Top 8 Apps and Websites made with Angular

Angular Js was introduced to the web community in 2010. Since its release, it has been very popular among developers. It is a Javascript cross-platform and it came out quite smoothly for its developers. Angular came with an MVC model wherein it worked as a Model, View, Controller framework.

Gradually, Angular js became Angular in 2016 when the Google developers worked on some of its core functionalities and made improvements in the entire framework. Now Angular has been introduced as a combined and synergized framework as M and V i.e Model and View, now came together. The new Angular 2 was a new version wherein both the Model and View worked out together in the MVC structure.

Why Angular?

Well, Angular as a cross-platform Javascript framework provides some exemplary performance that makes it quite favorable to be used. It comes with some exciting features that make the UI work smooth. Also, Angular is backed by a strong community and such one can easily seek help from peers. Angular also works stunningly on native mobile and desktop thus providing promising results to its users.

In the era of the modern web world, where everything has its app and website assigned to; Angular js development as a powerful javascript framework has made its unique positioning. It has been playing an active role in turning the face and soul of the web world. Web applications slowly permeate the lives of people and become indispensable.

Angular js framework as a javascript program for web applications has helped develop some flexible, dynamic, and robust web apps, that have been popular among the users. Here are some of the top trending web apps made from Angular:

Angular is a stupendous byproduct of Google. So it is quite easier to comprehend that major of Google’s services are developed with Angular. Google makes the best use of Angular and hence helps it display the extravagant portfolio. To name a few, Google store, G Suite homepage, Google AI, and Google Ads homepage are all made up of Angular. In fact, we can say that a common man is usually making use of Angular through Google platforms.

Recently, Google came up with that gained popularity as a philanthropic movement by providing support to the information and technology sector. It unapologetically invests over $150 million in grants to support organizations that have innovative growth objectives. It has organic traffic of over more than 16 million active users and is made on a combination stack of Angular js 1.5.9.


PayPal is used worldwide for the exchange of currency and as a payment gateway. Surely it has a large traffic inflow and users that rely on its smooth functioning. PayPal, one of the most recognized companies for easy sharing of payments and billing internationally trust this framework. Paypal has shown the world how supportive, beautiful, and seamless support an angular app provides to its users. Paypal is a large website with several integrations that has a reliable web app.

It has a huge Paypal community forum that helps its users for an uninterrupted user experience. From general troubleshooting to sharing experiences, passions, and other complex problems the pay pal community always meets its user’s expectations.

It has more than 4 million active monthly users with a huge traffic inflow and works quite well on AngularJS v.1.4.8 in combination with PHP.


Lego is a known name in the manufacture and sale of world-class toy materials and products. The web app displays some beautiful graphics, a smooth interface, and a great virtual experience. It is backed with modern front-end development tools that create laudable single and multiple landing page designs.

Lego brings in memories to all of us, as it has been a part of childhood for all of us. Lego is a giant franchise that operates worldwide and also entertains its fans with movies like Legoland parks, comic books, and more.

The official homepage of Lego has an influx of about 20 million active monthly users. It has been providing a smooth interactive layout and is made with Angular js along with many other techs used in its iconic website.


Forbes being the most recognized news source worldwide has a mesmerizing homepage that came into existence in 1996. Since then it has attracted a large chunk of the population who wish to be ranked in its popular lists.

The platform attracts a traffic inflow of around 150 million active visitors every month. The credit to the smooth functionality and rich user experience undoubtedly goes to Angular 5.2. In combination with other stacks like Backbone JS, Light js, etc.


Crunch base is a warehouse that stores information about companies around the world. Almost all the companies are listed on the website with their technological backgrounds and services. It provided such an important and indispensable database that it was titled by Forbes as “a minor miracle”.

Crunchbase is a database website that has organic traffic of around 8 million monthly visits and provides a smooth experience to its users. It is based on the frontend foundation of Angular 9.1 along with other technological stacks that efficiently handle the backend with Python.


Netflix in a short period has emerged as the most widely used app for entertainment. The app streams audio and video of various movies, short films, and web series. The app has many followers that allow easy streaming of programs/ films without any disturbance. Netflix has been an example of the best angular apps as it works seamlessly without page reloading.

Netflix smoothly entertains roughly 209 million global visitors. Netflix makes use of Angular to contribute to animation and unique themes to each of its streaming options.


iStock provides a universe of photography, illustrations, amazing clip art, videos, and audio tracks. The web app has many followers amongst the diverse globe, where micropayment is used as a business model. The well-known online portal is a treasury of some rich quality photo assets that helps manage multiple tasks with its node modules.

The credit again goes to Angular 8 for its mesmerizing rich user experience along with the smooth interactive platform. It has around 15+ million active users and works quite well without page reloading.


Upwork is a web app that requires no introduction, is the world’s biggest and fastest platform that makes business clients meet prospective freelancers for work. The app displays a perfect example of Angular MVC architecture that speaks for itself. The interface is fast, dynamic, and robust serving millions of users worldwide. Upwork reported 145.4 thousand core active clients and works on Angular untroubled and smoothly.

Wrapping up

Angular has always made its followers proud of choosing it as a framework. It helps make some modern web user interface even when it has data at a gigantic scale. The choice of the framework makes it possible for the Angular Js development company to make some robust and fast apps with a proficient user interface. The above list is just a small example of how the framework supports a large volume of users with zero loading time and offers an awesome experience. Web developers across the globe appreciate the framework for its great architecture and quality experience.

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