How to Select an AI-Ready Knowledge Base for Faster and Accurate Resolution?

Artificial Intelligence has seen tremendous growth and innovation in the past years and is still in its early phase by industry experts. With the rapid growth of IoT devices, we’re witnessing the significant influence of AI on our daily lives. While the concept of Knowledge Base has been around some time, the implementation of AI to knowledge bases is a relatively new technology. More and More companies are investing to benefit from Artificial Intelligence and its branches in Machine Learning, Augmented Reality, and Deep Learning. While AI offers instant rewards, selecting the right AI-ready Knowledge Base and identifying must-have features is vital.

What is AI Knowledge Base for customer service?

A knowledge base is a searchable repository of all information relevant to a product/ service. It is developed as a backbone for customer agents and self-service platforms. Knowledge Base has been in use for a while, but it’s experiments with AI have begun only in recent years.

An AI Knowledge base uses human knowledge powered by Machine Learning to support critical decision-making quickly. It offers instant answers and predicts upcoming questions consumers might ask based on history and context. AI-ready Knowledge bases make it easy for internal teams to access and retrieve data seamlessly.

Features of an AI-ready knowledge base

AI-ready Knowledge Base has impressive features which help save massive costs, time, and human resources. Let’s have a look at some of these features:

Faster Service:

An AI-enabled Knowledge Base Software can comprehensively build data and fetch relevant information instantly. AI ensures agents don’t have to put customers on hold for long. Agents can offer quick resolutions for customers since they are empowered with correct information.

Accurate, Relevant & Up-to-date content:

AI doesn’t just speed up the resolution process for consumers but also helps keep the content of the Knowledge Base relevant and automate the process of timely updating the Knowledge Base.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence in knowledge bases, businesses can structure the content they put out and create different forms of it articles, blogs, FAQs, step-by-step guides, etc. You can easily create article-specific FAQs that guide the reader to navigate better and clear doubts without contacting anyone.

Quick On-boarding and on-job training:

Getting customer agents up to speed with existing information and the tone of communication requires significant training time. The use of an AI-backed Knowledge Base helps agents in getting quick information while keeping the context of the conversation. Since an AI-ready Knowledge Base constantly updates its data based on consumer interactions and history, it can efficiently predict questions consumers might ask and their approach to handling them.

Open Integrated Framework:

Open Integrated Framework forms their patterns based on the data and references from AI Knowledge Base. It also provides a working model to interact and communicate while being easily accessible to all.

Dynamic Search:

Dynamic search ads or DSAs are search ads that show up based on the content of a particular website. An AI-ready Knowledge base successfully differentiates and organizes the content making it easier to be drawn by Google. Content to be displayed could be easily controlled through knowledge management. This helps in the increase of overall traffic of the web page while also making things easier for agents and call centers.

How a centralized repository of customer service information assists faster and accurate resolution

A centralized repository of customer service information is comprehensive data about the product/service together with the grievances, complaints, and issues of customers over time. Artificial Intelligence helps in segregating and organizing this data into a decision tree. Decision tree software or call center scripting software resolves complex queries & simplifies customer interactions quickly, which helps to improve the resolution rate.

Decision Trees are pathways or workflows created to cater to specific needs. Our Knowledge system also offers interactive decision tree makers. The tool can also be used by Agents to create the knowledge for their dashboard. It gives the freedom to learn and innovate new things while constantly improving the service quality. Our Knowledge Management system’s interactive decision trees are published using a perceptive UI for the benefit of the user. Integration of decision trees with a website or chatbot will work smoothly on any browser, any PC, or smartphone. Our decision tree software is available for on-cloud and on-premise delivery models with multilingual options.


While there is still a lot of scope for the improvement of AI-ready Knowledge Bases, their significant rise in usage tells us their growing influence on self-service platforms and customer contact centers. A sturdy and well-built Knowledge Base backed with AI could transform any business and its customer experience. There are few features we saw which are a must-have at the time of selecting a Knowledge Base. Our Knowledge Management System’s Interactive Decision Tree Software For Call Centers & Self Service helps in creating no code, DIY, agent scripts with an interactive decision tree maker to help agents provide better customer service. You can integrate with your existing CRM, get Single sign-on (SSO), and mitigate post-call documentation. We provide a first-of-its-kind solution for faster & accurate resolution to improve customer support.

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