Importance of International Calling Apps for Your Business

The business world has changed thanks to technology and digitization. Talk to the older generations about how they used to communicate. It could get complex and quite frustrating. And, the options were pretty limited.

There was high dependence on landlines, fax machines, and the post mailing system. People had to schedule calls and sit next to the phone to receive them.

If you were out of the office, the secretary would take the call and take a message. Response time would depend on when you finally got to see the message.

Woe unto you if the service providers were having technical issues. Downtimes would stall work for hours or days. And we can’t forget the cost implications. Making international calls was very expensive.

But now, communication is so simple. As simple as picking up your mobile phone and making a call. Shooting an email or SMS happens in a matter of seconds. And, tons of apps make everything more seamless, efficient, and super affordable.

We explore the critical role of having international calling apps for your business in 2022.

International Calling Apps: What Are They?

International calling apps use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). What it simply means is that you can place calls over the internet.

Yet, that is not all in terms of functionality. The apps allow for texting, sharing content, or SMS right from your mobile phone or desktop. Yes, you don’t need to purchase a separate device to use the international calling apps.

Other apps have more advanced features. These include conference calling, call waiting, auto attendants, and so much more. Such features can make a huge difference when managing remote workers or teams.

When shopping for the right app, determine what features you need the most. You can always upgrade to more advanced features as your business grows.

Let’s explore why international calling apps are a game-changer for businesses.

1. International Calling Apps Will Save the Business Money

At this point, you may be wondering, why not just use my mobile phone? Well, the reality is that international calls are still quite expensive.

The app subscription packages are less costly. The business can choose the package that fits their needs or budgets. The apps are ideal for businesses that communicate a lot with customers over the phone.

Imagine the cost savings for a small business or startup. You could spend hours on international calls, sorting out business issues. And, there is no worry that the phone bill will be astronomical at the end of the billing system.

2. The Apps Overcome Internet Challenges

The international calling app Talk360 breaks the internet connectivity challenges. With the app, the receiver does not need a smartphone or internet connectivity. The reality is, some countries, especially in the developing world, do not have easy access to the internet.

Even where it exists, the connectivity is not reliable. Yet, the company could have teams on the ground and still need a cost-effective, efficient communication method. With the Talk360 app, it is possible to call both landline numbers and mobile.

3. Zero Maintenance or Hardware Concerns

VoIP apps do not require any complex setup. If you have ever seen a PBX system, you know what we are talking about.

The hardware and maintenance costs can run into thousands of dollars. And not just anyone can manage the systems. You must have people with the right technical skills.

Getting started with international calling apps is as simple as clicking on a download link and following the prompts.

Now, what happens the more your business grows? Well, one thing for sure is you don’t have to increase investment in hardware. All you need to do is scale to the next subscription package.

4. Better Security with Calling Apps

When making a call, you can never be completely sure if someone is listening in. The government, police, or security agencies can tap your phone. They have legal backing, ostensibly because they do it for the public interest.

And now, criminals are also using this method to take advantage. Yes, they are breaching phones to get sensitive information. Imagine the impact of such breaches to a business.

International calling app developers pay a lot of attention to security features. They use advanced methods to prevent eavesdroppers or malware.

Some apps also throw in data encryption as an additional security layer. It pays to be especially keen about the security features. Not all apps are the same in what they offer.

5. Cross-Platform and Device Accessibility

As we stated, you don’t need to invest in a separate device to use the apps. They will work on different devices and operating systems. That means your computer, landline phone, and mobile will work.

The operating system also doesn’t matter. You can download the app on iOS, Mac or Android. Finally, there is no restriction with regards to the telecommunications provider you use.

That means you can access the services no matter which country you are in. Which brings us to another point of portability.

Connection to mobile devices means you do not need to stay tethered to your desk like in days gone by. You can receive calls while on the go, at your convenience.

Only sign up to calling apps that have excellent customer support. They should be available 24/7 to deal with any issues when they arise.

Final Thoughts

We can say with confidence that international calling apps have a lot to offer businesses. Set up only requires users to click on a link and download the app. Once you do, choose a subscription package, and start calling.

With the apps, you can reach people via mobile or landline. The business will realize great savings in calling costs. There is no hardware to maintain, thus more savings.

And, with business growth, all you need to do is sign up for the next level in the subscription packages.

We have also looked at the security of such apps and accessibility. There is a lot to love about solutions that save the company money without compromising efficiency. And, that is what you get with the international calling apps.

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