5 Red Flags to Watch Out for From an Employer

When you’re job hunting and desperate, you might feel inclined to jump at any opportunity that passes your way. As important as getting that job may be, you owe it to yourself to be a little picky about what you’re willing to take.

Here are some things to look out for from a new employer that might spell disaster in the long term of your new job.

Disrespectful Employers

You need to observe really carefully how your potential new employer talks to you and the rest of his staff. When a boss talks down to his employees, makes rude comments or inappropriate jokes, this is a serious red flag.

Disrespectful comments and behaviour often lead to more serious issues down the line, such as your time not being valued or respected, your efforts being wasted or ignored and even harassment in the workplace. Respect is a non-negotiable in a work relationship.

Lack of Communication

Effective teamwork and collaboration are crucial in almost any role, especially when you’re just starting out. Any potential employer should encourage meeting the rest of your new team and assessing the dynamic of how things might work. Failure to do so, or any other similar communicative issues could point to problems in the future.

Similarly, if you’re waiting weeks on end without answers, or struggling to have queries answered, this is a bad sign for the communication within your potential new job – you might want to make a run for it.

Verbal Promises

If your potential employer is spouting big numbers and endless benefits but seems hesitant to put them down in writing, be sceptical. Words are easy to say, but if there’s no paper trail you might not ever see your benefits materialise.

Make sure you read over any employment contracts thoroughly and ask questions and negotiate where necessary. Any deals you make with an employer should be put down in black and white to make sure you’re getting what you were promised.

Bad Chemistry

Just like a first date, you’re going to want to feel out the vibe between you and a future boss and the team you’ll be working with. Sometimes, we as people simply won’t fit in with the organisational culture of a workplace, and that’s okay too! You’re allowed to walk away from an opportunity if you feel like you simply won’t fit in – your mental wellbeing is important.

High Employee Turnover

Finding out why your potential company is trying to fill the position you’re applying for is important. Is it a new role that they need help with, or have they struggled to keep people in the position?

This could allude to a lot of things – an excessive workload, issues within the business culture, or any of the other issues mentioned above. If a company can’t keep an employee in a role, it might say more about them than it does about the staff they’ve lost. Trust your gut and make sure you question everything.

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