List of AWS Certifications and it’s cost

You will see everybody is attempting to snatch some involvement with cloud computing as it is the hottest pattern in 2021, that is forming the data and innovation landscape. Each and every association, huge or little, are working on moving their applications alongside heritage frameworks on the cloud to work all the more productively. In this manner, cloud computing experts are popular at the present time. Prior to investigating the AWS certification costs, let us comprehend the significance of AWS DevOps Certification Training.

Why is AWS Certification Important?

AWS represents Amazon Web Services, which is the collection of in excess of 100 cloud services which assists organizations by enabling them to register and keep up their security of the databases, and a few different administrations, which as an organization they can’t bear. Amazon Web Services is still miles in front of its pack, having introduced itself as the world chief in the market of cloud framework. A research from the Synergy group showed us the capability of AWS on the worldwide cloud market, covering 33% of the market in the final quarter of 2019. AWS cloud architect certification has now gotten the most sought after affirmation done by IT staffs to achieve a superior package for themselves. Today, we will examine AWS certification costs in India in urban communities, for example, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and so on alongside its advantages. We will likewise attempt to tackle your quandary of if you need to have an AWS certificate. Subsequent to that, let us go through the list of AWS certifications before we get into the AWS certification cost.

AWS Certification List

AWS certifications can be classified into two primary classes: Core Certifications and Speciality Certifications. The Core Certifications can be additionally separated into three information territories. These incorporate architecture, development, and activities. The ability levels provided for these zones of AWS devops course are fundamental courses, associate courses, and expert courses. The specialty certifications focus on certain particular IT disciplines. These incorporate Big Data, Networking, and Information Security.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner: This course works for non technical jobs. It is an independent accreditation for those looking for occupations as C-suite executives, sales and promoting partners.
  2. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: This AWS Solutions Architect certification features your capacity to plan and convey compelling arrangements on the AWS platform. It is suitable for the individuals who prefer to enter the cloud architecting space.
  3. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate: This is a course for mastery in sending, scaling, relocating, and overseeing AWS frameworks. Prior to taking the test, it is better you have some pragmatic involvement in managing cloud applications.
  4. AWS Certified Developer – Associate: This course provides you a certification to plan and keep up AWS applications. It is suitable if the person has working experience prior to pursuing the course. It helps on the off chance that they know at least one high level programming language.
  5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional: This is a high level course for mastery in the plan of circulated frameworks and applications on the AWS platform. You require an AWS Solutions Architect Associate certificate prior to learning this course. Pertinent involvement with the field is additionally ideal.
  6. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional: The AWS Certified Developer or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator associate certification is required prior to undertaking this high level course. Two years of pertinent experience is likewise liked.
  7. AWS Certified Security – Specialty: This course provides you a comprehension of particular information characterizations, information encryption techniques, and secure web conventions. You require at least five years of IT security experience prior to undertaking this course.
  8. AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty: To embrace this specific course, competitors should have at any rate one of the 3 AWS Associate certifications recorded previously. Involvement with Data Analytics of as long as 5 years is additionally required.
  9. AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty: This course shows you the abilities to plan and convey AWS as a feature of a hybrid IT network engineering. You are required to have at least one AWS Associate certifications prior to pursuing this course. Five years of important experience is additionally required.
  10. AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty: This course is for people who wish to execute a data scientist job. The course empowers you to plan and execute cost-streamlined and solid ML arrangements.
  11. AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty: This course is perfect for the individuals who want to construct, test, and distribute Amazon Alexa abilities. Capability in at any rate one programming language and a half year of active experience building Alexa abilities is fundamental prior to selecting this course.

Different levels of AWS certification

  • Practitioner: This is viewed as the establishment level when beginning our certification venture with AWS and is a suggested and discretionary advance prior to taking the Associate level certifications.
  • Associate: These accreditations require more insight than the Practitioner, and you ought to have a few active involvement with provisioning assets notwithstanding some critical thinking abilities in AWS.
  • Professional: It is prescribed to accomplish at any rate the partner level confirmations first to give a base-level information on AWS that is needed to take the further developed proficient level accreditations. Prior to taking this degree of certification you should have a far reaching comprehension of a wide range of factors of how to run, enhance, and investigate solutions inside AWS.
  • Specialty: The Specialty level certifications focus on one specific space inside AWS, for instance, Security or Databases, and in this manner need profound technical information and experience inside that specific subject. These are comparable to the Professional level accreditation concerning trouble.

AWS Certification Cost

We have created a table for you to comprehend the various kinds of AWS certifications and their expense. After regular intervals, that is two years, there are loads of changes done by Amazon in AWS to maintain qualifications applicable, so you are required to take the correction test.


Serial No AWS Certification Type Duration (Minutes) Cost (₹)
1 AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner 90 min. INR 7,600.00
2 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 130 min. INR 11,400.00
3 AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate 130 min. INR 11,400.00
4 AWS Certified Developer-Associate 130 min. INR 11,400.00
5 AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional 170 min. INR 22,800.00
6 AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 170 min. INR 22,800.00
7 AWS Certified Security – Speciality 170 min. INR 22,800.00
8 AWS Certified Big Data – Speciality 170 min. INR 22,800.00
9 AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Speciality 170 min. INR 22,800.00
10 AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality 170 min. INR 22,800.00
11 AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Speciality 170 min. INR 22,800.00

Salary of AWS certified Professionals:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate: INR 99,33,430
  • AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate: INR 99,12,711
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate: INR 98,87,058
  • Project Management Professional: INR 98,25,203

In the wake of investigating the different AWS certificate costs, let us find out about the normal salary acquired. Since 2013, Amazon Web Services, positioned as one of the most generously compensated IT certifications everywhere on the globe, after its dispatch, creating it a magnet for the novices who are aggressive and require to have their cheque straight away. After careful research, we have thought of the normal annual salary of AWS certificate holders in 2020. These numbers are from the normal pay across various nations, in India, you may arrive at these six-figure compensations. The normal compensation in India goes from 15 Lacs to 20 Lacs yearly.


Since you know the different AWS certificate levels and AWS certification costs, it’s the best and ideal opportunity to find out about cloud computing to improve your range of abilities and gain an important certification.

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