12 Fashion Shop Name Ideas That Appeal the Heart

If you are going to launch your own clothing company, you probably know already that you need a good name. One that appeals to the heart, matches your target audience and is memorable. The fashion industry is full of iconic and well-known brands that offer incredible quality and positive customer experience.

Some of these have the name of their founders, such as Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Chanel, and many more. Others have simple one-word brand names, such as Zara, Prada, Hermes, Versace, or Burberry. All of these are quite popular and have a good brand reputation. Plus, their names are easy to remember and some of them attract you to them.

So, you have probably wondered what you should do to find a good name for your business. It has to be something simple, original, creative, and catchy. This can turn out to be a real challenge, especially because you need to trademark it and protect your online brand.

The process of finding the right name for your fashion shop is not an easy one, but in the end, it is very rewarding. I have compiled some guidelines that will help you start the process, along with 12 fashion shop name ideas that appeal to the heart.

How to Choose Your Fashion Shop Name

Many people think that they should think a lot about name ideas and eventually, the right idea will pop up in their heads. Even though some people succeeded in taking this approach, it is one that makes the process more difficult. Ideally, you should start thinking about the topics below. Like this, you will narrow the options, and finding the right name for your fashion shop will be easier.

1. Identify Your Target Audience

This is the first step in the process of finding the right name for your fashion store. It should appeal to the target audience so that it should be attracted by your name and visit your store.

So, which is your target audience? Who do you expect to buy items from your fashion store? What are their needs and values? What are their age ranges, jobs, and interests?

To find a name for your fashion store, you need to know all these details about your target audience. They will offer unique insights into the psychology and behavior of your customers so that you will be able to narrow a little bit of the name ideas.

2. Determine Your Brand’s Personality

After you have identified the characteristics of your target audience, you need to determine your brand personality. Choosing your fashion store name is not only about customers but about you too. You are the one that creates a new product for the public, you invest a lot of time, effort, and money into this project.

Your brand should have a personality and it can be shown through your fashion store name. Of course, you can always choose your name to become your store name. However, not all names sound catchy enough, and I would personally advise you to think of something more creative.

Your brand personality should be tied to your target audience, to make it more heart-appealing. A good example is the brand Forever21, which appeals to young women.

3. Don’t Copy Brand Names

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is choosing names that are similar to famous clothing brands. You have probably heard about Adibas or Mike, which produces similar clothing items with minor changes. And this is what people call ‘fakes.

You should avoid copying brand names or choosing similar names because it may be something that will keep customers away rather than attract them. This will also come with trademark infringement and copyright issues, so you will better avoid that.

4. Check Other Brands’ Names

If your name is simple, clear, concise, and catchy, you probably are on a good path. However, before registering your name and continuing the formalities, you should check if that brand name exists.

It would be a pity to register it and afterward discover that someone was using it already. This could backfire and it might keep your customers away.

5. Think About the Future Too

Working in a PR agency brought me face to face with many clients that were struggling to find the right name for their business. Some were having an idea about how it may sound, while others were completely lost.

One common piece of advice I always highlight is about the future. Always keep in mind that your fashion store will be active for many years and for a brand to become popular, it should avoid frequent name changes. Ideally, the name you start your fashion store should be its forever name.

Like this, it will be easier for your target audience to remember it, come back to you, and recommend it to others too. Don’t name your fashion store based on current market trends, and instead think about something that will represent your brand a few years from now as well as it does it now.

So, these are the five necessary steps you need to take when thinking about your fashion store name. It should be defined by your values, your brand’s personality, your target audience, and the future too.

What does a brand name need to be successful? According to experts on PR, marketing, and communication from custom research paper writing services, it should be clear, concise, and short. Think about something easy to write and to remember that is meaningful and representative of your brand’s personality.

It should be free of errors, memorable, unique, innovative, and memorable. It should be something that represents your fashion shop’s activity.

Fashion Shop Name Ideas

However, being creative is not something you do on command, so maybe you need some inspiration to get it started. I have compiled a list of 12 fashion shop name ideas that appeal to the heart and will get you a head start.

