Top 7 Benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting

With more than 4.5 billion global users, QuickBooks Enterprise is one of the largest selling accounting software across the world. From medium to large enterprises, every accounting firm thinks about using QuickBooks Enterprise for seamless accounting.

However, ever since 2020, the entire working community has slowly moved to remote work culture. Once we were forced to do it and now it is increasingly becoming a norm. Therefore, this is the year of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting. Compared to the desktop-based version of the software, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps you use features of the amazing Enterprise version along with the benefits of the cloud.

Here’s a detailed overview of 7 benefits related to cloud hosting in 2022.

Should You Host QuickBooks Enterprise To The Cloud in 2022?

Whether you are already using QuickBooks Enterprise for a few years or implementing it currently, using cloud hosting helps you enhance your revenue. Let’s understand how:

1. Work Feasibly During Lockdowns

If you have been using QuickBooks Enterprise for more than two years, you may already know that it is challenging to access QuickBooks during the lockdown. When coronavirus originally started, the entire world went into lockdown without prior notice. Hence, we had little chance to export data and manage functioning.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is a technology that helps you work feasibly during these disruptions. You can access your financial information remotely by verifying your credentials online. Employees only need to open the cloud interface on a partner portal or browser to access hosted QuickBooks Enterprise. It is possible to open QuickBooks Enterprise hosting on any device, including computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet, of any operating system like Android, iOS, or Windows.

2. Optimizes Business Expenses

To maximize revenue, businesses grow their customer base and remarket, cross-sell, and upsell. Another method is to consistently reduce expenses on repetitive activities and achieve long-term efficiency.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting digitizes your business accounting processes. You are able to optimize your expenditure on hardware, software, upgrades, and maintenance. The cloud service provider helps you manage software on cloud servers. You don’t need to spend additionally on expensive configurations, hardware upgrades, etc.

3. Easily Resume Working During Disasters

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting providers use isolated servers for backup and support. Vault or isolated services indicate an online cloud space where you are able to store your digital data.

With the help of this backup server, your QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is regularly backed up and data is retained on the server for a fixed number of days. If in any situation, you end up losing data, you can recover from the backup server.

For example, a disaster ruined your office infrastructure and the hardware is damaged. In this case, you can allow BYOD to employees and retrieve data from the cloud.

4. Receive Expert Support

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is an IaaS-based managed product by a cloud service provider. The provider offers free technical support and guidance to your company, as also included in your SLAs. As per this, you can connect with the expert technical team of the provider to resolve your hosting-related queries. If you have issues related to security, scalability, or recovery of data, give them a call and find out concrete answers.

Usually, this support team works 24/7 and offers quick resolutions, so that your business functions are not hampered.

5. Secure Your Data and Apps

QuickBooks Enterprise hosts your financial data, which is imperative for your business, as well as your clients. There’s no way you can put the data of clients at risk, as that may lead to legal and reputational implications.

For this, cloud hosting provider uses physical and software-based security measures, including multi-factor authentication, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, end-to-end encryption, DDoS protection, etc. For physical security, the servers are equipped with fingerprint entry, CCTV, and security professionals. These measures keep your data and application secure from cyberattacks.

Any intrusion incoming to the network is quickly detected and sometimes automatically eliminated. When there’s a need, the expert security team of the provider uses methods to eliminate the threat and secure your data.

6. Process Large Files

One of the most essential and valuable features of cloud hosting is the ability to open and process large files. If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise, you may prepare many large files on the software. However, using a PC to open this file may lead to the crashing of the application because of the low configuration of the PC.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting has amazing resources and SSD-powered servers, which means any large file may not be able to slow down your processing.

The advanced performance of QuickBooks Enterprise hosting also impacts your collaboration and performance. Many users can open the same file at one time on the software. This will help connect over data without creating multiple file versions. Changes made by different viewers and editors of the file are reflected immediately, so your employees are able to work together without challenges.

7. Improve Resource Utilization

Lastly, QuickBooks Enterprise hosting helps you improve your resource utilization. The cloud is a huge resource and you can increase and decrease your storage and resources on demand.

For example, if you need more storage and performance power for the tax season 2022, you are able to increase storage on demand. However, you don’t have to maintain and keep this storage forever. When you don’t need this processing power, you can descale and reduce costing.

This way, you can fluctuate your resources and performance needs as per the fluctuating needs of your business. In turn, your cost is also optimized with improved resource utilization.


There are numerous benefits of using QuickBooks Enterprise hosting in 2022. Even when you need to operate from the office, you can simply open your QuickBooks Enterprise application and access it on any device. Based on the utilization patterns of your business, it is possible to optimize your resources, increase and decrease storage on demand. In the same way, many other features of cloud hosting enhance your revenue and business productivity.

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