Software Quality Assurance and Testing

Have you ever thought that which kind of quality control is good for you? Are you sure whether you actually need quality control service or not? It is so obvious that every software development process need to have Quality assurance and testing phase. If not then you may face a big failure in your software product which will be of no use either for you or for the client.

Simply developing a large software application is not enough, there are many other factors that should be concentrated, out of them Software Quality assurance and Software testing is the one. Many developers do not consider these phases as an essential part of the software development process that can end up in a big loss.

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Software Quality Assurance and testing is a very important aspect of software development process. It starts from the initial stage of the development process till the end of the process. It can get rid of all the software errors and issues before it is delivered to the customer. The QA and testing techniques are specifically building in order to eliminate all the problems in the software product before its deployment or launch.

Software Quality Assurance:

oftware quality assurance is a sequence of activities to check the software product if it is fulfilling the entire specified requirement or not. It focusses on examining and measuring the quality and improving the software by process improvements. QA is more centered on dealing with the product life cycle and confirming that the product complies with the standards and client’s requirements. Software Quality Assurance is not only about breaking the software product into sections and then discovering the issues, but it is also about verifying whether it is possible to develop such software product under a given set of requirements and conditions.

Software Testing:

Software Testing is the process of ensuring whether a bug, error or defect exists in the software product. It is set of planned activities that identify the quality, completeness, correctness and security of software. It’s all about demonstrating that the software is doing what exactly it is supposed to do.

Why you need to get quality assurance done

According to an estimate, approximately 80% of the software products do not fulfill the quality requirements which lead to reword the software process that surely causes wastage of more time, cost and effort. This problem pushes back the software product to its release date where the problem resides and this is the point where the quality assurance should be introduced to avoid multiplying of errors and defects. A quality assurance framework is said to increase the client’s trust and an organization’s integrity, to enhance work procedures and proficiency, and to empower an organization to better rival others. Nobody wishes to continue purchasing software products that do not do what it is supposed to do as per the client’s requirements. Putting your software product in the phase of Software Quality assurance is an ideal opportunity to ensure that your software product will be profitable and offer esteem to the client.

Software Quality Assurance Vs Software Testing

Since the objectives and ultimate goal of both process (Software Quality Assurance and Software testing) is to provide a top quality software product, so most of the people either they belong to the IT filed or not, are not able to properly differentiate the both processes. Although a little but they both do differ from each other. Software quality assurance is the process of assuring and maintaining the quality of the software product as per the customer’s requirementsand conditions. This process is usually carried out in the development and implementation process to verify that all the essential phases are carried out properly. On the other hand, Software Testing is the process of uncovering the defects and errors in the software product. It is usually carried out after the development phase. It is part of quality control and testing phase. Software testing is totally a product oriented activity.

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