Drive Sales In No Time On Your Social Media With These 3 Tactics

There’s no doubt that the use and importance of social media aren’t the same for everybody. The way an individual uses social media isn’t the same way that a business brand will use. While individuals might see it as a means to catch up with friends and make new online friends, business brands see it as a marketing opportunity to reach out to their target audience, market their products or service, and ultimately generate revenue through it.

For a business brand, you can use social media as an avenue to engage with your target market, know what they want, provide solutions within the scope of your business, sell your products, make money, and grow your business.

One of the things that you can get quickly on social media as a brand is brand awareness. However, the essential thing that you can do with social media is to drive sales. According to Econsultancy, it is among the top marketing channels that you can use to generate an outstanding ROI at the end of the day.

While you might have been investing a lot and paying more attention to other digital marketing channels such as SEO, email marketing, pay-per-click, etc., social media marketing should now be very high on your digital marketing strategies list. If you use it well, you can drive a lot of sales and generate revenues directly and indirectly for your business.

So, how will you go about driving more sales to your business with social media? This article contains three top tactics that you can adopt in your social media strategy to help you drive sales to your business.

1. Focus on the platform that has your audience

There are different social media platforms, and each of these platforms is different from the other. A significant difference between all the social media platforms is that they have different types of audiences. The fact that there are many social networks means that you have to be careful and look before you leap when planning your social media strategy. It is essential for your business that you choose the right platform. How do you do this? The audience!

The audience on a particular platform and your target audience are the significant factors for determining the best social media platform for your business to focus on. As a general rule of thumb for business brands, you have to use the social media networks that your target audience is using. You can’t have your target demographic on Facebook, and you’re opening an Instagram business account. Your business will suffer because you are not where your audience is. You’ll struggle to make sales and grow your brand with social media this way.

It is crucial for you as a business owner to know your target audience is and your ideal buyers’ demographic. Who are you trying to reach with your product? Which demographic does it appeal to? Once you have been able to determine this, then you’ll then find out the social media platform where this set of people are most active. Over time, you’ll be able to have a presence on all social media platforms, but since you’re just starting or you’re focusing on driving sales for your business with social media (which you haven’t been doing), then your focus has to be single, and that’s where your target audience is. You’ll waste your time and resources if you start out trying to be everywhere.

According to dissertation writing services, the good thing is that there are several social media tools that you can use to find out the platform where your target audience is most active. One good example is the Keyhole. You can use this tool alongside a hashtag from your competitors’ social media marketing campaigns to find out where most of your target audience is.

For instance, a company ASOS had a campaign with the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe.

The “Top Sites” on this tool shows the platform where this hashtag was mostly used. From this chart, the #AsSeenOnMe was mostly used on Instagram. So, if your business is competing directly with ASOS, then Instagram is your go-to place for your target audience.

The moment you can decide on the right platform to focus on for your social media strategy, and that’s where your target audience is, then reaching them is a lot easier. But if you don’t make the right choice and you can’t get your target audience, then there’s no chance of you driving sales to your business from social media.

2. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is now a common marketing strategy, and it is an effective one, also. All the hype surrounding this marketing strategy is because it’s useful. Carrying out this marketing strategy is also quite simple. It merely means you will be working with social media influencers to promote and market your brand products and services.

According to a study by Twitter and Annalect, they discovered that as many as 40% of people using twitter were compelled to purchase a particular product simply because they saw an influencer’s tweet about that product. Their study discovered that people place as much trust in influencers as they do in their very close friends. This is the reason why influencer marketing on social media is beneficial for helping brands drive sales. In some cases, it has been discovered to deliver as much as a 600% ROI.

So, as a brand looking to improve your business’s sales through social media, you have to leverage the power of influencer marketing.

Working with social media’s influencers comes with many benefits for your brand marketing strategy. You can use this one strategy to improve brand awareness, boost social media engagement, boost your content marketing strategy, drive traffic to your website, and improve your sales. First, you need to strike a deal with a social media influencer so that they feature your service or product strategically in their content in their social media post, including a photo or video. Another way to work with influencers to boost your sales is to have them tell a very engaging story and create unique content for your brand. They can also help write reviews on the product or make a tutorial video showing their followers how to use it. There are a lot of ways that you can have influencers work for you and market your product for you to boost your sales through social media.

It is a pit of endless opportunities. Another way to use influencers on social media to drive sales for your business is to have them promote your discount codes to their massive followers. People will be more willing to use the discount codes to buy your product while they can. The fact that the influencer can reach many people than you means more people will see their post about the discount code for your product. The more people the post reaches, the higher the number of people willing to purchase your product with the discount code. Before you know it, you’re experiencing a massive boost in the sales of your product.

A typical example is Daniel Wellington. This wristwatch making company has been using the influencer marketing strategy since it started operations in 2011. Within three years, they sold one million wristwatches thanks to social media influencers. In 2015, the revenue generated in wristwatch sales was worth $220 million, increasing 214% from the previous year. Again, that’s the power of influencer marketing.

3. Use paid social media ads

As a business account on social media, you need brand exposure, awareness, and more social media visibility. So, you can’t be satisfied with just posting your content on social media, getting a few likes and comments, and moving on. You won’t grow this way, and you won’t make any sales. You must reach more people with your content and get more social media engagement. This is a sure way to grow on social media and to make more sales. And how do you do this? Paid ads!

With paid ads, you will be able to reach a wider number of people on social media. And the more people you reach, the higher the possibility of making sales. You can’t rely on organic reach alone on social media. You must combine both organic and paid methods to ensure that you can increase your social media reach. The more the eyes you can get on your content, the higher the likelihood of making sales on social media.

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