How to Export Leads from Facebook Ads

In 2015, Facebook debuted Lead Ads, and since then, they’ve become a strong marketing tool for small businesses. However, with the various changes taking place on Facebook, we felt it would be beneficial to guide you through the process of exporting leads from Facebook Ads.

Be aware that Facebook’s lead information is only downloadable for 90 days, thus older leads will not be available to download from the platform. Please export your lead data on a frequent basis so that you don’t lose out on important information!

Export Leads from Facebook Ads

A CSV or XLS file of your Facebook leads may be downloaded in three ways: 1) through your page, 2) through Ad Manager, and 3) through an external API. Let’s get this ball rolling!

The first step is to export Facebook prospects from your Leads Center.

Organize the sidebar of a Facebook page, including connections to the home page (inbox), the lead center (events), and so forth.

If you’re already on your company’s Facebook page, this is the simplest way to download leads!

1A. Go to the Facebook Page where you want to find your Target audience

When looking at the Manage Page column, press on Leads Hub (note: this tab appears only in case of the placement of the Lead Ad previously).

It’s as simple as hitting on the “Download” tab after you’ve selected the settings for your lead export.

Wow! You may now open your lead info in Numbers, Excel, etc.

1B. Export Facebook Publishing Tools’ Leads

Just in case you don’t want to use Facebook’s Leads Center, here is an alternate approach for you!

  • Go to the Facebook page where you want to find your target audience.
  • Go to the left sidebar of your Manage Web Page, select Publishing Tools.
  • Hit Forms Library in the new pane.
  • Try hitting Download under Leads in the column where you want to obtain your form.
  • Download New Leads (also known as the number of new leads since your last download) or Download by Data Set Only (also known as the number of further information) (aka the amount of new prospects during a particular period).
  • You can select CSV and XLS based on the file format you want.

2. Export Leads directly from the Facebook Ad Manager

You may utilize this technique when you also want to export other metrics and statistics from Facebook Ads.

You may access the Facebook Ad Manager for the company following this:

  • Locate the cell in the row of your preferred lead ad under the Results column by tapping on the Ads tab and then hitting on the cell. You may find the On-Facebook Lead link by hitting on it.
  • With the Ad tab chosen and the pointer, Facebook’s ad manager dashboard is lingering above the “On-Facebook Lead” link.
  • Download New Leads (also known as the number of new leads after your last download) or Download by Date Range Only (also known as the number of further information) (aka the amount of new prospects during a particular period).
  • You can select CSV and XLS based on the file format you want.

3. Use an External API to Export Leads

It is a simple approach for obtaining leads, especially if you don’t have time to do it manually every 90 days. It is possible to reliably extract your Facebook lead info using APIs, which enable you to request and download detailed data instantaneously.

If you don’t have any coding experience, you may use particular applications that link to Facebook Ads to access automation features. Leaving out the Facebook Ads link here would be a mistake because it would be impossible to track all of the leads and other ad analytics and KPIs in one spot. If an individual wants to link Facebook leads to a CRM, they should check out Facebook’s selected list of CRM software.

In order to get the most out of their Facebook account, it’s highly recommended to apply this final strategy regardless of the app they are using.

You may export data entered by users into your Instant Form as a file from Business Suite. Alternatively, you may extract this data from Ads Manager, seek it over the API, or obtain it via an integrated CRM system. If you don’t have a CRM system associated with Facebook, we propose that you access your lead data straight from the Business Suite.

To get leads data from the Business Suite, the following will help:

  • Go to the Business Suite now.
  • From the menu, select More Tools.
  • Go to Instant Forms.
  • To export the leads from a form, hit the Download tab next to the form.

To download your leads, you can select one of the following options:

  • You may export only new prospects by hitting the Download New Leads tab in the upper right corner of the page.
  • If you wish to download all the prospects you’ve gotten over a specific period, hit Download by Date Range. Select the date range you want to obtain and tap download.
  • Your data is shown in a new window. To save the lead data in a format other than JSON or XLS, select CSV or XLS.
  • If a lead submits a form, you have three months to get their data from the moment they do so. After 90 days, a lead is no longer a lead. Regular exports of your leads data are highly recommended.

Your file may not include an Ad ID or Ad Set ID field due to the following possible reasons:

  • Organic reach brought in the lead.
  • An ad preview led to the submission of the lead.
  • You do not have advertiser privileges on the ad account from which you launched the lead ad campaign.

If you’re having problems downloading your file, try these steps or if you are unable to save your leads file, please try the following:

  • Consult your Marketing Executive admin to determine whether Leads Access Manager has been configured with custom permissions.
  • Contact your Facebook Page administrator if they haven’t modified your permissions. Only Facebook Page administrators were able to download leads before modification.
  • Check to see whether they’ve given you the proper permissions if they’ve altered them. Leads may only be downloaded by those with access permissions that have been assigned after customization.
  • In the Messenger ad, collect leads via your lead generator.
  • You may get your leads from Ads Manager or your Facebook page after finishing your lead-generating campaign that leads to Messenger. You can either utilize our API or one of our CRM partners as a developer or a CRM to download your leads.

There is a three month limit on the number of leads that you can download.

From the Ads Manager, you may download your leads.

In Ads Manager, you may export your campaign’s leads at the ad level. You can find your leads here:

  1. To access your lead ad, go to Ads Manager and tap on the name of the ad.
  2. Hit + in the Results column.
  3. To download all of your leads or leads from a specific date period, select the option in the download leads screen that displays, then hit download. A CSV file of your prospects will be saved for you.

Leads that you’ve collected from your Facebook Page may be downloaded in the download folder.

Downloading leads from Facebook advertisements is straightforward and can be done immediately from your Facebook page. You can find your leads in your downloads:

  • The Publishing Tools icon is located at the top of your Facebook page.
  • The lead advertisements form an area located on the left-hand side. To access the forms library, go to the library section.
  • The Download tab is located in the Leads section. As a CSV file, you may export your leads.


If you’re searching for a quicker and easier way to generate leads, Facebook leads advertising is the best bet. To use Facebook Lead Ads, you’ll need to know how to retrieve your prospects’ contact information. As a result, you’ll be able to stay on top of your prospects before they go cold and stop responding.

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