Reasons Why CTA Buttons Play An Important Role In Your Website

As compared to the past, it is now easier for marketers to grab the attention of their potential customers through marketing and website. To achieve results in b2b marketing, all the marketers have now adopted the strategy of placement of an attention-grabbing CTA on their websites. But what exactly is CTA?

To put it simple, a call to action, or CTA, is any form of text, button, image, banner or any other element that instructs the website visitor, in a compelling way, to take immediate actions. For websites, this action can be viewing a piece of content, subscribing to an email list, submitting a contact form or buying any product.

According to a study, 70% of small business websites lack a call to action button. CTA directs a consumer to the next step of sales funnel or process. Due to this reason, they are considered an important and essential part of any marketing strategy.

Typical CTA Phrases and Their Placement

Depending on the type of the website and the desired action required, the call to action phrases can be different. Some of the most common CTA phrases are:

  1. Learn more
  2. Subscribe now
  3. Book now
  4. Contact us
  5. Add to cart
  6. Join us
  7. Donate now
  8. Shop now
  9. Read more
  10. Get in touch
  11. Download PDF
  12. Call now
  13. Try for free
  14. Download now

Similarly, call to action buttons can be placed anywhere but a few places where you are more likely to see them placed are:

  1. Side panels
  2. At the end of page or post
  3. Popups
  4. Purchase pages
  5. In an advertisement

Websites should be looking forward to including more than one call to action button. Numerous call to action buttons can improve the conversion rate of a website, if properly placed.

Main Features of Call to Action (CTA) Button

An attention-grabbing CTA is a mixture of various elements. The main purpose of a call to action button is to attract visitors into performing a specific task that would benefit the business. For this reason, CTA buttons should be captivating and should contain all the important features that will directly or indirectly help to get more customers.

There are three main features that should be given importance while including a CTA button on any website.

1. Design

While designing a website, there are some vital front-end design tips that you should keep in mind. Since different groups of target market react differently to the same design; therefore, while designing a CTA button, it is important to keep the target audience in mind. A CTA should automatically compel the users to act, rather than just looking pretty.

According to research, color increases a website’s recognition by 80%. At the same time, it is important to use the right color for the CTA button that should work with the website’s overall design. It is best to use vibrant, bold and contrasting colors for the CTA button to make them look stand out from the rest of the website.

The shape of the button also matters for the website. Call to action buttons can be round, or circle too, but more preferably should be made square, as it is easier to recognize a square button as a clickable object, than the rest. Moreover, they should be big enough and clickable on both desktop and mobile versions of the website.

2. Placement

The placement of a Call to action button is as crucial as its design. According to a study, most customers stick for even less than 59 seconds. For this reason, at least one of the CTA should be placed above the fold. This means that visitors don’t have to scroll down to look for your button.

While placing a call to action button on the website, three things should be remembered:

  1. CTA button on every page – since every page is a potential opportunity to convert visitors into customers, therefore taking advantage of it, you should try to place the CTA button on every page of the website.
  2. It should be noticeable – since users scan the page in the space of an “F”, therefore CTA buttons should be placed in a potential position that is easily noticeable for the visitors.
  3. Multiple CTAs – Call to action buttons should be used freely. Since they are a potential button that grabs customers to any website, therefore there should be multiple of them, but keeping in mind the fact that they should be spaced out and should not compete with each other.

3. Text

Though images and videos are important for a website, the importance of text can not be neglected in terms of conversions. A Call to action button should be targeted and should proactively engage the customers. According to data, it is estimated that 90% of the users will read CTA when they visit a website.

In their research paper on Website Engagement, Crowd Writer stated,

“For this reason, while writing a call to action, few things should be thoroughly kept in mind. First, although consisting of a couple of words, a CTA should be clear enough to convey your message to the visitors. Second, it should provide some sort of value to the customers, for them to take action. And last, while writing any CTA, make sure to use action words like buy, get, discover etc. as it helps the users to act.”

Reasons A Call To Action Button Is Important In Your Website

Call to action button is the most significant part of your website. According to research, 94% of the people want a website that is easy to navigate and will direct them to their desired page easily. Therefore, having the right CTA at the right place should be the utmost priority of any company, as they help in engaging more customers.

There are many reasons why a CTA button is important on your website; some of them are mentioned below.

1. CTA Boosts Your Sales Funnel

CTAs and sales funnel go hand in hand. They compel the user on what action to take next, thus serving as a transition between the various phases of a buyer’s journey. Instead of making the visitors wonder what to do and how to proceed, you should give them the answer in an eye-catching and bright colored CTA button, that automatically grabs their attention and guides them to the next phase of buying.

Whether you want your user to buy an e-book, subscribe to your mail, donate money or visit your blog, you should incite this action with a well-placed CTA in the sales funnel. Since CTAs are much important in sales funnel, hence, you should facilitate a smooth buying process by providing the visitors with an easier route.

To drive sales in no time on your social media or website, you should write such words on your CTA button that highlights the benefits. For example, instead of “Subscribe now”, use the phrase “Get more tips”.

2. Visitors look for CTA button in any website

CTAs are as important as writing the best content for your website. They are not only important for the marketing of any business, but also for the fact that people usually want them. While visiting any website, many consumers expect them to be present at the end of the page, making it easier for them to take the next step. A strong call to action on websites, social media and videos are now expected to be a part of the digital campaign. Fashion brands are even using CTA to come up winning Instagram.

Visitors now usually look for CTA button when they engage with your brand. For example, CTA is one of the reasons that attract clients and users to place their orders to buy essays UK.

According to data, adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase clickthrough rate by 285%. CTA button aids the readers in deciding what to do next. Omitting it can disappoint the readers, thus resulting in more chances of sealing the conversion. Thus, it is more beneficial for marketers and businesses to include a CTA button on their website and other campaigns.

3. CTA Augments The Success Of Digital Advertising

Digital marketing strategy is all about maximizing your potential, creating a hype about your product or service, gripping the attention of your customers and inspiring them to seal the deal. CTA is the missing puzzle piece that inspires the customers to take the next step, without which your whole advertisement will fall flat.

According to data, you can increase your revenue by 80% through adding buttons to the articles, and it gives 49% boost of an average order value for blog readers. Since you have only chance of inspiring your customers and grabbing their attention, therefore you should not miss even the slightest opportunity. For this reason, an active and attractive CTA button should always be a focus of your ad campaign.

4. CTA Increases Conversion Rate

CTA is the key element on any website. It maximizes the clickthrough rate. The better the clickthrough rate, the better is your ranking on search engine result pages. Moreover, CTA also leads to visitor conversion. If written within the content, it increases the conversion rate over 120%.

So, without any call to action, the visitors are more likely to leave the website without taking any prompt action. For this reason, there is more emphasis on effectively designing and placing the right CTA. For further enhancement of your website, you can also use conversion rate optimization software and tools like Plerdy, Mixpannel, Amplitude etc.

Final Thoughts

A CTA is a final touch on any type of content. Ignoring the CTA can drop your sales drastically. For this reason, either creating a sense of urgency through it or but gently steering your customers to the checkout point, it is important that you use it. Placing the right CTA can push the person willingly in the right direction, thus sealing the conversion and creating a loyal customer for you.

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