Document Management in SharePoint 2010

Every organization has many essential documents whose management is a real pain area. Along with the management, data security is a major concern. The solution to all these problems is none other than the document management system offered by SharePoint!

SharePoint is a collaborative platform with rich document management capabilities with Search, Social media, Forms, Business Intelligence, we want to highlight some document management features that are rarely explored and used by real world users. These features are responsible in distinguishing SharePoint from other available Document Management Systems.

The cardinal functionalities offered by SharePoint DMS are:

  • Approval Automation and feedback collection with Digital signature
  • Versioning history
  • Effortless Accessibility
  • Co-authoring
  • Quick alerts
  • Enterprise Search
  • Digital Archiving
  • Hold and eDiscovery
  • Taxonomy and Managed metadata tagging
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Efficient utilization of memory
  • Manage user permissions on documents
  • Simplicity of working with Microsoft Office applications and documents
  • Approval Automation and feedback collection with Digital signature

Whenever any decision has to be taken, a set of documents have to be escalated in the hierarchy from bottom to top requiring the approval or rejection. This process is completely automated in SharePoint by approval workflows which allow the users to provide their consent for any particular decision making. SharePoint also allows feedback and authorization by digital signatures.

Versioning makes it possible for users to save document versions; roll back edits, or snapshot the state of a document to correspond to a project milestone. SharePoint keeps track of changes to documents while they are being edited, stores previous versions, and can even maintain major and minor versions of a document.

Getting the right document at the right moment is very important as it may lead to loss in business. SharePoint provides strong search facility with an assortment of filters to rapidly locate the required document. Users can search documents using special meta and social tags defined by the author of the document. So by this facility it becomes very easier to highlight the key points in the document.

SharePoint also supports co-authoring in which a single document can have multiple simultaneous authors along with real-time editing and collaboration.

No check-out/check-in required (although it is still available) and it comes with countless time-saving and productivity boosting implications for all kinds of business operations. Also, whenever one is working on an important document and does not want it to appear to the crawler then a very striking feature called as Hold can be used. After completing the changes when we want to make it appear in the search results, the eDiscovery feature comes into picture.

One can even categorize the documents by defining taxonomy and keywords that tag the particular document which makes it easy while locating it. SharePoint stores the documents in database in BLOB (Binary Large Object) format which requires small amount of disk space for large quantum of data. With these and numerous features on hand, SharePoint rightly proves that it provides finest DMS for organization for any domain till date.

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