1. Modern Men

My list of fashion shop name ideas is quite diverse, so you would make an idea on the path you should follow. Modern men are the most suited name for a fashion shop whose target audience is men, of course. The name is simple, easy to write and to remember.

The adjective modern gives this name everything it needs. It is directed towards the future, as men will always want to be modern. Even though modern clothes or outfits are defined differently depending on trends, it underlines the thing that you will keep up with the latest trends and fashion styles.

2. Kids Jungle

Another simple and catchy name for a fashion store. If you will be going to create, advertise, and sell kids’ clothing items, then Kids Jungle might be a good name. It is a name that is clear, memorable, original, and catchy.

It describes both kids’ personality and way of being, but also your fashion store style. Plus, even though the target audience is parents, the kids will ultimately choose to wear those clothes, so you need to appeal to their hearts.

3. Azure Cuts

I find this name particularly appealing because it gives me the feeling that I already know how their clothes look. If your fashion store will only sell clothes in specific colors, then you should think about a name similar to this. Show your brand’s personality through its name.

4. Bling Bling

Adding some humor to your fashion store name is recommended. However, this is not always possible and it is better to avoid choosing a cringe name. I think that bling is a universal phrase that is used by many cultures to talk about shiny, cute, colorful, and small accessories.

Finding something specific about your niche that appeals to many people is nice, as it will be so catchy that it will instantly attract your audience.

5. NewVibe

NewVibe is a name that appeals to the heart of the youngest. Millennials and other younger generations use specific words that describe another part of their lives.

They are willing to try new things, and if you are going to launch a new clothing line or interesting accessories for younger people, NewVibe is the right name.

6. Cotton Loft

Cotton Loft is quite self-explicative. I would expect a fashion store with this name to sell only cotton clothing items or accessories. However, loft gives me a feeling of coziness and I imagine that some talented people are working in a loft to create some amazing clothing pieces.

It is interesting how some names can give you such deep feelings.

7. Fashion Fiesta

We all know that ‘fiesta’ means ‘party’ in Spanish. Some of your target audience will already start to visualize all those crazy Spanish parties, where people are happy and send good vibes.

And this is all about. Fashion fiesta can be about anything happy, colorful, and vivid. Fashion fiesta can be for anyone who can add a touch of color to their wardrobe.

8. Great Dotes

Great dotes are about, of course, dotes. There are a lot of ideas on how you can use dots prints on clothing items. They can have various colors and sizes and they can come in a wide variety of combinations.

No matter how odd it may sound, some people love dots, and a store for them would be nice. The nicest thing about this is that you can explore a wide range of items, from shirts, dresses or ties.

9. Sweet Sixteen

We all know those wild parties when we turn sixteen or go to proms. Everyone is fancy and girls wear incredible dresses. What about a fashion store that would sell clothing items for teenagers? That one-go store where you can find the latest fashion trends at affordable prices.

10. Trendzone

Trendzone can be the place where you find the latest trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories. It can be a fashion store for kids, teenagers, adults, and elders. Trendzone sends me the feeling that it might be the place where I can find my trendiest outfit.

11. ZenBerry

ZenBerry is quite an interesting and catchy name. It kind of sends the idea of healthiness and wellbeing and for a target audience interested in Zen cultures it can be the right choice. It simply appeals to the heart.

I would expect to find a wide variety of fashion items suitable for sports such as yoga. Also, goa pants or light linen shirts and other clothing items.

12. Passion Petals

Passion Petals is about flowers. There is a wide variety of flowers and they come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Many people love nature and want to adopt a sustainable and more eco-friendly behavior.

And wearing clothing items that send a message is one way of making your vision known to others. Clothing items and accessories designs can easily be inspired by the environment that surrounds us.


Finding the right name for your fashion shop might seem a real challenge at the beginning. However, if you follow some simple steps, you will be able to narrow your options and find a name that appeals to the heart for real.

Think about your target audience and brand’s personality and avoid copying the names of other brands. Depending on the products you will sell, you can find a catchy name that sends a feeling. Something unique, original, and memorable.

The world is your oyster and you can create something amazing if you give yourself time to do it.

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