9 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Using AWS

Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of a country’s economy. According to NASSCOM, the SMB sector is only 2nd to agriculture in terms of its share of India’s GDP. The SMB sector employed more than 110 million people and generated INR 952 billion that is nearly 34% of the total GDP of India. Here SMBs have the potential to reach 28-30% of the Public Cloud Market. India’s total Public Cloud Market will grow from INR 170 billion in 2020 to INR 630 billion at a CAGR of 30%.

Nearly all types of businesses need a computer and associated resources to survive today’s heightened competition that is transforming their businesses using digital platforms. Earlier, businesses had to compromise by using computer and server resources that are available around their region to operate and manage a business. Before the advent of Cloud Computing, these businesses had to rely on local servers and expertise to get their work done.

These SMBs and other small businesses could use Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and shift their business online using their Cloud technologies. They can handle and operate their entire business much more efficiently in Cloud than relying on server technology which is cumbersome, expensive, and takes much effort to set up and maintain.

AWS is the market leader in Cloud Computing Services offering hosted, managed, and fully managed solutions. So that its customers can focus on running the business and not worry about the back-end process that requires more effort and capital. Many Small businesses consider Cloud to be difficult to learn, work, and implement. These are misconceptions that are keeping small businesses from adopting Cloud strategies. Let’s discuss 9 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Using AWS.

AWS Pricing is the number one reason

AWS offers wide-ranging services in the pay-as-you-go business model. All AWS on-demand services come under this business model. That means, whatever resources the businesses use, they have to pay only for what they used, the time used, and the quantity of the resources they rented. All AWS services are charged per minute. If you use a service for a minute, you will only be charged for that minute.

AWS Range of Services

AWS offers you a wide range of services that cater to different needs of customers, and businesses. AWS not only offers storage services but they offer Virtual Machines, Managed databases, Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon CodePipeline, Amazon SageMaker, Amazon CodeCommit, Amazon Lex, Amazon Simple Email Service, etc.

They offer on-demand computing, database, storage, analytics services, Machine Learning, AI, and other renowned services to up the game that these businesses are using by leveraging the insights from the data they possess.

AWS Storage Service is the best

It offers the best Storage Service through AWS Simple Storage Service. This service from AWS offers Small Businesses uncapped storage limits at cheap rates. And then data is replicated across three different Availability Zones for redundancy and more reliability so that your data is safe even if one or two other Availability Zones goes down. AWS Storage Service has one of the highest durability, why? If you store a million objects Amazon S3 will only lose a single file once every thousand years. Take up AWS Course from a recognized platform and advance your career in Cloud Computing.

AWS Redundancy helps secure data

AWS has Availability Zones which are effectively Data centers that store data of AWS customers. There are 80+ Availability Zones present across the globe. There could be multiple Availability Zones in high demand regions, but each of them is separate and are resistant to many natural calamities like local flood, fire accidents. And all these Zones are powered independently. AWS has an excellent feature of redundancy, which helps them to secure your data, even if some of their Availability Zones are down. That means absolute security of your data. That makes AWS the best investment that these small businesses can put in.

AWS has a fantastic network

AWS has a tremendous network worldwide, through their Availability Zones and Regions. AWS sets up Availability Zones by procuring hardware at a very cheap rate as they put up massive orders which brings down the costs. And on top of that, AWS configures it to have lower latency and faster-dedicated connections in the regions of high usage and workload requirements. In many areas, AWS doesn’t have AWS Regions set up, yet they have installed Availability Zones to reduce latency in working with AWS Cloud. A Small business with less capital could never compete with Amazon’s infrastructure for networking and low latency connections.

AWS Global Outreach

The other best reason about AWS that small businesses must adapt to is, AWS has the largest global outreach among all other Cloud vendors. With AWS, a small business can go global within a few minutes and could interact with their targeted foreign customers easily within just a few clicks. Earlier these businesses had to rely on server technology, which they had to locate a server that is closer to their customer base, and then rent or buy it matching demand. This way of doing business was quite expensive.

AWS Support

One of the traits of a good business is the availability of a support team around the clock for resolving your issues. AWS has amazing support teams that work 24*7 to resolve any issues that their customers are facing with any AWS Services. These Support teams have several systems deployed that will help them resolve the issues, even before its flag. They are capable of continuously monitoring systems, repair them as and when necessary. It’s advisable though to have an AWS Expert in Small Business, to handle such issues with the AWS Support team as businesses may not have adequate knowledge in handling these Cloud systems.

AWS Expertise is what businesses need

AWS is the market leader and it is rightly so. As AWS keeps reinventing itself with newer innovations, and additional services. The engineers at AWS have years of experience working with Amazon, building systems, software, and other associated architecture interacting with clients, and thousands of customers around the world. AWS can help you save time and capital by building these systems correctly, then developing these services to be more reliable, thus making them easier to monitor and maintain. You can also attend AWS Re-Invent every year, to meet AWS experts, and other clients and businesses using these services to get better hindsight.

AWS innovation with security bundled

What these Small businesses can leverage is the fact that AWS offers you the same resources and services that eCommerce giant Amazon is using, at an incredibly cheap rate on a usage basis. And AWS has deployed thousands of engineers, if not more, for constantly monitoring any service and making improvements, innovations, and bundling that with top-notch security. Small businesses need not worry about using any AWS Service that is newly built like all of these services come tested and approved.

Security is the key factor behind the AWS architecture. Many AWS Services have data encryption enabled. Security Engineers of AWS from around the world are working towards making the AWS platform more secure and safer to use. If they do find some vulnerability, they patch it up as soon as possible.

AWS also follows GDPR regulations so that means your data is yours and is not in possession with AWS.

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