Endless Possibilities of HelpDesk Software

Helpdesk software provides the company’s clients with up-to-date information and support attributed to its products and services. As a rule, such platforms help specialists of the sales department to troubleshoot possible problems. Helpdesk support is usually provided to consumers through toll-free numbers, instant messages, websites, as well as email.

While choosing the best solution for your company, you should definitely take a closer look at Creatio, which is a cloud-based helpdesk software with out-of-the-box best practice processes. Creatio offers specialists of sales department the full-cycle management of customer support, including call monitoring, knowledge management, troubleshooting, remote control, self-help solutions, etc.

How Can You Use Helpdesk Software?

In their nature, the systems of this type are the hubs aimed at communicating with consumers. They comprise all the starting points of the standard sales process – email, phone, chat, social networking and so on. Thus, the key aim of a salesperson is to resolve and respond to each of these points in his system. He can choose the most profitable and comfortable action paths and concentrate on them, or use all these points in equal measure. No matter, which of these variants a specialist chooses, they can employ helpdesk software in three different ways:

As a customary support desk. In this case, a salesperson works in accordance with the following schedule:

  • Buyers’ reports about errors and incidents;
  • Specialists solve the occurring incidents and mark them as resolved;
  • If necessary, they communicate with clients and answer their questions.

The traditional scheme of applying CRM products lets support teams adhere to a standard service level agreement (SLA). The latter determine to what extent the specialists of a given company are going to help every customer. It ensures that a sales representative will respond to each starting point by a predefined deadline.

As a service center. In this case, helpdesk software serves for workflow support. It acts as an operations center, which keeps the whole sales department humming along. The system distributes different tasks among all the members of the team. It becomes necessary when a company’s operations turn increasingly knotted, for instance:

  • When the customer support team receives too many letters without context, helpdesk provides the specialists with buyers’ history and previous actions.
  • When employees have to answer the same queries for several times, the system pulls in templated responses, so that the agent can make up quick responses.
  • When specialists need to manually redirect or assign many tickets, the service desk automatically filters and sends given inquiries to the corresponding people or organizations.

In addition, such platforms include a knowledge base serving as a searchable operating manual, which is equipped with detailed explaining articles and how-to instructions. The knowledge base is exceptionally useful when the agent needs to find a specific article or guideline to resolve a customer inquiry as soon as possible. While using the helpdesk software for these purposes, you should take into account that it is still quite reactive and limited. It triggers the working process – makes a buyer submit a ticket, helps your agents make new contacts and so on.

As a customer service platform for the whole company. Having chosen this approach, you allow every member of your company get in contact with customers. Aside from answering various questions, your employees can make arrangements for a meeting with buyers and help them look into the product. It is a perfect variant for proactive businesses, which have an enablement plan of interaction with consumers. The members of such organizations do not wait until their buyers jump ship and go to a competitor, they work on questions like “why” and “how” from the first day of sales.

When you use helpdesk software for these purposes, the chances of your leads and potential patrons switching to a different vendor are slim to none:

  • If a person is disengaged, your specialists identify them and maintain a constant dialog in order to change the buyer’s opinion about the product or a service.
  • If your consumers need help, the system asks them to send an email or make a call, so that your team could reach out to them and help them solve the problem.

Using the software in such a way, a company obtains team inboxes, which let all the specialists collaborate from the same hub and have access to the same consumer history. All the conversations are kept in one database, so that the employees don’t get lost in department silos.

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