5 Real-Time Use of Chatbots In Social Media Marketing

Chatbots integration in social media marketing has become imperative nowadays. Studies have shown that businesses that are implementing this new trending technology are experiencing huge milestones while those who are still in a confused state are yet to gain desired benefits. In fact, a chatbot for social media platforms has changed the overall perception of the brand, encouraging people to rely on such enterprises as they provide quick responses to social media queries.

Stats and facts to explain the importance of chatbots

Based on a recent study by Forbes, 60% of millennials have already used virtual assistants and 70% of them have gained positive experience. While the recent survey made by Acquire has proved that 1.4 billion people make use of messaging apps as they are keen to communicate with the chatbots and solve their problems on their own.

Brands that are utilizing marketing automation solutions like AI chatbots are experiencing a significant rise in their business ROI. It is not surprising that with minimal efforts of chatbot integration into the social media marketing strategy, businesses can easily achieve high success rates.

Still not convinced? Let us talk about the real-time uses of chatbots that have actually influenced social media marketing campaign a successful one. Probably, reading this 5-minute article, you can understand and appreciate the importance of social media chatbots.

5 Real-time uses of social media chatbots that can improve business process

1. Personalized shopping: As we all know, social media has become the easiest marketing platform for brands to showcase their products and for the customers to shop for their desired products. Many ecommerce brands utilize this chatbot concept to personalize the shopping experience for the customers.

Social media chatbots, being one of the most impressive artificial intelligence solutions, facilitate the shopping process with extraordinary features. Customers showing their interest to shop from the brand are always given high priority by the chatbots. The virtual assistants guide the customers with questions like “What type of product you are interested to buy?”, “What are the varieties you are looking for?”, “Which color fascinates you?”.

Such experiences often attract buyers, stimulating them to make their purchases over and over again. Any business can integrate a chatbot for social media platform to boost the shopping experience of the buyers. The best thing is this platform doesn’t require advanced coding. Only the basic knowledge is enough to launch such bots.

2. Solving customer queries: Next immediate use of chatbots is solving customer queries and simplifying the buyer’s journey. Many a time, we find prospective buyers have multiple queries regarding any product, brand service, shipping, or transactions. It is obvious to have one so as to learn about the reliability of the brand. The prospects either visit the website and navigate multiple pages or make a call to solve their queries. Both situations are time-consuming and require minimal effort to gain knowledge.

This is when the AI-powered knowledge base management software works. Instead of keeping the person waiting for a long time, social media chatbots simply enlighten the users by providing an appropriate answer to the questions. Though they serve the answers based on the common FAQs, for the complex questions they connect the users to the human agents.

Chatbots are the virtual assistants featured with an updated knowledge base. The NLP and machine learning techniques allow the bots to understand every customer query and solve it immediately without creating any hassle. This gives a strong reason to the brands to invest in robotic automation software.

3. Placing and tracking orders: Chatbots have the potential to place and track orders for customers over social media. Gone are the days when you need to visit the e-outlet and place your order after going through multiple steps. You need to navigate to the product page, choose the product, and move the item to the cart. Isn’t it so? The order-taking facility simplifies the overall buying process of the users. One can easily visit the social media page of the brand and talk about placing an order for the product. Just one tap and you can place your order through chatbots.

Apart from these marketing automation solutions, chatbots are even specialized in tracking the orders for the customers. Whenever a buyer makes any purchase online, he expects to track the order and find the exact position of the parcel. With the help of social media chatbots, you can satisfy your customers by meeting their expectations and upgrading your business with digital transformation.

4. Registering complaints: In business, it is natural to have complaints from your registered customers. There is nothing to be impatient about. What matters the most is how you deal with the complaints and how effectively you solve them, re-engaging your customers with the brand. Integrated artificial intelligence solutions make the process easier for the business.

With the installation of artificial intelligence chatbots on social media platform, customers find it more convenient in solving queries on their own. As we have mentioned earlier, customers nowadays love to solve their issues without seeking the help of an expert. Therefore, sharing their concern with the virtual assistants and getting an instant answer to the problem, provide a seamless experience to the customers.

Another thing worth mentioning is chatbots are designed with emotional intelligence features. This particular aspect makes the bots eligible for understanding user intent and their behavior towards the brand. The moment a user types his issue, if it’s a common one, it gets resolved within seconds. However, for the complex issues, the chatbots come up with alternative options that even include connecting the user with a human customer support agent.

5. Building analytics and report: AI-powered chatbots trigger business growth to a wide extent. This happens as it provides the marketers with an appropriate analytical report that contains an in-depth analysis of the customer experiences.

To measure the effectiveness of the chatbots and their performance in customer support service, building analytics and enhanced reports is very important. Chatbots allow businesses to get an insight into customer behaviors and their interests towards the brand.

The real-time report based on the conversations brings an overall idea about the strengths and weaknesses of the brand. You can easily focus on the areas that need optimization and optimize your marketing campaign for better outcomes. Tracking and monitoring business analytics is needed to deliver quality customer support. Thanks to the social media chatbots that have added convenience to human efforts.

Key takeaway

The AI-based knowledge base management software has gained popularity in the last few years. Not just because, the social media bots are highly educated in delivering relevant answers to the prospective buyers, but also because they are responsible for streamlining the business operations across the social media platform.

If you are looking forward to growing your business, seamless integration of a chatbot for social media platform turns out to be highly effective. Its simple yet responsive option excites the customers to set off their purchasing journey and get their queries solved with quick and accurate responses.

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