Simple Ways People Can Improve Their Macbook Experience

Macbooks continue to rise in popularity. More and more people who are looking for a new computer tend to lean toward Macs. Apple’s products are known for their sleek design and reliability, and Macbooks are among the very best the company has to offer.

However, for someone new, it may take a while to figure out how to get the most out of a Macbook, especially if they need to focus on efficiency while working. Waiting to learn things naturally may not cut it.

This article will give you some pointers to become a more efficient Macbook user in a short time. If you are interested, continue reading and think about which of the ideas you can implement in your routine.

Way #1 – Take Advantage of Available Apps

There is a plethora of available Macbook applications. You should use the likes of Spotlight to convert units or do calculations. Atom is great for coders, and Logic Pro X is one of the best software for music creators.

You should also learn how to get microsoft word for free on a mac, especially if you have used Office before. While there are some alternatives, personal preference usually makes people stick to what they know the best.

Of course, you can find plenty of other apps on the official store. It depends on what you do with the computer and what your job is. Though keep in mind that it is better to stick to the official store rather than download applications from third-party sources.

Way #2 – Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Macbook’s keyboard shortcuts are available on the official Apple support website. As a rule of thumb, the more keyboard shortcuts you know, the more efficient you will become.

People have their favorites, but here are some suggestions that you need to memorize first:

  • Option + Command + Delete to remove files from the Macbook permanently
  • Shift + Command + 3 and Shift + Command + 4 to take screenshots
  • Command + Tab to swap between applications
  • Command + Q to close tabs

It is also worth mentioning that users can create custom keyboard shortcuts in the App Shortcuts tab in the System Preferences.

Way #3 – Make Sure That There Are No Performance Problems

Remember to take proper care of the computer. You do not want to end up with a laptop that underperforms because it will reduce work efficiency.

Pay attention to the background applications, and make sure that there is enough free space on the drive. Install reliable antivirus software and scan the system for potential malware. Finally, remove the dust that accumulates inside the laptop.

Way #4 – Look up Word Definitions

If you want to save time and not bother opening a dictionary or launching another tab to look up word definitions, make use of another neat Macbook feature.

Highlight an unfamiliar word and right-click on it to pop a definition tab. Or, as an alternative, hit the keystroke sequence of Command + Control + D after highlighting the word.

Way #5 – Create Digital Signatures

Digital signatures can be a life-saver for those people who have to work with documents and need to sign multiple copies throughout the day.

So long as the document is in PDF format, you can add a digital signature and forget about doing the task manually.

First, you will need to add a signature. Open the Preview app and click on the pen icon to create a new signature. You can sign on your iPhone, track, or on a white piece of paper and hold it in front of Mac’s camera.

Save the signature on the computer and open a PDF document via Preview. Click on the pen tab. Instead of creating a new signature, you will see an option to add a signature.

Way #6 – Share Mac Screen With Others

There are instances when you need to share the Macbook’s screen with a colleague. When in need, use applications like TeamViewer, Zoom, or the built-in macOS screen sharing feature that is available in the Sharing tab in System Preferences.

Way #7 – Buy Additional Hardware

If you have some money to invest, you can spend it on upgrading the Macbook. Some of the most popular hardware upgrades include additional RAM or replacing the HDD with an SSD.

Accessories like a cooling pad, adapters, chargers, external drives, and stands are also quite popular. It ultimately comes down to your budget and needs.

Way #8 – Take Care of Computer Security

Avoid potential cybersecurity threats. Take more measures than just installing antivirus software. You should also limit the physical access to the computer and enable the Firewall.

Installing an ad blocker on your browser and getting a virtual private network would help as well. The latter is particularly useful when you need to connect to public networks.

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