockups, UML, and many more. Teachers can now be more creative when it comes to images they use in Google Docs. They can create images from scratch or import from different sources. enables importing from .vsdx, Lucidchart, and Gliffy. makes it possible to freely express ideas, create flow charts, mock up an application or a website, and serves as an ideal diagram editor built on Google Drive. The add-on will be perfect both for students and teachers as it is free and accessible.

Form Maker Question Bank

The add-on enables teachers to create various quizzes and forms within seconds. They can import all the questions from a question bank they have in Google Sheets and get a ready-made quiz. Teachers can also use Form Maker Question Bank to keep questions in their Documents and Spreadsheets.

Teachers can choose certain questions or all of them and import them to create a form, a school quiz, or a students’ survey. Form Maker Question Bank belongs to the set of Form Maker add-ons and can be used separately or along with other add-ons for further help.

Form Maker Question Bank offers a license that can be purchased to cover everybody from a commercial or education domain. Basic features have some limits on the number of imported questions and forms available per month while the premium feature has no limitations and will work great for professional users.

Pear Deck for active classrooms

The add-on is a real saver when it comes to engaging students. Teachers will be thrilled with the Pear Deck add-on as it allows them to create interactive and colorful presentations to make the education process fun and more exciting.

With the help of the Pear Deck add-on, teachers are able to present material that is easy to understand and exciting to learn. Teachers are able to see whether students are stuck and if there is anything that confuses them. Students are able to interact with the shown presentation from any preferred device.

Teachers can transform PDF files, PPTs and Google Slides into engaging presentations or create them from scratch with an ability to add assessments, diagnostics, and discussion prompts. Students can respond to them, leave comments, and interact with the given material.

Pear Deck makes it possible for teachers to see all the responses and quickly react if someone is stuck or needs an additional explanation. One of the amazing features is sharing anonymous responses on the screen to encourage students’ debates over a number of different topics.

Pear Deck can be integrated with Google Classroom and is stored on Google Drive.


Google Docs add-ons have already proved effective for many teachers around the world. Whatever goal they pursue, add-ons make things easier, faster, and far more effective than they used to be. And while there are many advantages for teachers, Google Docs add-ons are game-changers for students as well. They better perceive school material and consider classes far more exciting when teachers utilize add-ons to add interactivity and visualization. Regardless of the purpose, Google Docs add-ons have something to offer for everyone.

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