The Curious World of Cloud Computing Investments

If you’re new here, cloud computing is a revolutionary process of storing web-based documents and applications for recipients. Customers can also access their most current documents from remote locations. This is secured by unlimited access to cloud servers, which consistently maintain and monitor stored data across vast networks. These innovative services are also designed with user-friendly protocols and interfaces to enable clients to easily navigate their data, while never having to worry about down time or inaccessibility.

Benefits of Cloud Storage

Cloud computing is the perfect option for companies that simply cannot rely on external hard drives for mass storage purposes. With the cloud, long gone are the days of uploading confidential files to private directories and storage sites. No matter which cloud service you select, your information is protected and secured at all times. Even in the harshest local weather conditions, your server is guaranteed to operate at peak rates. Temporary servers are also available for clients that are moving from one location to another. You can even access your information from wireless devices, as well as modify, download, and change any information you desire. Whether it’s payroll programs or IT software, cloud providers effectively manage the platforms and infrastructure that houses these applications.

Cloud Investing Opportunities

Like any other business sector, there are ample opportunities for those that want to invest in cloud computing. Cloud is simply much more than computing storage capacities. With cloud, you can help companies increase their IT responsiveness and efficiency. You can also help them reduce expenditures and overhead, while offering cutting edge services that improve organizational flexibility. With the ongoing fiscal crisis, several companies are struggling in this down economy. According to industry experts, however, cloud computing continues to expand at alarming rates. A recent report by Gartner Research further cements cloud computing as a lucrative and thriving business endeavor. As you look at your choices consider your level of risk and knowledge of the sector. Would you prefer a stable blue chip cloud service company like IBM (ticker symbol: IBM) or Microsoft (ticker symbol: MSFT), or would you be OK with a nimble start-up like Splunk (ticker symbol: SPLK) or Jive Software (ticker symbol: JIVE).

Market Scope

According to business watchdogs, the market scope for cloud investing is incredibly strong. In fact, cloud-computing companies are projected overall to increase revenues this year. This means a jump from $12.3 billion to $14.4 billion dollars worldwide. To tap into this flourishing enterprise, one simply needs to start adding cloud-computing firms to your long-term portfolio. One of the top investments revolves around server and platform enhancement, something that can be seen in companies like Fusion-io (ticker symbol: FIO) and VMware (ticker symbol: VMW). Whether it’s hardware, software, big data analytics, or IT development and services, and more, investors have unlimited access to innovation at its finest with today’s tech companies. Since some pretty interesting cloud computing companies are still private, it is essential to invest in a hedge fund to gain access.

Pros and Cons of Cloud Stock Investing

With so many pros associated with cloud investing, one may wonder what the cons are? Like any industry, cloud investing has its risks. While the economic situation has not curtailed the growth of cloud, there are certain aspects that potential investors have to look out for. With the recent security breaches that have impacted a number of global companies, cloud-computing firms are simply not exempt from widespread loss of confidence (and sales). While they strive to improve security on a daily basis, server and network breaches can occur at anytime. This is especially true for public cloud servers, which are more susceptible to breaches than private networks. Recent outages in (ticker symbol: CRM) really made some noise on the web!

There are some that also believe the market may face some serious downtime. This is partly due to security issues, along with the discussion between private and public cloud and the connected regulatory issues. Some companies – and governments – are also a bit hesitant about storing confidential data that cannot be secured or accessed with 100% reliability. For potential investors, continued market research is the only way to make a worthwhile and informed decision.

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