AI In Business: Great Artificial Intelligence Projects That Surround Us

While Elon Musk is claiming that the future is just around the corner, and you hear that robots will replace people all the time, it can be really difficult to understand how artificial intelligence is affecting the regular lives of regular people. Is it something from fantastic books, or you can meet AI examples in the next street? Maybe even at home?

Writing papers on AI topics can be a real challenge since there is a lot of different information, and it is not so easy to understand what sources are trustworthy. Besides, it takes a lot of time to gather data for the research paper and to process it appropriately. That’s why many students decide to hire a professional author who will provide them with custom writing.

It is a really good choice when you need to get a good grade with fewer hurdles. Besides, it is also possible to find some uses of AI in this sphere: there are tools like plagiarism checker, title page creator, thesis statement generator, and so on that were created to simplify your life. Artificial intelligence, overall, was created to make our lives easier.

So, what about AI business intelligence examples? Let us provide you with some products you may use every day. Once you finish this article, you’ll have more useful information for writing papers.


It is really difficult to imagine a person who is not aware of Siri, Apple’s assistant. Even Android fans have heard about the nice voice-activated tool that iOS users interact with all the time. Siri is like your friend for whom nothing is impossible. You don’t even perceive it to be a tool, and it is a girl that helps you find information, add events to your calendar, send messages to your friends, and so on. The interesting fact is that Siri gets smarter, and the longer people work with it, the better this tool predicts and understands your requests.


While you use your smartphone to organize your daily routine, some products make your everyday life more enjoyable, such products as Alexa by Amazon, the smart home’s hub.

Several years ago, it was impossible to imagine that you’ll have a tool that accepts your commands to order products online, to set reminders, to turn the music on, to provide you with the weather and traffic news, and to control all other smart devices that you have at home. Check any lab report sample on the AI topic, and you’ll find more information about Alexa since it is pretty popular these days.


Of course, Tesla sounds like something luxurious, but the day will come when the streets will be full of these cars. If you haven’t tried it, you can’t imagine what you’re missing. And yes, Tesla is on this list of artificial intelligence projects because it is not just a vehicle; it is a computer.

There are a lot of cars with accolades, but they are not able to provide you with self-driving features and predictive capabilities. I bet that any AI research paper these days gives credit to Elon Musk and his projects. And, of course, Tesla is getting smarter and smarter.


Though Facebook itself is famous as the first efficient social media, it would not stand among competitors today without artificial intelligence.

We like Facebook, not just because it helps us to stay in touch with friends. This platform understands us. Scrolling your newsfeed, you’re likely to meet posts that you like. And, of course, a lot of custom writing was devoted to Facebook personalized advertisements. People are pretty tired of ads, but they like it when somebody knows what they want. Deeply-targeted offers became possible exactly due to artificial intelligence.

Although Facebook’s policies have been criticized in recent years, the site is still very popular. If you need to include more information about it in your paper, you can hire a decent essay writing service for help. The expert writer will find the appropriate facts on this topic and organize them into a structured and convincing text. However, you should choose essay writing services carefully, avoiding companies with a poor reputation.


I can assume that you’re not into modern smartphones and prefer to spend your free time beyond social media. But what is impossible to imagine is that you have never tried Netflix. It is a huge content platform that provides people with all types of shows they need, without asking them to wait for a new episode: with a monthly subscription, you get “all-inclusive” opportunities.

And you even don’t have to look for a movie to watch. Netflix will analyze billions and billions of records to come up with a suggestion just for you. All you need is to continue, and the platform will never stop to analyze your habits. As the dataset grows, AI tech is getting smarter. Don’t miss the opportunity to find out what shows you might like, even if they are not pretty popular. Besides, it is worth saying that Netflix analyzes the users’ interests to create their projects, and they are just amazing.


When you have the assignment to write a paper on any topic, you feel a bit frustrated until you’re a hidden talent. It is because there is a huge amount of work behind just one paper, and it is not so easy to deal with all of them at the same time. When you need to find information, analyze it, outline the project, and to write interesting content, it is very easy to forget about proofreading and editing.

Such artificial intelligence applications as Grammarly is our future, the future where you do not need to worry about the quality of your text. The software can find typos and mistakes in the content and suggest better options. Whether you want to make your text sound more friendly or more expert, AI is right here to help you. According to professional writers who provide an assignment help, you can also use the plagiarism-checker to find out whether your document is unique.


Amazon’s transactional artificial intelligence is something that is not new at all. However, it was a real game-changer once it came out. Now it allows Amazon’s founders to earn astronomical amounts of money. And users love them as well since it is the e-commerce website that is acutely good at predicting what you’re interested in purchasing.

Amazon plans to deliver your products even when you even don’t know you need them. The story of this company is also a great idea for the lab report sample, and you’ll find enough information online to build your own simple but working prediction model for your course. Or hire an expert who will be eager to help you along this way.

Wrapping up, I want to say that the future is here, and it is very stupid to ignore this fact. And if you have the opportunity to get the best out of it, you definitely should do it without any doubts!

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