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Software development life cycle or shortened as SDLC also known as application development life cycle. The software used in information system, software engineering, and system engineering to explain the process of planning, deploying, creating, and testing information system. The software is a process using for a software project in a software organization or software industry to design, develop, and test high quality software which already produced. The software concept can be applied on hardware and software configurations. The software also tells about detailed program for maintain, replace, alter, enhance, or develop particular software. The life cycle word in the software means a methodology to improve the quality of software also the entire development process. The purpose of SDLC is to create high quality software which meets customer satisfaction that completed within cost and time estimates.

The software is made to find the best software with particular amount of time and cost which used by software industry. There are a few stages of Software development life cycle which will be used by the software industry like:

  1. Planning and requirement analysis which is done by the senior members since it is considered as the most important and fundamentals stage in the SDLC.
  2. Defining requirement and written in the document and get approval from the market analysts or the customer. After that it gets SRS or Software Requirement Specification document which has the entire product requirements to be designed and developed.
  3. Designing architecture product with the best architecture based on the SRS then it made into several designs which documented in DDS or Design Document Specification.
  4. Building or developing the software with programming code based on DDS. The developer need to follow coding guidelines of the organization also programming tools and programming language.
  5. Testing the software to check the quality standard which defined by SRS.
  6. Deployment into the market also maintenance.

Thats a few stages which used for software development life cycle in the software industry. There are a few software development life cycle models which usually used in the software industry in the development process. Each models are unique and has its own plus minus, the most important also popular models of SDLC are Waterfall model, iterative model, spiral model, V model, and Big Bang model. Other methodologies which pretty related are RAD model, Rapid Application Development which combines joint application, Prototyping models also implementation of CASE tools, and Agile model.

There is one model which is considered as the first process model to be introduced and earliest SDLC approach used for develop software. The model is really simple to understand and use, the name of the model is Waterfall model. The model started the revolution of software development which makes software become better since the model required many steps and each step should be completed to create good software. After that the product will be tested to check the quality and then tested before go to the market, thats one of the example from model of software development life cycle.

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